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5 Cherry Review for More Than a Stud

More Than a Stud by Eliza March

More Than a Stud by Eliza March
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (35 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 cherries
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

With her biological clock ticking away, Carina Roth, CEO and owner of a corporate security company, wants a child. On the night of her forty-second birthday, Carina's 35-year-old corporate intel officer, Evan Douglas, offers to be her baby's daddy. Evan not only wants to father Carina's child, he's ready to prove he can fulfill her every need and that, for Carina, he wants to be...more than a stud.

This romance gets a high five for being a seductive delight that was both charming and stimulating.

For a short story, this book felt complete. Even though Ms. March had to jump into the sexual high points fairly quick, she chose effective and believable disclosures from the hero to make me believe his feelings and commitment to the heroine were genuine and not fly-by-night.

I am pleased and amazed as to how well the author paced her tale so that the buildup had a rock-solid feel to it. The explanation of where Cari was in her life and the decision and fears she had were done naturally during the course of the story It never felt like a narrative with the author trying to justify the quick progression. No, Ms. March was a masterful surgeon, giving me what I needed to know in just the right way and in just the right amount. Could it have been longer? For most short stories, I’d say, yes. But not this time. Maybe it was how the book ended, I’m not absolutely sure, but I felt pretty happy with the outcome.

Evan was a hottie. Not just his looks, although the author certainly made him sound quite dreamy. It was his brains and the fact that he was ex-military and how he applied himself in the civilian sector. When he revealed just how he’d first met Cari, I was vastly amused and intrigued. Turns out that Cari’s strong personality turned on Evan’s motor up to hyper-drive from the very first and after the disclosure, I could understand why. I really liked how passionate and tender and commanding he was while respecting Cari all the while. It takes a strong man secure in his emotions and place in life to handle things that well.

The best thing? How they were really falling in love the whole time they worked together but either didn’t know it or could not acknowledge it. When Cari finally started letting herself think things through is when her blinders fell away. All her pithy justifications scattered to the wind as soon as he got her in that little room and kissed her, and then some. It was seductive, sensual and very convincing.

When Evan made his announcement, of what he wanted to do with Cari, and where he wanted to be in her life, I just swooned. Ms. March nailed it; the romance, the emotional connection, the satisfaction of a story well told. The editing was great, the dialogue fitted their personalities and the plot character driven.

More Than a Stud is a sigh worthy read filled with the best things that make a romance work. I just adored the dynamic of Evan and Cari’s relationship and appreciated that Ms. March didn’t let it get bogged down by Cari’s thinking she was too old for Evan. He wouldn’t let her anyway. I like that in a man. I am so glad I got a chance to read this book because it made the romantic in me extremely happy. The title may mislead a reader but don’t let it fool you, this story has style and substance. 

Thank you Diana Carlyle for the excellent editing. Eliza

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More on Series or Sequels . . .

Eliza March Hooked – Series or Sequels?

(This is reprinted from the blog I did for The Whipped Cream Review Blog, March 7, 2011)

One of my most popular blog posts involved the topic, “Series or Sequels”. For fun (and because I’m reading Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning) I’d thought we could start a discussion. I always avoid TV programs that are continued next week . . . so you can imagine how excited I was when I finished the first book in the Fae Series and kept looking for more pages at the end of the book. Surely, I was ripped off. OMG there had to be more!

The story didn’t have a conclusion. I just had more questions, and there weren’t any more pages. No Answers!

AAAHHK! I was hooked. Why? Because I loved the characters, and I had to find out what happened to them.

The next book was already out, only I was determined not to pay the big bucks for the hardback. So I held off for several weeks. Then my resolve started weakening as people I knew started discussing the book. I felt left out. I covered my ears, did a lot of “La, la, laaaing” . . . but it didn’t stop my need. In a moment of weakness, I eventually caved. I did. I mean, I ended up buying the hardback at full price.

When the fourth came out, I bought the eBook because I finished the third book at midnight and couldn’t risk becoming one of those “People of Wal-Mart” who you see posted on the internet. I stayed in my nice warm bed and had instant gratification. Mmmm . . .

So, okay, I’ve got it bad! If any of you are friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you know I was waiting for it to come (pre-ordered this time) from UPS like a kid waiting for Santa. I wanted to rip my phone out of the wall when I got interrupted that day. You can see why I don’t like to get started on something like this, because I’m a lunatic. I’m a FAN, and what’s really bothering me now is that I’ve heard this fifth one may be the last. I’m trying to read it slowly, savoring each word, but I have to pry it out of my own hands to go eat.

Hooked! Oh, yes I admit it.

Although I’d like to get my readers hooked like that on one of my books, I’m writing stand alone stories which can be read in any order. The ENCHANTED MOUNTAIN Series is about a place where the people of the Lore come to mingle . . . and more. Download a copy of The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic available from http://bookstrand.com/the-moon-the-madness-and-the-magic or The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf http://bookstrand.com/the-lion-the-leopard-and-the-wolf 


BIO: Since I could read, the written word has captivated me. I’ve worked in libraries, written for newspapers, done copy edits, magazine copy and screenplays, but the one thing that always intrigues me is choosing just the right word to express myself. I write erotic romance as ELIZA MARCH and romantic suspense under the name ELIZABETH MARCHAT. To prevent boredom from setting in, I keep my hands in several pots at the same time. The characters in my head satisfy my needs to be and do all the things I don't have time for, or wouldn't dare to do. Or would I?

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Book Excerpt - ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM Released Today

Across a Crowded Room
By: Elizabeth Marchat

Word Count: 105,427
Heat Level: SIZZLING
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, public exhibition]

After anti-terrorist agent Jason DesJardin survived the explosion that killed Emily Holmes’s father, he went deep undercover. Guilt and his dark past kept him from returning for her. When Emily discovers ties between the old bombing and the terrorists, she finagles an assignment to Jason’s next mission. The balance of world power drops into her inexperienced hands, and she is forced to play a dangerous game of seduction with Mosel Reinhardt, the notorious international arms dealer. Is Reinhardt peddling the nanotech chip technology, or are Emily’s instincts about him correct?

The mission heats up when Jason finds he can’t resist Emily—agency computer genius gone femme fatale—anymore than Mosel can. After years of waiting to have her again, the tables turn. Jason is unwilling to share her now, but will he be able to watch her seduce Mosel in order to find her father’s killer? Would she stop if he asked her?

Cover Art by Jinger Heaston


Jason called to her. “Emily?”

“Be right there. I’m ready,” she announced.

She rounded the corner upstairs, and when she came into view, he couldn’t stop the response that escaped along with the rest of the air in his lungs. “I’ll say!” He could see she was definitely ready for something.

She paused at the top of the stairs and glanced down at him. One of her hands flipped a stray curl back off her shoulder, and the other rested lightly on the old wooden banister.

Emily was fully aware of the impact she made. He could tell from the glint in her eyes. But regrettably, he couldn’t focus on her face once she took the first step. She looked incredible, and he felt gut punched. The multi-colored flowered skirt was too short. It looked even more so from his vantage point.

Strategically situated at the bottom of the stairs, Jason wished he could be sorrier about the view. But in the deepest recesses of his mind, the only feelings he could drag to the surface were pleasure, pleasure, and more pleasure. He’d just caught a glimpse of heaven, and poking his eyes out now wouldn’t be enough to erase the image of a sliver of black lace that was now branded in his memory.

He quickly tried to blind himself from the sight, but wasn’t fast enough. His gaze dropped, and he locked on the image. The only thing he could do was turn away.

Instead of soothing the impact, the image reflected repeatedly in the mirrored foyer. She was everywhere, taunting him. His mouth went powder dry. It took every bit of self-control to force his eyes shut and turn back to her and focus on her eyes.

After the day’s events, he felt like a lab rat. She was the motivation, and he kept responding. He couldn’t seem to stop his reactions, no matter how much he tried, and just like any good lab rat, he didn’t care. All he wanted was the reward at the end of the experiment.

She is that reward, all right.

She smiled that womanly, all-knowing smile with a casual glance directed boldly at his fly. His body jerked to attention as she took that first step, giving him an even better view with her knee bent. An uncontrolled groan escaped as his body reacted. Was she aware of the power she wielded? Damn right, she was. It was maddening to be at her mercy like this.

In a few minutes they’d be with the whole family. How was he going to manage any self-control under the circumstances? With each step she took toward him, his anxiety increased. God, what was wrong with him? He was very worried. She was initiating a full-out assault on his senses, and his control was diminishing as the day wore on.

He winced. This was going to be a long night.

There was no point trying to hide his response from her. Since she walked in the door earlier this afternoon, he’d managed to sport a chronic erection. He was past being embarrassed by his dick. Trying to recover some ground, reclaim some of his masculine pride, he dragged his gaze back to her face and forced himself to stare directly at her. Making sure to hold her attention as she descended the rest of the steps, he boldly reached down and adjusted himself.

She flushed.

Score one for the boys.

Jason felt triumphant, felt a smile start, until she looked directly at his face. He had to rethink his success. Her blush was intoxicating. Her tongue flicked over her parted lips, her hand dropped to her blue diamond pendant, and she inhaled, drawing his attention to nipples alluringly visible through the thin material of her top.

No bra?

He swallowed. He readjusted.

This time her expression widened a little in response. A small smile tempted the corner of her lips, but she contained herself. She seemed pleased instead of shocked.

Rats, no ground gained for the men’s side. Maybe he’d been too quick to claim victory.

When she reached the bottom step, he moved toward her, taking her coat from her. He had an urge to wrap her up in a useless attempt to cover her. Maybe if her body was concealed, he could put this hunger aside.

His hand lingered, refusing to be controlled as it slowly slid down her arm, taking in the silkiness of her skin. Caught in his own trap, a little voice in his head laughed as he draped her coat over her shoulders. He knew it wouldn’t help. It was too late for him. He sniffed her hair one last time before they headed out the door.

He could cover her up all he wanted. He’d still be thinking of the contrast between that scrap of black lace against her pale pearl skin all night.


He glanced around. The street was empty. As concerned as he was about their public display, he didn’t stop mauling her in the middle of the street where she lived. Jason watched the mist from her hot breath rise with her smile. He tried to smile back, uncertain of his success as she stared hungrily at his mouth. He thought about devouring her right here, right now, damn the neighbors, but she grabbed his hand and dragged him up to the door of the old Victorian house.

Slipping his hands inside her coat, he undid her bra and pushed it up, giving his hands and lips full access to her breasts. He could hear her struggling to catch her breath as he bent in to nuzzle her nape while skimming his hands down her sides and over her hips. That short skirt ended up around her waist, and his fingers came into contact with hot velvet skin as he cupped her tight ass in his hands. That scrap of black lace he’d moaned about earlier would be no barrier when pushed aside, better yet, when he tore it off her.

He wasn’t the only one desperate for skin to skin contact. Emily tore off a couple of his shirt buttons accessing his chest, and her fingers scraped over his nipples, driving him to distraction. He suddenly realized she had his fly open and her hand wrapped around his throbbing cock before the door completely closed behind them. As fantastic as her grip felt, he grabbed and took both of her hands in his, inhaled, and lifted her fingertips to his lips. They had to slow down, or he was afraid he’d lose control, and he hadn’t let that happen in a very, very long time.

Damn, what made him so crazy with her, so crazy he couldn’t wait? After this afternoon, the hard-on he’d been sporting hadn’t subsided for more than a few minutes at a time. He’d already waited too long. He was ready to explode. Her hair wrapped around him and her scent enveloped him. He was lost.

She pulled her hands free and grabbed his hips, pulling them toward her as she fell to the steps. His knees hit the bottom step, and he had her back against the railing, legs open, spread-eagled. He was on fire, blinded with passion, intoxicated with her.

Patience escaped with his good sense. He shouldn’t take her there on the steps. Even though he didn’t want to stop, thoughts tried to sneak through the red haze.

“Stop thinking,” she said.

She was right. He’d been thinking too much, for too many years, and now all he wanted was the sensation of burying himself deep inside her, of finally being immersed inside her soft, tight heat. Merging their bodies as one.

Instead, he paused at her entry, still kissing her senseless. He waited until he was physically capable of dragging them up to the first landing, hoping he could manage the rest of the stairs and get them into the bedroom before every ounce of self control left him.

But the landing was as far as he got before she moaned. “Please, here, now.”

He couldn’t resist her. The need to brand her with the fire burning in him and make her his was too great. More than anything, he wanted to plunge into her without thinking and damn the consequences. He took another deep breath, still paused at her entrance despite his desire. The crown of his cock surged against her warm, moist opening, fighting back at him with independent intentions.

Emily lifted to him and arched, as if inviting him to push in past her hot, slippery folds, a silent request to take her deeper. The initial shock, the sensation of having him penetrate her, knocked the breath from her. Her gasp emptied into his mouth as he leaned in and kissed her.

Obviously she wasn’t very experienced, but no matter what pace she wanted to set, he knew he had to prepare her to take all of him. He paused again to give her time to adjust, deliberately slowing his entry as she stiffened slightly. “Oh, Emily, you feel so good, so damned tight.”

Gradually, Jason stretched past her tight opening, inch by painful inch, despite thinking he’d have to push into her fast and hard or die holding back. Somehow he forced himself to take her slowly, prepare her more for his size, make their first time together last.

However, her body and her moans goaded him on. She pressed against him, whimpering needy sounds, and her nails dug into his hips, her legs embracing his thighs. Then, just as he was ready to press further inside, he met an obstacle.

He paused. Damn! Suddenly cold with the realization, stark reality returned in a heartbeat.

Unbelieving, Jason stopped breathing for a moment, shocked at the barrier of her virginity. He stared into Emily’s eyes, not really looking for answers, but the expression on her face told him everything.

“Don’t think. Don’t stop,” she said as he held himself back. A flare of pure determination lit up her expression, warning him. She wasn’t letting him off this time.
As he held his ground, her next move really didn’t surprise him. She did the only thing left to her when she impaled herself against him. Stifling a scream, she forfeited her own innocence and stared deep into Jason’s eyes in defiance. With the deed done, neither of them moved.


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Romance and Erotic Romance...What's your preference?

by Stacey Espino and Eliza March


As a reader I'll devour any type of romance from young adult to sextreme. Going Too Far, Perfect Chemistry, Twilight, etc. are young adult books enjoyed by women and teens alike. I can fall in love with a book that has little or no sex, but I dooo like the romance :)

As a writer, I find it more difficult to switch back and forth between writing classic romance and sextreme romance. For me, it seems that once I started writing erotic books, it was difficult to go back and write tamer sex scenes. A big difference between mainstream romance and erotic romance is word choice. You won't see offensive words (or many) in a classic romance, but they are expected in erotic fiction. In erotic books—cock, pussy, cunt, dick, etc. are commonplace. In mainstream, the descriptions border on purple prose to keep things tame and acceptable to a broader readership. The frequency of sex scenes and type of sex acts will differ as well.

Sexual tension and the build up of a romantic relationship can be even more rewarding than a graphic sex scene if written correctly. It's all about escaping reality and becoming one with the book and characters while you're reading. I think that's why I love reading YA books. They focus on those core emotions we've all had when falling in love. In general, I like the balance of a good plot, great characters and the treat of hot sex scenes.

Although I'm known for my menage books, I also write erotic m/f books (paranormal and futuristic). They are rated scorching which means the sex scenes are hot, but not as graphic or frequent as my sextreme books.

What's your take on switching from romance to erotic romance, Eliza?


Good question for me at the moment, Stacey. My first romantic suspense is being released by SirenBookstrand this month, and because there's a marked difference in my style, I chose to release it under a different name.

Elizabeth Marchat writes sexy romance but her word choice is slightly milder than language her alter ego - me, Eliza March - writes. After writing erotic (SEXTREME - m/f/m and m/m/f) settling down to write a traditional M/F romance with less offensive language and more sexual tension instead of sex was frustrating to say the least for me (...the proverbial, instant gratification girl - LOL). My characters aren't used to holding back and when they think about sex it's in extremely graphic terms.

Now Elizabeth couldn't risk having her sexual encounters border on that purple prose you were talking about, so in several instances, the encounters are sufficiently explicit to satisfy Eliza fans. Finding the balance in language is harder than I thought it would be. It's easier to use explicit language or purple prose than it is to stage the scene so the reader instinctively gets the drift without spelling it out in a four letter word.

The trick to toning down a sexy book is ramping up the sexual tension. Put the characters in a small bath tub, naked, and only give them one towel. Have the plumbing spring a leak. Repeat something similar until the characters don't care where they are or who is watching, they can't keep their hands off each other any longer. Then blow up the building. And start all over again.

When you start reaching for the wine bottle and it's empty, let them make love, for goodness sake!

Personally, I read just about everything, and all genres, but honestly, I like my recreational reading to be romance with real honest to goodness, hot, I-can't-live-without-you-for-another-minute sex (Eliza fans: explicit definition = balls-to-the-wall sex) at some point.

I'm a hopeless romantic and always have been. Because love makes the world go round, I believe in love at first sight, soul mates forever, and happily ever after. On March 30th, I'll have been happily married to the same man for 43 years - if he doesn't do anything to mess up before then. LOL - God bless him.

Thanks, Stacey, for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

I encourage everyone to check out Stacey's books at http://www.bookstrand.com/stacey-espino

website: http://www.staceyespino.com/

Stacey Espino resides in beautiful Ontario, Canada where she is busy raising her five school-aged children. She loves being a Canadian but could do without the brutal winters.

When she’s not escaping into the romantic settings she creates on her laptop, she’s reading one of the many books threatening to overtake her bedroom.

Stacey also writes m/m erotic romance as Winona Wilder.

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Goals, Focus, Achievement

How to Achieve Your Goals by Eliza March
I always refer to my vivid imagination and my ability to identify with my characters as my multiple personality disorder. I believe it was inspired by my career choice. In a service industry, you learn to be what people want or expect in order to make your way. Apparently, I learned my lessons well. Now I write books to immerse those various characters in their own stories and as an author I please myself, and hopefully my readers, too. I want to share something I learned about achieving one’s goals. Perhaps this is something we can all practice.
I most admire those people able to do or have an interest in many things, those involved and/or who inspire others to do likewise. When you think about the people who are most memorable to you, they seem to know so much about so many different and varied things. The one character in my life who inspired me, who was my guru, my mentor, was like that.
    · First rule he taught me was to FOCUS. If you want something, IMAGINE it, VISUALIZE it. Put a picture in your mind, see yourself accomplishing it, and you will.
    · The Second rule, SEE what isn’t obvious. The first time I saw an olive grove was with this man. I mentioned how I loved the gnarled shape of the trees, and then he proceeded to tell me everything there is to know about growing the trees, preparing the olives, using them: canning, jarring and pressing them. He tied their story to the local economy, told me how that family of growers had fought during the depression, became successful despite the odds.
    · Third rule - QUESTION everything. What’s really happening? If I mentioned anything to him, he could tell me about it down to its chemical composition. He made the grove come alive for me. It became more than the gnarled trees. It became lives, and industry, a story. And everyone and everything has one.
    · And the fourth rule, maybe the most important rule, is when you can look into your heart, BELIEVE you can have it, anything.
    Just watch what you can achieve following these four simple points, but don’t let anyone or anything sway you.
      I'm happy to share this insight because it's always easy to spout the words - it's often more difficult to practice staying focused. My mentor advised keeping a picture somewhere close by, representing your goals, in order to remind you when you faltered. He also said to make sure that what you think you want is actually WHAT you really want.
Eliza March Writes erotic romance.
When the side effect of sex becomes romance.
Visit me at my BLOG Eliza March Writes...

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Welcome, Catherine Bybee, Author

Catherine Bybee & Eliza discuss their e-Publishing experience.

 Today, my guest is Catherine Bybee. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion for promoting or if you have an opinion about the suggestions we've made. We'd love to hear from you. I'm offering a free eBook to one of my Blog readers, so make sure and leave an email address. The winner will be chosen by the professional method of "eany-meany". Next Tuesday the winner will be announced here at this Blog.


Catherine Bybee and I have been friends for several years, and during that period, we’ve compared notes, commiserated, and rejoiced about our e-Publishing successes and failures. Since she published first, she’s been the one e-Book author I’ve tried to emulate when it comes to promotion. She is tireless, energetic, and an endless wealth of knowledge on the experience of e-Publishing. So I appreciate that she shares her expertise with the rest of the world, selflessly.

A year ago last December, I remember the email I received from Catherine bemoaning her miserly book sales. It seemed a poor showing for all her efforts to market the book. But I told her to have patience, that I’d heard from another successful author that the sales would increase with the number of releases she produced. More books, more individual book sales. Catherine had a Time Travel Trilogy that was about to release the two final books that following year. The VOWS series had a great year in 2010 and is still selling strong. Let’s see what Catherine has to say:


CB - Okay... Here is my soap box... so hear me out. December 2009 Binding Vows was released. The opening sales weren't all that exciting, but hey... no big deal, it was my first full length book so what did I care? Duh! ... Of course I cared!!!!

But now, a year later and Binding Vows is selling gang busters on Amazon. Selling 4-5 copies a day. Yes ‘a day’! And right behind it is Silent Vows, the 2nd book in my trilogy. My books are in the top 100 of time travel romance at Amazon daily! Redeeming Vows has recently been released and is having better success in the first month than either of the other two books in the series.

Why am I bragging? I'm not... I'm encouraging you to go about your day...blogging, promoting, telling the world about your books, and making sure everyone knows that e-Publishing is here and growing better than any business out there (taking author liberty - I'm not sure this is true, but I know the eBook is huge in the growth business right now)

Tell everyone you're an author and point them to your Blog, Pen, Bookmark, Postcard, and Blurb supporting your story.

People are busy running about their lives, living... so give them a place to escape with your story!

In addition the VOWS books, Catherine has several other books available. She wrote Kilt Worthy, an erotic jaunt with a sexy Highlander and the follow up, Kilt-A-Licious. Like shape-shifter romance? Try Before the Moon Rises and Embracing the Wolf. You can find information about all her books and where to buy them on her website at http://catherinebybee.com/ 


EM - Thank you for sharing that Catherine. I have one thing to add for authors. Keep writing. Make time for writing that next book. Don't get caught up in promotions. Remember every book is your next promotion, too 

What a great year Catherine has had, and I wish her an even better one this year. I’m so excited for her and all eBook authors. Now, please tell me about your experiences with eBooks - either as a reader or an author. Do you use a Kindle, an iPhone, an eReader, Nook? What - a PC? How is that working for you?

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On Writing: Making a Point and Honest Reviews

All I Want And More from Cecile gave me the idea to write this blog today, that and on Sunday, our writing group met. Along with many other topics, one was about hitting the reader over the head with information. I've recently come to the conclusion that there's a fine line between information bashing and holding back critical points.

Several well known authors have the tendency to repeat a point ad nauseum, and I've become annoyed with their books as a result. Since then, I'm reluctant to bash my reader over the head with information because I was so, so guilty of doing just that when I first started writing. In an effort to avoid it, I think I forgot that to make a point, sometimes it takes repeating that point three times in three different ways to make it stick.

So authors, take that important information and make sure you mention it three times in your book so the reader doesn't miss it...

What does that have to do with honest reviews? Well, over the past two years, I use the reviews about my books to help me define my writing weaknesses and strengths. In my most recent review, Cecile Smutty Hussy was a big help to me with her honest review. I like the fact that she tells me exactly what she liked and what made her uncomfortable without turning into a critique partner. She gives the reader's point of view accurately. I also appreciated that she prefaced her concerns with qualifiers.

Sometimes these things are exactly what the author already knows and sometimes they aren't. A well thought out review not only helps readers determine if they'll enjoy a book, but it can also help an author discover whether or not they're getting their point across.

See Cecile's review here:

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Guest Blogger, Author Lorelei Confer

I talked to Lorelei Confer about her new book, DEADLY DECEPTION, a romantic suspense involving the abduction of a young woman being held for the human sex trade. She's working on her next human trafifcking novel now. Here's a little about the book . . .

Human trafficking. One of the most prolific and profitable businesses in the world and growing every day. But that's only in third world countries, right?

Isabella Donnelley finds out the answer the hard way--through personal experience--when she is drugged at a friend’s house and transported from Denver, Colorado, to Stoney Creek, Virginia, to be sold to a crime boss as a sex slave.

She puts her life in the hands of a man she finds intensely attractive but also distrusts. Now she must rely on him to keep her safe from her pursuing abductors--and maybe from him, too.

Wyatt Bowman, former-cop-turned-detective, is assigned to the Task Force of Human Trafficking. Sparks fly when a young and beautiful woman bursts into his house. But what neither one of them counted on was how much their lives would change.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Eliza asks Lorelei: Tell us a little about what to look for if we suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking and how can we help stop Human Trafficking?

Lorelei says: First you need to know how to identify a possible trafficked victim?

QUESTIONS to ask of a possible trafficking victim:

• What type of work do you do?

• Are you being paid?

• Can you leave your job if you want to?

• Can you come and go as you please?

• Have you or your family been threatened?

• What are your working and living conditions like?

• Where do you sleep and eat

• Do you have to ask permission to eat/sleep/go to the bathroom?

• Are there locks on your doors/windows so you can't get out?

• Has your identification been taken from you?

If you suspect human trafficking call the Trafficking Information and Referral Hotline at 1-888-3737-888

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eliza On Writing - Identifying Your Author Voice

Who are you?

The question of voice seems to plague every writer at one time or other. If you have a strong one, readers either love you or hate you. If you don't have a strong enough one, every submission you send out comes back with some weak comment about it.

I've been thinking through this for some time. I critique manuscripts, and I judge quite a few contests, too. One thing that always strikes me when I'm absorbed in a good story or reading a well-written manuscript is how I can almost hear the author telling me the story. Now I want to clarify the "telling" part, because yes, I know the story should be "shown" not told, yet there's more to showing and telling a story than the narrative, action, or dialogue on the page.

I think you'll get what I mean when you pick up a Nora Roberts book and then go to a convention and hear her speak. She's in your head when you're reading one of her books. There's absolutely NO doubt who wrote the book. Her personality comes through on the pages.  I've read Harlan Coben and then watched a a few interviews with him. He writes the same way he speaks, and I feel like we've been best buds for years. It's strangely intimate to experience that with a virtual stranger, but you get that opportunity with an author, the chance to feel like you know him/her from the way they tell you a story. That is what we as readers want from our favorite authors--that personal touch, the comfort of knowing they won't disappoint us, the almost knowing what they'll say before they say it--the pace, the rhythm, the tone of the work.

You can depend on them, you can trust them, you can run away with them.

So, how do you develop a voice? To begin, get comfortable in your skin. Everyone says write WHAT you know; I say write WHO you are. Are you snarky, sweet, humorous, flighty, funny, serious, stuffy? Use your strong character traits and fit yourself into your story. Janet Evanovich is also a great example of an author with a strong voice. her characters are varied, but the tone of the books are the same. They are Janet. Your characters will have dialogue and narrative qualities of their own, but the way you tell a story will be purely YOU!

If you need help to find yourself and your voice, write a lot. Write journals, and poems and blogs. I don't necessarily recommend that you show this writing to anyone, but write it just the same. WARNING - Don't edit this writing. Stream of conscious writing is where you'll discover your voice. Yours will be unique to you. If I bump into you somewhere, I should recognize you the minute you open your mouth and say "Hi!" "Hello." "How are yah?"

I'm sure I've missed mentioning something. How about you giving me a hand here and comment? I'm sure you have some thoughts on this subject. Every writer out there has heard about the mysterious "voice". Now lets expose it for what it is..."You!"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

4.5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Reviews

Posted Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic by Eliza March

Publisher: Siren Bookstrand

Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal

Length: Full Length (203 pgs)

Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, F/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play

Rating: 4.5 cherries

Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Fate sealed Rourke and Dane's destiny thirty years ago. Now Celeste, a fae shifter, understands why she's irresistibly drawn to both the Werewolf and the Demon Dragon Shifter. Surely with her succubus nature, she'll be capable of seducing the two alpha men, but will she be able to convince them that sharing her to fulfill the Prophecy would be better than the alternative: chaos, destruction, or death?

Why are the men's tastes--in everything from food to sex--changing? Maybe because one is the prince of the wolf pack, and the other is the leader of the Lore, a dreaded Demon Dragon shifter. They have one option--accept their destiny and complete the ménage bond or die.
The idea that a ménage a trios could save the world is an intriguing premise and the fact that one of the men needs to seduced into it was very hot indeed.

Imagine my surprise when my favorite unicorn, Celia, is back to set another stage for love. I think her character is pretty cool and I love the ways she has to show her love for her extended family. I am thinking they wished she didn’t love them quite so much, until they get the full impact of what was planned for them. Then they’re pretty grateful, to a certain extent.

In The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic, Celia sets up Celeste, her niece who has a very interesting bloodline, with Rourke, a very dominate and sexy growly man, and Dane, brother and best friend to Rourke and delicious in his own right. Of the three of them, Celeste is the only one in the know and the one with the responsibility to initiate the two men into her world and their place within it. That’s a great conflict right there. Add to that the fact that all three are going through some changes that will either destroy the world or save it depending on their choices and the plot accelerates even more.

For erotic romance readers, the story is spiced up with the knowledge that unless the three bond through sex all Celeste’s explanations will be for naught. The world will still fall into chaos. That is a pretty serious load to carry based upon whether or not the men have what it takes to satisfy Celeste and the ménage bond. It’s a great concept and I couldn’t wait to see what Ms. March would do. I was fascinated with the author’s decision to make Rourke the stubborn one and as far as I’m concerned, the one who was the neediest. Rourke was a very strong character and yet I found him to be vulnerable. He simply can’t be anything else than what he is and he has to be dominant or he’d fall apart. And yet, he needs. He needs Celeste, craves her even. That passion and possessive drive could be his undoing. That dynamic worked for me. I felt it gave greater emotional depth to the story.

Dane tugged at my heart strings. His torment comes from the choices he has to make. At one point I felt really sorry for him and was worried his heart would be so broken, he’d not recover and would turn bitter. I liked how the author circumvented that possibility with an inventive and sensual solution.

The only thing I wished the book would have had was more of an emotional edge to Rourke’s seduction. I would have loved to know more of his feelings…you know, those words that build shivery anticipation of how he’d react to the next touch by Dane. That perhaps Dane could have had a stronger role in seducing his reluctant bond mate and not relied so much on Celeste and her special touch. Instead it was pretty straightforward and I was left with a feeling of wanting. Of course this is my opinion and even though Rourke was a tough nut to crack, I continue to wish there’d have been a bit more to his capitulation. On the other hand, what there was for physical interaction between the three of them was pretty inventive and hot so I am pretty sure erotic romance readers are going to find enough of what they look for to be satisfied and happy with this story.

The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic is a well written, imaginative and entertaining read filled with spicy action and sultry seductions. The conflicts in this story are mostly internal but there’s an overt threat that looms over the three characters which adds to the tension and importance of their being successful. Of course writing a book where sex is the key to saving the world just had to be fun to write and it shows. There’s humor between the characters and lots of good buildup for a reader to enjoy which leads to a very satisfying happily ever after. I love how the men refused to “poof” and it summed up their personalities well. Rourke and Dane are not ‘poofy’ men; they are alphas all the way and oh, so yummy. I think readers will like them just as much as I did and will come away thinking Celeste is one lucky lady. Read it and see if you agree.