Monday, June 16, 2014

Too hot to play soccer? Try Florida in August!

I'm a soccer mom and now a soccer grandma. My husband, my son and my daughter coach and I've spent years critiquing from the sidelines. One of the comments the other day struck me as strange...talking about the heat and humidity...tough on these professional players.

Really? I had had a hard time empathizing after spending years  watching my kids play. I even suffered heat stroke standing on the sidelines watching a tournament my daughter was playing in. During those years, my kids played sick, injured and in rain, cold, and temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity stuck at 99% at times. My sons and daughter. They weren't getting paid. They were playing for the prestige of winning a tournament, state championship, or national championship. No different than these pros who are representing their country in the FIFA WORLD CUP.

The president of FIFA said women should wear shorter shorts if they want to improve their international popularity, and I groaned. Those girls in those tournaments under stifling conditions or freezing rain were world class athletes, not bimbos looking for male attention. When will the world recognize our daughters want to enjoy the competition as much as our sons?

I am the mother of five children; three girls, two boys, all athletes. Two grandsons who play soccer and a grand daughter who will. (She just learned to walk but she can kick a soccer ball.)

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