Cowboy Menage


By: Eliza March 

[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M] (Previously titled Anyway West)
The two gorgeous men on her doorstep look like the answer to Karlie’s sexual frustration. She has a score to settle with one, and he’s brought a peace offering in the form of a hunky friend. Karlie knows Jonathan’s darkest secrets and, at one time, desired him anyway. Now she won’t settle. She wants it all. Jonathan’s hard and furious, Trent’s slow and tender.
Ten years ago, Jonathan took everything she offered, any way he wanted, then abandoned her for the rodeo, danger and the open road. When he decides he still wants the one woman who accepted his rough sexual needs, he won’t settle for less. He’ll do what he must to convince her he’ll be enough. If she wants Trent, Jonathan will share her, but only for now.
Who says you can’t go home again?
An Erotic Romantic Menage   
 The colorful, fairy wing tattoo peeking above the waistband of the low-rise jeans were a new but very interesting addition.
Jonathan Westfield remembered the curve of those hips and the way her pants hugged the delectable ass he used to drool over as a youth. Now the total package fascinated him in a way he hated to admit. Discovering her here like this piqued his interest first. But when the woman bent over, her well-rounded derriere made his body respond like it always had—fast and hard. He shoved a hand in his pocket to make room for his expanding cock as it swelled inside his jeans.
Tilting the brim of his hat up to wipe the sweat off his forehead, he took the time to enjoy a better view of her hips. They swayed to the beat of the music blaring from the radio while she unloaded the truck. Below her midriff top, the skin he ached to touch glistened gold. The sweat beading on his upper lip wasn’t only from the heat of the late afternoon sun. He ran his tongue over his lips, remembering the salty flavor of her skin and the tangy taste of more. The tattoo was merely a tempting appetizer for the delectable entrée.
What would she do when she saw him?
“Now that’s a great piece of ass,” Trent Burns hissed behind Jonathan, his voice dropping into a deeper baritone.
“Hot daaamn,” Jonathan drawled out his agreement, “can’t argue with fact.”
“I’ve gotta have me some of that.” Trent’s comment sent a spear of emotion through Jonathan. Strange, it reminded him vaguely of jealousy.
The concept was ridiculous and so irrational he refused to acknowledge it. Instead, he teased his partner. “Maybe she’ll ask you to join us.”
“Or maybe she’ll take pity on you and let you watch.”
Jonathan made a good-natured grunt and considered the possibility of a ménage. He’d never minded sharing a woman or two with Trent in the past. He didn’t have any ties to Karlie except their old teenage crush. No sense getting all possessive now.
Trent adjusted his jeans for the second time since they got out of their truck, and this time Jonathan ignored the pressure growing in his groin. Withstanding his discomfort, both the emotional and physical pressure riding him as his cock pressed painfully against his zipper, would keep him focused on his immediate goal…fucking Karlie Whitman again.
She appeared slight, but Karlie was rounded and generous in all the right places. And strong. She hefted a large coil of wire out of the pickup, and Jonathan realized beneath that slender frame, the woman was fit. He glanced around and noticed the house and immediate grounds were in good shape, but the rest of the ranch looked rundown.

She stilled and glanced over her shoulder. Then she gave both of them the once-over and let a slow, sexy smile take over her expression. “Are you two gonna just stare all day, or do you think one of you gentlemen could give me a hand here?” 
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Dual Bondage: Roped and Tied  
Hollywood Cowboys 2

By: Eliza March | Other books by Eliza March 
[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, with M/M and M/M/F not involving heroes/heroine, BDSM, orgies, public exhibition, sex toys]
Desperate to fulfill her fantasies, BDSM and a ménage with the Barnes twins tests Mariah O’Donnell’s boundaries: Marc the master instructor with a dark past and secret baggage—Trey the charismatic charmer with a slow hand and a gentle touch.
Trey Barnes’s production contract has a morality clause, and the one woman who turns him inside out is testing his mettle. His competent location manager is trying to seduce him. Forgetting Mariah means bedding every available woman. Only it’s not working.
After unsuccessfully seducing her boss, Mariah is hot, horny, and furious. Until Trey’s roped and tied beneath her, revenge sex with his twin may be a daunting diversion, but Marc wants Trey to see how much Mariah cares.
Trey wants Mariah too much to resist the ménage she offers. If he wants a shot at happiness, he’ll have to find a way around the contract.
A Siren Erotic Romance
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Trey tried turning the handle, but the door was locked. He slipped his key in the lock and the tumbler turned. When he opened the door, the blast of cool air from the AC hit him right before the breath blew out of his chest.
The sight before him hurt worse than he imagined it would.
Marc was behind the desk, his back to Trey, cock level with Mariah’s mouth, and his hands were tangled in her hair as she sat in her chair.
“What the fuck is going on?” Trey snapped, keeping his voice cold and controlled under the circumstances.
When Marc turned his head to meet his eyes, the heated fury in Trey’s glare must have blazed. The level of the anger resounding through Trey, clear enough for anyone to see, challenged Marc’s.
Marc’s eyes narrowed, and, for a split second, Trey saw the real danger behind his brother’s defiant stare.
Mariah jumped, but Marc kept his hands steady and where they were, never flinching, firmly holding her in place.
Trey could see movement. Mariah fidgeted, moving her hands, but he couldn’t make out what she was doing. He could damn well imagine, and imagining fueled his rage.
The blank look Marc gave him said more than words. The dark warrior reared behind Marc’s eyes, reflecting Trey’s deadly gaze. The brothers’ visual standoff sent an undercurrent of danger whipping through the air. Marc’s body language said everything that needed to be said.
Trey realized he’d been forewarned, but he was too damn angry to care. In hindsight, he probably shouldn’t have come up behind Marc like that, especially knowing the devils his brother fought.
Damn it, Marc knew the rules regarding Mariah. He just had to test Trey’s boundaries to goad him. Only this time Marc miscalculated Trey’s patience. Mariah was the one thing Trey wouldn’t negotiate over.
“I asked a question,” Trey growled out and didn’t back down.
Finally, the light returned to Marc’s eyes, and he gave Trey a half smile. “Hello to you, too, bro. I thought I locked that door behind me.”
“Take your hands off my assistant,” Trey snapped.
The old stubborn expression passed over Marc’s face. He refused to relinquish his hold and didn’t let her go until Mariah managed to pry his fingers out of her curls. Finally, he released his grip and grinned, holding his hands up as if Trey had a gun trained on him. It was a good thing he didn’t.
“Just saying hello.”
Mariah fumbled some more behind the desk before she straightened her mussed hair and stood up.
To Trey’s horror, Marc bent to give her a slow, sensual kiss. She didn’t budge until he was finished, and then she ran her hand across her lips, her face clearly heated and her lips damp.
The pulse at Trey’s temple beat so hard his eyes twitched. He fisted his hands and forced himself to do an internal ten count. “If you’re finished mauling Mariah…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence.
Marc released a sarcastic laugh. “Not nearly finished.” He wasn’t grinning now. He had that old determined look that said I’ll-do-what-I-damned-well-please-and-fuck-anyone-who-tries-to stop-me.
Couldn’t he see how pissed Trey was? Marc knew better than anyone that easygoing or not, Trey had his limits, and when he reached them, he was the more dangerous twin. Trey wondered if Marc had totally lost his mind back in Afghanistan, or maybe he’d developed a death wish, because he’d never been fatally stupid before.
Trey mentally tested his own limits. He wasn’t there yet. Time to punch Marc’s buttons. “Nice bike,” he said, pushing back. “Smooth leather. Comfortable seat.”
“You touched my bike?” Marc’s narrowed-eyed stare shifted to the window.
“Hell, yes. You touched my assistant—”
“Psht!” An angry female voice interrupted them. Mariah’s fury beamed in on Trey. “Well, mister, you just better be holding on right there. Trey Barnes, are you comparing me with a motor bike?”
Trey would have enjoyed the way Marc grimaced at the term “motor bike,” if he wasn’t the one Mariah had singled out for her Irish temper. But then, neither of them was going to correct her.
Mariah’s brogue was rising and her cheeks flamed. Trey knew not to mess with her when that happened, but had his brother figured that much out....?
Marc’s grin resurfaced as he pulled her into his arms and crooned. “No, babe. Not any ‘motor bike.’ He’s comparing you with my custom Harley. Top of the line, best ride in the world, one of a kind, pure class.”
Charming her, huh? Apparently, the man wasn’t totally stupid after all.
Damn, if she didn’t tilt her head to the side and smile at Marc’s words, making Trey want to smash his fists into his brother’s smug grin.
Trey let out the breath he’d been holding until she snapped her attention back to him. She pulled away from Marc and stood, two fists on her hips. “You’d better be rephrasing that my ‘assistant’ to ‘location manager’ because I don’t assist, I manage, and furthermore, I don’t belong to anyone—let alone you.”
She spit out the word “you” with such vehemence Trey wondered how he would ever get her to come around to his side again. Now, it was his turn to hold up his hands in surrender. “Yup, got it. Sorry. You’re entirely right.” He didn’t know why he phrased it that way because he never thought of her as an employee or an assistant. She was an integral part of the business. It was all Marc’s fault that Trey was rattled.
Marc smirked at his apology...
 In the future, he’d have to be more careful about leaving Marc alone with Mariah, since she seemed attracted to his irresistible bad boy charms.
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