Hearts of Darkness Series

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Vaewolf: The beast invokes fear in the fearless and hope in the hopeless. 
A dark adult romance. A paranormal-fantasy love triangle. 
Jackson Xenos, the first born vampire in a millennia is a hybrid destined to lead the Loreans. He resents being the Werewolves’ miracle and the vampires’ hope, and certainly doesn’t want any part of an ancient prophecy. 

Jackson’s mentor, Dylan Macgregor, overcame the loss of his family and years of darkness, but until he almost lost his life mate to a bullet, he didn’t know what loss could be. Now the vow the Highland berserker made to Jackson’s father on a bloody battlefield three hundred years ago has come due, and suddenly he faces a greater challenge when Jackson imprints on his life mate. The promise he made might be more than he bargained for. 

Psychic FBI profiler, Caitlin Donovan’s life forever changed the day she died. Despite awakening to a world of supernatural beings she never knew existed, her new future with Dylan couldn’t look brighter, until something inside her responds to Jackson's wolf. Caitlin, to her horror, discovers the men who care for each other like brothers, may end up fighting to the death over her, because vampires don’t share. 

To fulfill the prophecy, Jackson must bind his mate, but neither man will risk completing the life bond to Caitlin without understanding the prophecy and until she’s bound to one of them, her psychic DNA calls to the demons, endangering everyone in the Parrish. 

The answers are in their blood, but what does her unique variety of DNA prove? Is Caitlin meant for one man or the other? The pain of remaining unbound is draining her life force, and the men who love her suffer her pain. To the sex fae in her, seduction seems a fair solution to their problem. A little faerie dust can’t hurt.

"The Heart of Darkness saga continues as the best hope for the future of the vampire and werewolf races is threatened by longtime loyalties and scientific uncertainty.

"As readers have come to expect of an Eliza March book, VAEWOLF: DAMN THE DARKNESS brings together an intriguing cast of characters with hidden motives and conflicting agendas. The stakes are high as demons pour onto this plane and Caitlan, the love object of two powerful men, faces an uncertain future..." reviewer clahain

The second book in the series is out now. Conquer the Highland Beast: The Vampire Dylan Macgregor is available at most ebook distributors and of course AMAZON in both ebook and trade paperback. Both of these books have been reviewed very well. Begin looking for the third book in April of this year...Damn the Darkness will pick up where the previous book left off.

Latest review is in for Defeat the Darkness: Demons of the Bayou (Hearts of Darkness) (Volume 1) Paperback and eBook
If you're expecting the usual run of the mill paranormal romance from Defeat the Darkness, then DON'T.
This is a powerhouse story, with more blindsiding twists and turns than you could possibly imagine.
The story doesn't race along, but maintains a steady pace that allows the reader to absorb the content and background of this tale, minus the feeling you often get that you missed something along the way.
For me this story was a fresh, new and totally original concept that kept me engrossed until the very end.
I have always loved Eliza March's books, and while this is completely different to anything I have read of hers before, it is the beginning of what I believe will be an amazing new series. ~~Arch Angel

By Eliza March

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"Defeat The Darkness" is the first book in my Hearts of Darkness series coming out after the first of the year. 2013 promises to be a great year for these vampire/shifter series. They are darkly erotic romances, with strong tortured heroes and heroines willing to risk everything for love, and the beta readers report they've become addicted to the ensemble cast of characters in these books.
Meet the characters:

Kyle Lachlan went south, determined to get away from his rich selfish relatives. Determined his life has to have meaning other than money, he chooses to give back to society by becoming a physician. A year older than Max Hamilton, they hit it off the first night they meet in the clinic. He didn't believe a guy from a socialite Southern family and an old Bostonian blue-blood would have so much in common--including an attraction to the same woman.

Shelby MacKenzie is brilliant, beautiful, and loyal to a fault. When she followed her long time friend and former boyfriend, Max Hamilton, from a small town outside Atlanta to Tulane Medical School, she never expected to fall in love with his new best friend. New Orleans had always held a fascination for her, but once she succumbs to the irresistible charms of the Bostonian junior resident, Kyle Lachlan, she can't turn back. Despite the similarities in their builds, Kyle's dark good looks are so much of a contrast to Max's.

Max is built like a Hollywood linebacker, broad shouldered, muscular, and fair haired. For a research scientist from a rich old Southern family, his long hair is the only contrast to his perfect grooming and impeccable manners. He and Shelby practically grew up in diapers together, and no one ever doubted their devotion to each other. Only it wasn't enough for either of them.

After high school, she seemed to need something more than he could give her and neither of them knew what it was. A year apart didn't help define what was missing. Once she joins him at Tulane, they are relieved to have each other again. Then she meets Kyle, and Max knows the minute he introduces them that the three of them have made an irrevocable connection. He gives them space to explore their feelings until Kyle volunteers to go on a mission to Guatemala. When he goes missing, Max and Shelby are thrust back together. 

Amyra De La Santiago, the director of the charitable organization that brought Kyle to Guatemala, is more than she appears. She is darkly attractive in an almost frightening way. Kyle finds her beauty daunting and formidable as he fights the sexual compulsion he feels toward her. The ancient vampiress is determined to break him. When she discovers he has survived a jaguar attack, she is convinced he is the only one who can fulfill her needs.. [Book 1, 2]

Victor Salazar, the senior doctor on staff at the medical compound in Guatemala, has secrets of his own, but he befriends Kyle and helps him escape and return to New Orleans.

Dylan MacGregor, [Books 1, 2, 3] the vampire leader of the Parrish in New Orleans accepts Kyle into his care when he returns from Guatemala. He's fostering Jackson, the son of his maker, Nicolai Xenos [Book 2, 4] who went to ground after the death of his mate. Jackson [Book 3] is the first natural born vampire in over a thousand years, the future leader of his mother's wolf pack, and future the head of the vampire council. Years ago, Dylan became well acquainted with the dark side of Amyra De La Santiago.

"Defeat the Darkness" by Eliza March
copyright 2012 all rights reserved

Two men who love the same woman are willing to die fighting demons--the ones lurking in the dark and their own--in order to keep her safe. Only she's not willing to give either of them up to the shadows without a fight.

All rights reserved. No part of this may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author. Copyright 2012, Eliza March