Friday, July 6, 2018

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I’m an expert because I’ve been in the spa industry for many years, and in almost every capacity. It’s the one thing I should be writing about but haven’t. How many of you authors have a difficult time writing about what’s closest to you? Well, I think I discovered the answer for me. Fantasy… paranormal… characters in a make believe setting can be or do whatever rainbow_stage_spotlights_vector_background_529094-copyyou want. This was the answer for me. If you like quirky, this may be the perfect series for you. A few of my funniest author friends’ have volunteered to write their own stories for AS THE CHAIR TURNS, so we can all have fun and create new characters for you to laugh and love and cry with.
Note: The other authors and I have been working behind the scenes on this ongoing project, brainstorming about a secret paranormal neighborhood in Boca, Florida, a fictional place where all sorts of magic is possible. The owner of the town’s elite spa, Franco DeWolf (alias Frankie the Werewolf) and his manager, hair colorist Adelaide Belaquoit (Delia for short) highlight the first book. Delia believes she’s the only human working in the high end spa.  Irresistible to the socially elite clientele, Frankie talks a big show when it comes to cutting, but thank goodness the staff is there to cover his useless ass.
Why a siren holding a conch for inspiration?  Del’s one hundred year-old aunt returns to her lost siren beauty once a month as she sings through the night out on the beach. 18402766_1765759190382748_8995225296254141813_n The series, called As the Chair Turns, is an ongoing, humorous serial about Del and the local interaction between the supernaturals and the spa’s human clients.
The first book in AS THE CHAIR TURNS: Luna de la Mar Salon and Spa series HAIR OF THE WERE . Sign up and keep your eyes open if you want to volunteer to be one of the first BETA READERS for us. Subscribe to Luna de la Mar’s Newsletter for updates.
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If you have a pressing beauty question send me an email ElizaMarch@gmail DOT com, and if I use your question, I’ll give you credit in the acknowledgements.
I’m Delia, short for Adelaide—too old-fashioned sounding for a young business manager with aspirations, living in Boca, a town full of shifters, werewolves, witches, vampires, etc. just fitting in. Who knows what you’ll bump into on a quiet afternoon or a dark stormy night? The mythical workings of a town where most of the inhabitants may not be human is unspoken. Me, as far as I know, I’m human, and for some unknown reason landed the prestigious job as manager of Luna de la Mar, the internationally top rated salon and spa owned by the weird and wealthy de Wolf family. Madame de Wolfe’s grandson is totally hot for me, but way out of my league. Frankie claims I make too big a deal out of my principles. But I want to keep the management job and I don’t mix business with pleasure. He makes me wish I did. Truly, the biggest obstacle with him may be his charm. The way Frankie attracts women, he could be the alpha werewolf of a local pack. I’m not ready to compete with a bunch of females in heat fighting for his attention. At this point the job is more important than sex. (Did I say that?) Then there’s Ric. I’m totally infatuated with the Coast Guard Commander who looks like Thor. My girl parts are ready to make friends with his boy parts, but Uncle Sam—his, not mine—keeps interrupting our plans. Unfortunately, the federal government is impossible to compete with. I’m supposed to be focused on my career if only my sexual urges would cooperate. Boca’s dirty little secret may turn my once normal life into Sookie Stackhouse meets Stephanie Plum in an episode of Lord of the Rings.
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Our Relationship With Our Pets Could Be A Reflection Of Our Social Ability

This was just a morning thought before coffee so don't get crazy on me.

I woke up thinking about the pets I've had over the years. I've had parakeets, and other birds.  Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. A big white Long Island duck I raised from a chick...or duckling I guess. But it was Easter back in the fifties before politically correct was a thought, and he grew and grew, and his flat duckling beak didn't grow into a sharp chicken beak, and his webbed toes just got bigger. There are extensive stories I can tell about him because he lived for a very long time.

As a young child I didn't have a dog, but I did have a few cats. I didn't get a dog until I was sixteen. He's another story. There were also a few experiences trying to keep goldfish alive. And a yard rescue or two of squirrels. Nevertheless the revelation that struck me was how all these various species managed to eventually integrate into our family. Socialize with us humans. They learned to put up with us, even managed to communicate what they needed from us. Managed to get the message across. I have to go out. I need water. Pet me. 

Dogs, birds, cats, racoons, squirrels don't have couches in the wild. But bring them into your home and they take it over immediately. Doesn't take long to domesticate a wild animal. As they become socialized they also become part of your family. You care for them, they reciprocate in some way.

Even farm animals acclimate themselves to the routines they form with the ranchers and farmers. Every thing and every one has a purpose. A place. When a baby is born, a new calf, a chick, a duckling, they become part of the new whole.

Why can't we humans get along?  I'm not a philosopher and there are people and animals I'm not fond of, but they still deserve a place to live in peace. Not on my couch, but they can live next door and get their own couch. I'll even help them carry it in.

Be nice if you comment. I'm seventy-one and I've seen a lot. I know this sounds like a naive  question...even
a ridiculous question, because if there's anything I'm not any more--it's naive. Just thinking aloud...