Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hello October ISWG

Fall, by virtue of temperature and a seasonal change, isn't due in Florida until next month. Until around Thanksgiving, our fall in central Florida is barely a drop in humidity and temperatures that don't hit 90. For now, we enjoy one of the best two months of the year. The other is usually March.

My pool isn't closed for the season yet. Because September was rainy and overcast, and the days have shortened, the temperature dropped from hot tub to refreshing, much to my husband's delight. It's still a pleasure to look up from my laptop and view the lush green of my backyard with the sun streaming through the leaves morning and afternoon. The density will decrease over the winter and the green won't be as bright, but my trees never go naked. If I want color there are a few varieties in the area that contribute. After all these years , I still appreciate them and because they are rare they stand out even more. I've come to recognize the subtle seasonal changes without a calendar. The sun comes up in one window in spring and another in fall. My internal time clock sends me to bed as soon as the days shorten. I wander outside in the morning without getting blasted by heat when I open the door this time of year, and even risk picking up the mail at noon.
Witch's Tattoo BUY

But October and fall mean witches and pumpkins and spooky full moons, so not much has changes since I was a kid. I still love writing and reading books with fall or Halloween themes. The one I wrote a few years ago takes place in the fall but isn't about the traditional's a fictional story about the real one a coven in New Orleans celebrate. That was fun researching and developing. I read the facts then twist them into my convoluted mind until my story emerges.

Authors what's your process. IWSG

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Here's a link to a wonderful article about gaining visibility. ~Eliza

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