Saturday, January 23, 2016

What is Your Favorite Work of Art?

What did I love about it?
Salvador Dali's Last Supper. This is the painting I fell in love with on my honeymoon. This photo doesn't do it justice. The impression was more about the light and transcendence.  It is very big, and it was in a room filled with natural light. The painting looked like a window into the hereafter, just like in the picture depicting the almighty in the background. The transparency of the layers fascinated me. Of course there's more to appreciate and analyze, but after all these years, the first impression of this one painting touched me like nothing before ever had. I'd been to many museums before and since, and I've seen many pieces of great art, but in that moment when I saw this, it felt like love at first sight.

Emotion in writing can come from so many internal experiences. I enjoy remembering this moment. I felt ebullient. Thrilled and awed. I wanted to create that beauty in some way. So over the years I've tried painting and sculpting, poetry and writing, as well as many other forms of creativity. There have been moments of satisfaction when I've admired something I've achieved,  and yet I'm still reflecting on that special moment...striving to bring the same sense of awe to  another with my work.

Monday, January 18, 2016

#FREE READ Writing the Book. What was I thinking?

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MORE THAN A STUD by Eliza March

With her biological clock ticking away, Carina Roth, CEO and owner of a corporate security company, wants a child. On the night of her forty-second birthday, her 35-year-old corporate intel officer, Evan Douglas, surprises her by admitting he's always wanted her. But when he offers to be her baby's daddy, she's not sure she wants to risk complicating their working relationship even though she's spent years pushing him out of her sensual dreams. 

Evan has waited too long for Carina to realize what they have between them is perfect. When he discovers she's considering in vitro fertilization, he decides he can't wait. Not only does he want to father Carina's child, he sets out to prove he can fulfill her every need despite the difference in their ages. For Carina, he wants to be...more than a stud.

Here are a few thoughts I had while setting up this short novella.

It's the poor older woman's [choke] forty-second birthday and she's in a panic. It's that time in her life when her biological clock [time bomb] is ready to go off [blow up]. The younger man [prime meat] at thirty-five finds her irresistible and fascinating.

She thinks she's to old for him [duh]; he thinks she's just perfect [oh - mmm].

More conflict enters the story when we find out she's his boss [uh oh]. Is it sexual harassment if the employee comes on to the employer? Not IMHO if he's six-six and 220 lbs of hot beefcake.

What if the younger man wants to help the heroine with her biological clock dilemma? He's her friend as well as her employee. He doesn't want her going to a fertility clinic when he's available and willing to share what she needs and more.

Will our heroine succumb to the hero's charms?

Does he become More Than A Stud to our heroine?

Of course...

[More conflict?] But will he love her?

Will she get her man, her baby and her happily ever after? Sounds pretty generic when you put it that way, but somehow his method of convincing our heroine that he's the one, is the exciting part about this little erotic romance story.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

HOT SHADE by Tamara Lush Here today

Title: Hot Shade
Author: Tamara Lush
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: September 30, 2015
Journalist Skylar Shaw covers a plane crash on a Florida beach that leads her to a handsome yet mysterious Italian man...and the conspiracy that threatens all he holds dear.
Romance is the last thing on reporter Skylar Shaw's mind when she covers a plane crash on a Florida beach. Her best source could be a mysterious Italian man, but he's strictly off the record—unless it involves indulging their electrifying attraction to each other. Little does Skylar know, but that crash is only the beginning.
Luca Rossi is hiding a big secret: He's a journalist, too, and his anonymous exposé on the Mafia destroyed his world. Now, after two lonely years on the run, he will do anything to possess this vulnerable American beauty. But Skylar is as relentless as the Florida glare, and the situation ignites when she reports on a gruesome murder in a swamp. Soon erotic nights will bleed into dangerous days, and nowhere will be safe from the heat.

All Romance:
Boroughs Publishing Group:
She had come here on business. To ask him about the plane crash. To be a journalist. She had promised herself that when she came to Palmira she would start fresh and respect herself more, at least where men were concerned. That’s what her mother would have wanted, and God knew her mom would have been horrified if she’d been alive to see how Skylar allowed James to steamroll her confidence. Then again, Mom would probably also have been appalled by Skylar half-naked in a pool, lusting after a guy she’d just met.
“It’s interesting. Like I said earlier, one of the paramedics told me that the man who saved the injured guy on the beach had a tattoo on his arm.”
“Imagine that.”
Luca’s eyes met hers, and she couldn’t read his expression. She tipped her head, and her wet hair spilled toward one shoulder. “Were you the one who helped the victim?”
Skylar’s heart pounded when he smiled. He was so beautiful that it was unsettling, and the look on his face showed obvious confidence and desire. With previous dates—even the first time she was with James—she’d always had a running commentary in her mind: When will he kiss me? Now? Later? Ever? Tonight there was no guessing.
He reached through the water and wrapped his fingers around her wrist, gently guiding her hand to his shoulder. She automatically drifted toward him, clasping her other hand at his nape.
She was so close that her breasts brushed his chest. His hands lightly cupped her jaw and neck, while her legs and arms and everywhere in between tingled from his touch.
His mouth hovered over hers, and Skylar was acutely aware of his smooth face, his searching eyes, his scorching fingertips on her skin. His soft mouth met her lips, tentative and gentle at first. He tasted like the wine, crisp and cool and new, and Skylar’s lips instantly flared with heat. It was as if the shimmering blue light in the pool had entered her body and pulsed through her.
Luca pulled back and caught his breath, as if the kiss had taken him by surprise, then again pressed against her. The second assault, too, was shockingly sensual. It slammed into Skylar, defeated all her defenses. Almost.
She shifted her head away from his. Her gaze drifted downward, and she was fascinated by the hard surface of his chest muscles against the softness of the water that surrounded them. Trying to catch her breath, she licked her lips, and guilt over kissing a potential source stung her sensible journalist self. It was a stalling tactic to gather her thoughts, although her only desire was to kiss him again.
“You’re not going to answer my question, are you?” she whispered. With half-lidded eyes, he slowly shook his head and kissed her again.

Tamara Lush is an award-winning journalist who first started writing in grade school, penning elaborate stories inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark. After completing her undergraduate degree at Emerson College in Boston, she began her reporting career at a small, weekly newspaper in Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in The Village Voice, People Magazine, The St. Petersburg Times, The Boston Globe, USA Today and the Associated Press.
When Tamara isn’t writing or reading, she’s doing yoga, cooking for her Italian husband or chasing her dogs on a beach on Florida's Gulf Coast. She loves connecting with people on social media. 
"Find out more about my novel, HOT SHADE: "

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