Monday, September 29, 2014

A Diana Gabaldon fan from the start. Thanks for the mentoring...

Jamie and Claire from Outlander
4 AM and what am I doing?  Listening to the theme from Outlander on YouTube. And from there, as you can see it's 4 hours later, and I've just gotten serious about working. I followed up the song with a few interviews of the cast members, screen writer, and author, Diana Gabaldon. Then I discovered I could watch interview after interview with the author, suddenly recognizing from her answers that my own writing style was a component of a universal process. Perhaps not every writer has the exact same way of developing a story, but I believe there are many similar moments every writer experiences. 
In this case, she recognized what she wanted much earlier than I did. Fundamentally, she decided to write, her immediate imagination kicked in (with a visual of man in a kilt), and then she decided what she was going to write. The how was never an issue, because research was her background. Writing is a practiced talent, a craft you can continue to improve, but story telling is an art, and the two abilities don't always go hand in hand. If you're a natural story teller, you can learn the craft. 
I'd forgotten that Diana Gabaldon was one of my accidental early mentors until something she said about being an early social media pioneer struck home. Diana was one of the first authors who had an interactive website or that's what I'd call it for lack of a better definition perhaps a precursor to the blogs. She had FAQ's and an entire section for aspiring authors about the process of writing and publishing before anyone else, as I recall.
Foe me, she planted the seed, then later, others provided the fertilizer and water.
Therefore, besides enjoying the books Diana writes, I'm indebted to her for taking the time to write articles that help other authors move forward with their dreams. Her new website doesn't have all the useful information the old one had, but apparently it's in the process of being updated.
As people, we never know what we might do or say to influence the road another may take, or when, but things we say and do have a profound effect on others. Perhaps you won't ever be aware of what or how you effected them or a decision they made. Maybe they won't remember you as the one who planted the seed, but because your actions and words last beyond the moment, mentor wisely and often. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

WIP - Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness by Eliza March

Coming Soon!
I'm using you. Do you feel used? I need a platform for a kick in the backside to get me moving. Tag, you're it.

Just by going through my edits, I find segments I love. By sharing them, I'm forced to face the pages. Thank you!

The Bayou demons are building forces, and it seems that Caitlin is their target. But why?
As her metamorphosis quickly approaches with unusual side effects, Dylan is worried the first blood exchange may have endangered her. Perhaps it also explains why Jackson, the Vaewolf who is the prophecy's answer to the vampire infertility problem, imprinted on her.
Dylan is determined to find the answer because giving up the woman he loves to Jackson can't be what destiny intended, and killing the man he cares for as a brother isn't the answer, either. The wolf in Jackson may permit him to share Caitlin, but the men's vampire blood won't.

Caitlin's needs are calling out to both men. Without them to satisfy her, the pain is worse than the fires of hell. And in her weakened state, she is a prime target for the demons who keep attacking. The alpha men may have to put their instincts aside, or someone will die.

Dylan Macgregor: "When he was good, he was verra, verra good...and when he was mad he was fuckin' horrible..."

Dylan has a problem that he may not be able to solve in this next installment of the Hearts of Darkness series. Want to read an excerpt and see how things are going?

Damn the Darkness by Eliza March (all rights reserved)

Glancing around the Bayou Bar, Dylan caught sight of a dark haired beauty staring him down. She had the pale iridescent skin of a vampire, and for a brief moment, her eyes flashed silver with interest. Déjà vous. The pretty, young female reminded him of a woman he'd once known a very long time least until she approached. Close up, she didn’t look as much like Amyra as he’d first thought. She was softer and younger...and a made vampire...not born. Her scent didn’t have the strong cinnamon scent of a born vamp. But nevertheless, her blood was tempting, and Dylan needed the strength.
“Want to dance?” She swayed her hips to the beat of the music, a slow sensual grind.
“If you let me have a taste of you. Otherwise I’m sticking with this.” Dylan indicated the pitcher of beer.
“How can you stomach that?”
“My secret." He lifted the glass and drank. "You going to let me have that taste, darlin'?”
“Will you see to it I’m satisfied?”
“Do you doubt my ability?” Dylan stood to his full height. His size intimidated most men, but this little vamp was scrappy. He laughed and put his arm around her tiny waist as he walked her to the dance floor. When he pulled her against his erection and rubbed his cock against her mound she smiled.
“No.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and ground back. “But you’re more than I expected.”
The last time he’d been with Amyra had been over three hundred years ago, and that night before his death had been the last time he’d been inebriated. This time, he wasn’t making any mistakes. He danced the pretty lady in the direction of a corner. Along the way, he swayed to the rhythm of the sexy music.  Cupping her ass in his hands, he stimulated his cock by pressing it against her mound. She smelled of cardamom, not as strongly as he suspected he did. He sniffed her neck to make sure her blood wasn't tainted with vervain or something else more deadly.
In the years since he’d been turned, he’d come to know the scent of cardamon as the familiar scent of a made vampire, but it also concealed other deadly scents if one wasn't careful.
He touched her mind. Images of her naked and spread out for his pleasure, poured into his head. He nuzzled her ear and used his voice to seduce her. This lovely lady deserved one really good orgasm for offering herself up to him. 
While he prepared to take her blood, he projected his own visions of what he thought she desired, but he was desperately hungry, especially for vampire blood. It would strengthen him more quickly than human blood, and give him the stamina to deal with Caitlin and Jackson when the time came.
Once he nipped her neck for a taste, her thoughts flooded into his mind. Ah, she liked rough and kinky.  “Is this how you want it?  He walked her farther to the back, into a dark corner, and gripped her hands behind her back. "Hard and fast? Be careful how you answer, because I can be brutal.” 
“Uh, ohhh! Such a temptation..." She paused and stared into his eyes, then he noted a softness in hers he hadn't seen earlier. "But you won’t really touch me will you?” she asked.
The dark haired beauty smiled when he shook his head.
I see. You have a mate." She put her finger to her lips. "Shh...” And she flipped her hair aside for him. “Go ahead, but do me a favor. Even if there are no marks on my body, make me believe I’ve been very, very bad.” (copyright 2014 Eliza March)

Both volumes 1 & 2 of the series are available at AMAZON, NOOK, SMASHWORDS


Friday, September 19, 2014

Are you rewriting? I put too much sex in my book...

I don't know what constitutes too much sex, but I know it when I see it. Damn the Darkness is a menage romance but the heroine has to convince both men the menage relationship will work. She's working real hard to seduce the one and persuade the other. I know, guys, you're saying, "Duh, what's the problem? As long as I'm getting my fair share, I'm not complaining." So put yourself in the hero's position. She belonged to him first. Then because of a mistake he made, he discovers she was destined to belong to his half brother. The half brother doesn't want to destroy their relationship, but he is meant to fulfill a prophecy and she will play a big part in it.

In the process of writing the sex scenes I have to keep in mind I'm dealing with developing their emotional attachment to each other. So dealing with three complicated characters in an ongoing series has twisted me inside out. Too many emotional scenes, and blood taking scenes (which are also sensual) and not enough danger. So I'm thinking of kidnapping the heroine and doing horrible things to her, cutting some of the sex, and seeing if I can put Humpty Dumpty together again when I'm finished.

Who is struggling through a rewrite of their book and how are you managing?

I am  getting closer to THE END so now might be a good time to start the series if you haven't read the first two books.


Coming Soon

Like menages? Try this.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Reviewer, "...a never ending sexfest..." Author, "Is that a bad thing?"

This blog is NOT about reviewing. It's about when an author weaves sex into the plot ... what does the reader get out of the story?

The description about one of my books caught my eye in a review recently. I'm not criticizing, just mulling over the statement. Because something similar to this concept has been used to describe my books both positively and negatively. I don't object because the books are basically that--but it bothers me when the tone is hypocritical. Who picks up a book described as erotic romance, M/M/F, sexual journey, etc. and doesn't expect the story to revolve around S.E.X? I wouldn't want to disappoint. (GRIN) So writing a negative review based on the book involving too much sex (Oh, really is there such a thing?) is to my way of thinking, like a public confession or self-flagellation to absolve oneself of any enjoyment derived from reading the book. 

It's not unusual for readers to discover that my erotic romances are usually focused on sex ... i.e. why it's called an "erotic romance" and not something else. but I also write paranormal, suspense, and contemporary romance with an erotic twist. That means some stories are not about the S.E.X. but the reader will find hot, steamy, and explicit sex scenes in those books. I don't close the door on romance. Some are more detailed than others because the need for detail enhances the characterization or the story line. In some plots, it's difficult (maybe even impossible) to separate the sex scenes from the basic plot. What happens between the characters is integral to who they are and what happens in the story.

When my Halloween Novella is released Witch's Tattoo from the Wild Rose Press in October, you will see how I do sexy, hot, sensual without erotic overtones. This short story is about the relationship between two people, how they find each other and themselves, overcome their doubts despite the consequences. Their attraction is a conflict they fight. So ... here is something a little different from Eliza March.
Go to my BOOK PAGE for links to the buy sites or for more description.