Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goals, Focus, Achievement

How to Achieve Your Goals by Eliza March
I always refer to my vivid imagination and my ability to identify with my characters as my multiple personality disorder. I believe it was inspired by my career choice. In a service industry, you learn to be what people want or expect in order to make your way. Apparently, I learned my lessons well. Now I write books to immerse those various characters in their own stories and as an author I please myself, and hopefully my readers, too. I want to share something I learned about achieving one’s goals. Perhaps this is something we can all practice.
I most admire those people able to do or have an interest in many things, those involved and/or who inspire others to do likewise. When you think about the people who are most memorable to you, they seem to know so much about so many different and varied things. The one character in my life who inspired me, who was my guru, my mentor, was like that.
    · First rule he taught me was to FOCUS. If you want something, IMAGINE it, VISUALIZE it. Put a picture in your mind, see yourself accomplishing it, and you will.
    · The Second rule, SEE what isn’t obvious. The first time I saw an olive grove was with this man. I mentioned how I loved the gnarled shape of the trees, and then he proceeded to tell me everything there is to know about growing the trees, preparing the olives, using them: canning, jarring and pressing them. He tied their story to the local economy, told me how that family of growers had fought during the depression, became successful despite the odds.
    · Third rule - QUESTION everything. What’s really happening? If I mentioned anything to him, he could tell me about it down to its chemical composition. He made the grove come alive for me. It became more than the gnarled trees. It became lives, and industry, a story. And everyone and everything has one.
    · And the fourth rule, maybe the most important rule, is when you can look into your heart, BELIEVE you can have it, anything.
    Just watch what you can achieve following these four simple points, but don’t let anyone or anything sway you.
      I'm happy to share this insight because it's always easy to spout the words - it's often more difficult to practice staying focused. My mentor advised keeping a picture somewhere close by, representing your goals, in order to remind you when you faltered. He also said to make sure that what you think you want is actually WHAT you really want.
Eliza March Writes erotic romance.
When the side effect of sex becomes romance.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome, Catherine Bybee, Author

Catherine Bybee & Eliza discuss their e-Publishing experience.

 Today, my guest is Catherine Bybee. Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion for promoting or if you have an opinion about the suggestions we've made. We'd love to hear from you. I'm offering a free eBook to one of my Blog readers, so make sure and leave an email address. The winner will be chosen by the professional method of "eany-meany". Next Tuesday the winner will be announced here at this Blog.


Catherine Bybee and I have been friends for several years, and during that period, we’ve compared notes, commiserated, and rejoiced about our e-Publishing successes and failures. Since she published first, she’s been the one e-Book author I’ve tried to emulate when it comes to promotion. She is tireless, energetic, and an endless wealth of knowledge on the experience of e-Publishing. So I appreciate that she shares her expertise with the rest of the world, selflessly.

A year ago last December, I remember the email I received from Catherine bemoaning her miserly book sales. It seemed a poor showing for all her efforts to market the book. But I told her to have patience, that I’d heard from another successful author that the sales would increase with the number of releases she produced. More books, more individual book sales. Catherine had a Time Travel Trilogy that was about to release the two final books that following year. The VOWS series had a great year in 2010 and is still selling strong. Let’s see what Catherine has to say:


CB - Okay... Here is my soap box... so hear me out. December 2009 Binding Vows was released. The opening sales weren't all that exciting, but hey... no big deal, it was my first full length book so what did I care? Duh! ... Of course I cared!!!!

But now, a year later and Binding Vows is selling gang busters on Amazon. Selling 4-5 copies a day. Yes ‘a day’! And right behind it is Silent Vows, the 2nd book in my trilogy. My books are in the top 100 of time travel romance at Amazon daily! Redeeming Vows has recently been released and is having better success in the first month than either of the other two books in the series.

Why am I bragging? I'm not... I'm encouraging you to go about your day...blogging, promoting, telling the world about your books, and making sure everyone knows that e-Publishing is here and growing better than any business out there (taking author liberty - I'm not sure this is true, but I know the eBook is huge in the growth business right now)

Tell everyone you're an author and point them to your Blog, Pen, Bookmark, Postcard, and Blurb supporting your story.

People are busy running about their lives, living... so give them a place to escape with your story!

In addition the VOWS books, Catherine has several other books available. She wrote Kilt Worthy, an erotic jaunt with a sexy Highlander and the follow up, Kilt-A-Licious. Like shape-shifter romance? Try Before the Moon Rises and Embracing the Wolf. You can find information about all her books and where to buy them on her website at 


EM - Thank you for sharing that Catherine. I have one thing to add for authors. Keep writing. Make time for writing that next book. Don't get caught up in promotions. Remember every book is your next promotion, too 

What a great year Catherine has had, and I wish her an even better one this year. I’m so excited for her and all eBook authors. Now, please tell me about your experiences with eBooks - either as a reader or an author. Do you use a Kindle, an iPhone, an eReader, Nook? What - a PC? How is that working for you?