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An #ADULT Excerpt - #Sex Fae - Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March

Inspiration for this scene

Thank you for coming back to follow my WIP. This week I went back and made some changes in the previous chapters, because due to a plot twist and a character change in this week's scene the details had to be inserted. I had a tough time reorganizing everything after what you will discover happens to my heroine in this scene. We're about to see the plot unfold... Enjoy!
Disclaimer - Warning: It's unedited. This is the first book  in the Hearts in Darkness Trilogy, which,  believe it or not, is almost completed. The two other books are close to completion as well. Read about all the characters at the link below.
Chapters posted in March through May are here on the weekly blog list. Chapters posted prior to March are at  the DEFEAT THE DARKNESS page. Start there to read the book from the beginning.

Kyle kept his mouth shut and suppressed the guilt. All along, he’d suspected he was the one who infected Shelby with the jaguar virus. The flashbacks from that night progressively grew more vivid. Over time, details he hadn’t remembered came to him through his sense of smell and taste. What Victor was going to discover after compiling all their test results was that she was infected with his jaguar DNA.
That night in Guatemala, after Amyra left the tent, Kyle was too weak to fight his jaguar. He overpowered him and tried to claim Shelby. By the time he was able to fight back the cat, he’d already inflicted a small puncture wound on her neck. He licked the spot to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Too weak to do more than stumble back to his bed, he passed out. She was gone when he woke in the morning. He remembered nothing but the shame from the previous night, and now he knew she suppressed the nightmares of his attack that haunted her dreams.
So far, the virus hadn’t killed her. Now his biggest fear was that it would drive her insane as so many of the jungle tales warned. The shifter gene he inherited from an ancient ancestor saved his life. Otherwise, the attack would have killed him or caused him to go mad.
What were the chances she had a werewolf in her family tree, too?
After Shelby went back to bed, he asked Dylan, “If the jaguar bit her and she ran a fever with all the symptoms, why hasn’t she shifted?”
“She can’t shift because it’s not in her nature, and she hasn’t gone through stasis to blend her DNA.”
“Will she go mad or die as the villagers claim?”
“No. Stop worrying, Kyle. If it hasn’t affected her before now, she’ll live. The only explanation for her survival is that she must have acceptable DNA. She’s not a shifter, but she’s definitely something. We just don’t know what.”
Kyle exhaled heavily. “What now?”
“I’m going back to my wing. Call me if you need me. I have the wolves out looking for any sign of Amyra.”
“Is she going to be all right?”
“Victor says the draught you’re giving her will suppress all her pain. She won’t shift as you did, but whatever powers she inherited should begin manifesting soon. Keep your eyes open for clues.”
“I will.” Kyle walked Dylan out. “Thanks for everything. I don’t know what I would have done—” Kyle’s voice cracked under the emotional strain.
“You don’t need to say anything. Along with my mental abilities, my mother gifted me with a bit of her empathic side. I know what you’re feeling. You need to put the blame at Amyra’s feet, not take it on as your own, boy.”
“It’s not easy not to blame myself for what’s happened to her.”
“Go take care of your woman. I sense her soul needs you, too.” With those parting words, Dylan vanished.
Shelby needed water.
Itchy. If only someone would please scratch the itch across her back.
Burning. Her skin was on fire. But what she needed were Kyle’s hands all over her and his mouth kissing and suckling.
Hunger. She was starving. She wanted to taste every inch of him and ride him until the ache between her thighs subsided.
Sex. He could feed this hunger, fill her empty heart, and soothe her aching body.
Her needs were insatiable, and she didn’t understand what was happening to her, but at least the joint pains and nausea dissipated.
“Kyle, where are you?” Shelby’s voice sounded needy and whiskey smooth when she called to him.
“Right here.” He turned on the shower for her.
He’d just finished having another round of marathon sex with her and although they’d both been satisfied, she was ready again. He could smell the clean scent of her arousal calling to him.
Strange thing was his body couldn’t stop responding to her need. If she was ready, so was he.
“Do you want me as much as I want you?” she asked.
The simple question hit him with an erotic slam to his libido. “More,” he said. As if he needed to add to his already heightened awareness of her. Part was caused by an intricate mental link they’d developed in recent hours. The other part was something he suspected was from that secret genetic code of hers.
He wasn’t sure what she was, but whatever it was, was damned sexy. He’d never met a woman more sensual than her anyway. In retrospect, he saw how the potential for this new being was there all along. The sexuality had never been exactly dormant. This new erotic element of her nature was just another layer to discover about Shelby.
No, if he had to describe how he envisioned that layer, he would describe it as molten lava bubbling beneath the surface of an inactive volcano, waiting for the right moment to escape.
“Kyle, I need you to scrub my back. I think I have a rash.” Shelby tried to see her back in the mirror, but Kyle steered her into the shower. She didn’t need to see this yet.
“It’s not a rash.” It was wings. Fascinating. “Come. I’ll wash you all over.” He soaped up his hands and began the full body wash, complete with massage.
“Oh, that’s perrrfect.” She moaned and had Kyle’s cock bobbing up as if he hadn’t just had the woman three times.
The ripple under the skin along her spine reminded him of his own. They probably wouldn’t surface until she went through stasis. He was curious to see what hers would be like.
“The twitch in my back is so irritating,” she complained, then sighed. “I guess I should be happy the pains are gone.”
“Don’t worry. The irritation should let up soon.”
He handed her the jungle potion Victor concocted. “Drink this, baby,” he said, then carried her back to bed.
He climbed in beside her, cocooning her with his body. He skimmed his hand down her silken skin and marveled at how lucky he was that she didn’t blame him for all this.
His phone rang, interrupting him before his hand reached the point of no return. When he looked at the screen and saw it was Victor, he slid from the bed and stood. “I need to take this,” he told Shelby. “Can I get you anything while I’m up?”
He punched the button before she responded and said, “Kyle here,” into the phone. Victor’s words on the other end of the line left him speechless.
“Water would be nice,” she said.
This was a conversation he needed to take into the other room. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he said, glancing at her over his shoulder.
“Come right back,” Shelby said to his retreating back. Her words had that husky tone her voice got when she was aroused, only now it shot blood straight to his groin. Again. 
As soon as he was out of hearing range, he spit his words into the phone in a low whisper, “She’s a what?”
Victor repeated exactly what he’d just said, and Kyle still didn’t know any more than he had a minute ago.
“What the hell is a sex fae, Victor?”
The Spaniard tried to explain. “A sex fae ingests the essence of an orgasm for sustenance. They need sex to survive. They consume sexual energy the way vampires consume blood. Shelby needs sex to live, and at the moment, thanks to the jaguar virus, she is also experiencing symptoms similar to a female cat in estrus.”
“Heat? She’s in heat?” Kyle grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and turned back to the den.
“Kyyyyle, where’s my water?” Shelby’s normally husky tone sounded even more ragged than usual. The pitch alone made him hard as stone.
He ran his hand over his face and groaned. “Listen Victor, I have to go.”
“Are you up to the task of…caring for her?”
“Don’t you worry about whether I can handle my former fiancée. We never had problems in that department before.”
“This is different.” Victor ignored Kyle’s sarcasm. “Max is returning with me later. The council reviewed the situation and gave Dylan permission to have the discussion with him. And, I will try to explain to Shelby what she will face in the coming few weeks.” Victor cleared his voice and Kyle knew he chose his next words carefully. “Her sexual appetites will confuse and distress her. She was never a sex fae before.”
“I was never a shifter or a vampire. For that matter, I’ve never been a hell’s spawn before, either. You of all people should understand the driving sexual nature of my demon. The jaguar’s no slouch in the sex department, but the demon’s sexual prowess is formidable. One reason I’ve kept it suppressed is I’m not willing to risk Shelby’s life for sex.”
“You need to be careful. Her demand on you will call to your beasts. It is important you know she will be voracious until she goes through stasis.”
“That wasn’t so different from when she was human.” Kyle chuckled lightly.
“Later she will regain some control. Until then, Max will stay with you, too.”
“What the hell—?” The growl rumbled through his body. “No. No Max.” He’d seen the way they looked at each other. He wasn’t opening that door again.
 “Somewhere along the way she also bonded to him. Dylan sensed it the same way he saw she was your soul mate. If this is true, she will need Max to survive—at least until she completes stasis. There is an advantage to him being a human. He won’t kill her in the process if she gets too demanding.”
Shelby’s need drove him to distraction. “Kyle, please. I need to come,” she cried out.
The jaguar roared and the demon attempted to unfurl his taloned wings. Kyle needed time to think with a clear head, away from the damned beasts inside him clamoring for release. He had to get a grip.
“You understand this is for her own safety?” Victor asked. “Kyle, are you all right?” he repeated when Kyle didn’t answer.
“I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you when you get here.” Kyle clicked off, tossed the phone carelessly across the room, and strode back to the bedroom. His blood boiled for her, and he was so damn hard he thought he was going to explode.
He needed her as badly as she needed him.
Fuck it all. I’ll share her with Max to keep her safe if I have too, but I don’t have to like it.
Continued tomorrow.......
...All rights reserved. No part of this may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author. Copyright 2012, Eliza March

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THRILLER: Storm Surge by Sharron Riddle

      Storm Surge 

When international private investigator, Jack Orten hires on to protect a businesswoman and her daughter from a serial killer threatening their lives, he discovers the killer is one of a number of  genetically engineered assassins implanted into American society.

As a CAT 5 hurricane rages ashore in the Tampa Bay area, Jack struggles to keep his feelings for Julie in check and her young daughter safe while battling nature and an unstoppable monster. Trusting it all to family or love may not be enough to save them.
Suspense Thriller
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 280

The smell of fish from last night’s supper hung in the air, and something else that reminded Julia of sulfur from spent firecrackers.
Lights from the cable box glowed beneath the dark TV. The refrigerator hummed in the kitchen. Everything appeared normal, except obviously something was terribly wrong.
“Ryan? Zach?” Her footsteps echoed on the tiled foyer. She pressed the switch for the hall light, stifling a scream when the brightness blazed, then laughed at herself.
Still grinning, she saw him lying on his side by Ryan’s door. The dog, Chompers. Blood matted his coat, his tongue hanging from his slack mouth.
The hallway seemed too narrow, Susie’s open doorway stretching further away. No, no, no, she mumbled, fingers jabbing the phone, feet stumbling along the hall.
Cloying smells of sweet copper and other more sinister things lingered in the still air.
“911, what’s your emergency?” a voice asked. She stood in the threshold, fumbling with the flashlight app, beaming the light around the room.
Blood splattered and sprayed the walls. The voice continued on the phone’s speaker, like an insect buzzing in her hand.
Reading the bright red words on the wall, her pulse thundered. Amy waited alone in the car, in the dark.

The killer might still be here. Shouting the address to the operator, Julia raced from the house—terrified by the killer who had written those words above Susie’s butchered body.
“The whore and her kid die next.”

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My Question     [ Points: 10 ]   [ Points Multiplier: x2 ]
The conflict in Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness is more than the demons invading the human plane. Which does not apply?
contributed by Eliza March
 a: Caitlin imprints on two men.
 b: Amyra is returning to destroy this plane
 c: Dylan believes he is interfering with fate.
 d: Jackson doesn't want to confront the man who is like a brother.

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Meet Jackson from Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

A chance to refresh your memory... Dylan and Caitlin meet.

If you haven't read Defeat the Darkness it is SPECIALLY PRICED at $.99 for a limited time. Then Conquer the Highland Beast, is also discounted, so keep reading...

SPOILER ALERT: Now an excerpt where Jackson...and Caitlin try to work through their dilemma in Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

Meet Jackson from Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

I want to feed you, Jackson. No more going off to hunt and take blood from—”
“You jealous, cher?" He leaned in the shadows with that maddening sneer.
Caitlin shrugged. “Just concerned.”
"I'm not feeding from anyone." The expression on  his face softened when he looked at her. "The idea repulses me. Dylan left me a small supply. My wolf is satisfied with the boar I hunt in the bayou and the cook staff makes a damn good shrimp jambalaya.” He grinned unexpectedly and she almost smiled back, but couldn't.
“I want you to make love to me while you feed. No exchange. No bond. Just sex and my blood.” Caitlin was tired of fighting her feelings.
Cher, you know I shouldn't feed from you until we have sex. Until I get that out of my system, you're not safe around me. Anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to keep from binding you if I feed directly from you.” Jackson visibly trembled with the effort to hold back. “We agreed—”
“We agreed we wouldn't betray Dylan by binding. He knew we'd be incapable of physically denying everything else. Isn't that why he left?”
“Yes, but feeding and sex?" He glanced aside. "I don't think I can handle both." 
“I've fed from your throat, and you handled that.”
“Barely," he spit out. "The wrist was hard enough--I thought I'd lose it before you finished. Then when you fed from my neck the beast inside me wanted to devour you. Trust me, cher, having my mate suck at my throat had me hard and my wolf desperate. Let's take one step at a time. I don't know about taking your blood and sex. 
Since his damn self-control was the only thing preventing them from being together, his admission sent a thrill of satisfaction through her. Her need for both her mates pounded at her incessantly, and without Dylan the pain was like being beaten with hammers. She wasn't sexually satisfied feeding as she had been. Who was satisfying Jackson's needs? 
“How do you...uh…handle...the frustration?” Jealousy crept into her thoughts.
 “I don't." He grunted. "I go to the bayou and wrestle gators.”
“What?” Incredulous, she asked, “You wrestle gators while you're in human form?”
“See, that's the mistake almost everyone makescher. I'm never human.” His snarl proved that truth when his fangs protruded beyond his lips. “I'm as much, if not more, vampire than you, plus shape shifter and werewolf. Pfsst, the gator was just a little fun.”
“Fun?” Caitlin didn't hold back her giggle. She shook her head and took his hand. “Come on, I have to get my mind off 'me', if you know what I mean? Work might help. I feel like a sitting duck.
"Where are we going?" Jackson didn't move.
"Hunting.  Go with me to the bayou near where we found the demons. I want to see if I can pick up any residual vibes."
He was already shaking his head before he gripped both her wrists, lifted them above her head, and slammed her against the wall. "No, cher," he snarled as his body trapped her and his warm breath brushed feathered over her neck right below her ear. "While I live, you are not going to put yourself in harm's way."
"No?" Caitlin lifted her head from the wall. "Stop me."
He touched his for head to hers. She turned aside exposing her throat. The scent of fear swirled around them. His not hers. She knew he'd never harm her, but apparently he didn't.
Jackson's fangs, which had almost completely receded, slid back into place. He stared at her pulse before he looked up, and Caitlin saw worry in his eyes. With his mind locking her out, she couldn't do anything to reassure him except press herself closer against him and wait. 
He needn't have worried. When the first taste of blood hit him Jackson lowered his guards.  The inevitable happened. Their minds entwined like tendrils of smoke, and he poured all his frustration and lust into his thoughts, overtaking her senses. 
All Caitlin could do was grin, knowing she'd won this battle. "There'll be no need for gator wrestling tonight."
"Oh, cher, I could be a danger to you."
"Really? Have you met my inner fae? No? Now she's someone your wolf should worry about."
Caitlin sent the vision of her wings and hair and all that erotic faerie dust...
Jackson withdrew his fangs, licked the puncture wounds at her throat as a growl sounded, deep and low in his chest. "You test my control at every juncture, cher." 
Before she could argue, he traced away.
"You've got that right, cher." Then Caitlin heard laughter in her head and saw an image of a gator. 
He couldn't fight this forever. The wolf wouldn't let him. Besides, he had to feed her.
"Next time," she warned him. 
Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness -- available Today

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Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness - Book 3 AVAILABLE

Available on Kindle for $3.59
VAEWOLF: Damn the Darkness By Eliza March

Glancing around the upscale Goth bar called The Loreans, Dylan caught sight of the dark haired beauty--exactly the one he was looking for.
Antoinette's gaze shot from side to side before she warily stared him down. She had the pale iridescent skin of a vampire, and for a brief moment, her eyes flashed silver with renewed interest. Déjà vous. Some things never changed. Dylan would remember that and reached out to scan her mind. The pretty female vampire, a woman he'd once known a very long time ago, looked the same...at least until she approached. Close up, her eyes showed the ravages of time—if not on her face and body—it was evident in her mind. Physically she didn't look much older than the Antoinette he'd left behind. At first thought he ignored the differences, but what he couldn't ignore was how much harder she looked. 
Time does that to a soul and hers was older and more damaged than even his.
A made vampire...not born like Amyra, Antoinette's scent didn't have the strong cinnamon scent of a born vamp. Nevertheless, he remembered her flavor and her scent. He was hungry, and her blood was tempting, even if she wasn't.
Dylan needed the strength to wade through the centuries of death and betrayal he saw in her mind. For the information he needed, he'd have to convince her to cooperate. He suspected she might have the answers he needed, but they could be buried deeply in her suppressed memories if she had them.
“Long time no see. Wanna dance?” She swayed her hips to the beat of the music, a slow sensual grind.
“If you let me have a taste of you. Otherwise I'm sticking with this.” Dylan indicated the pitcher of beer.
“How can you stomach that stuff?”
“My secret." He lifted the glass and drank. "You going to let me have that taste, lass?”
“Will you see to it I'm satisfied?” She dipped low giving him a good view of her tits, still as perky as ever.
Dylan just grunted arrogantly.“Do you doubt my mental acuity? Have I ever left you wanting?”
“No. You just left me.”
Dylan lifted an arched brow and tilted his head to one side...like really? “We had an agreement…You broke it. When the Hunters arrived, I didn't stick around for explanations.” He stood to his full height knowing his size intimidated most men, but this little vamp had been around the block a few times. She'd always been the scrappy sort. 
“Let by gones be by gones between old friends.”  She waved a hand non-chalantly.
He chuckled, but thought never. With his arm around her tiny waist, he walked her to the dance floor, and when he pulled her close and rubbed his erection against her, she smiled. 
...And he felt sick. Sick because he was touching someone other than Caitlin and sick because he'd been forced to play these games in order to find a way for him to stay with his life mate.
Antoinette wrapped her arms around his waist and ground back. “Why do I believe you're here for more than a taste.” 
"Because I am here for more."
The first time he'd met Antoinette had been over three hundred years ago, in the brothel the night before his death, and he'd been inebriated then. The last time he'd seen her had been in Paris right before she almost cost him his head. He'd been drunk then, too. But he was stone cold sober tonight, and he wasn't making the mistake of trusting his life to the little vixen this time. 
The music wailed on as he danced Antoinette in the direction of a dark private corner so they could accomplish their business. Along the way, he swayed to the rhythm of the sexy music and cupped her fine rounded ass. She smelled of cardamom, not as strongly as he suspected he did, but he checked for vervain when he sniffed her neck to make sure her blood wasn't tainted.

Copyright All right reserved Eliza March

Holy hot as Hades! Max is back and she’s SMITTEN WITH DEATH!


By Sharon Saracino

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: February 20, 2015

The Blurb:
A year after the death of her ex-husband and boyfriend, Roger-the-Proctologist, Max has accepted the loss and moved on. Well, at least she’s tried, but a dating pool consisting mostly of weekend golfers in plaid polyester has left her unenthusiastic about her prospects. When Morgan Kane, the sexy Hellhound Grim Reaper, suddenly reappears seeking her assistance to rescue the bumbling teenage Zombie King from Cerberus' filthy paws, Max realizes that maybe she was holding out for snug denim all along. But a trip to Hell during Vegas Week, with Lucifer masquerading as a tone-deaf Wayne Newton and Kane’s psychotic mother as Satan’s Showgirl Bride, isn’t exactly her idea of the perfect date. In Hell, everything has a price, and though Max discovers she’s already paid dearly, if she and Kane are to succeed, another sacrifice is required. Will Max finally get her happily-ever-after or will she lose the man she loves to the Sweet Hereafter? Again.

“Reaper, I need a favor,” I choked out and cleared my throat.
“Sure, Logan.” His gaze came back to rest on my face. “What can I do for you?”
“Um, kiss me?” I squeaked as my face heated with the fire of a thousand desert suns.
“Huh?” Judging by the expression on his face, whatever favor Morgan Kane had been anticipating, locking lips with the crazy woman hadn’t even made his list.
“Look,” I whispered in a rush after glancing back to confirm Denise had almost gotten the invading hoard under control. “My sister is determined to hook me up. The minute she sees you, she will devote the remainder of the morning to cute and embarrassing stories designed to impress you with my charm and delightfulness. Trust me, you’ll want to stab knitting
needles in your eyes after about ten minutes.”
“Oh, I don’t know, Logan.” He had the temerity to smirk while crossing his arms over his chest. His broad, muscular chest. “I think I might enjoy the cute and embarrassing stories. And I already think you’re charming and delightful.”
My eyes widened in shock, and my mouth fell open yet again. “You do?”
“Logan? You digress.” He snapped my pie hole shut as he had before. But this time he didn’t remove his hand. Instead, he stroked his forefinger lightly along my jaw, sending my pulse into a gallop to rival the Clydesdales pulling a beer wagon away from a crowd of alcoholic zombies.
“I do? Oh yeah. I do. So, anyway I thought if we gave her the impression we already had something going, well maybe it would divert her attention away from my relationship status for the day.”
“I see,” he murmured as he slipped his hand along the side of my neck and curled his fingers around my nape. Suddenly my knees buckled. I must have twisted my ankle more seriously than I thought. Fortunately, Morgan Kane caught me around the waist before I hit the ground and pulled me hard against him. I absently wondered if it would be considered rude to toss a breath mint in my mouth. Then it occurred to me I didn’t have any. Oh well, moot point. 
His soft chuckle skittered along my skin like a physical caress. I swallowed hard. I tipped my head back, licked my lips enticingly, and closed my eyes, resigned and ready to make this sacrifice in an effort to thwart my sister and her underhanded plans. Kane chuckled again and then gently swept his lips over mine.
Except for Roger and that one tequila-inducedepisode of poor judgment right after senior prom, I didn’t have a whole lot of experience with men. 
I know, I know. Up until now, I’ve sucked you into that whole sophisticated woman-about-town façade I wear so well, but really, it’s true. 
Morgan Kane, on the other hand, apparently knew his way around this town and most of the continental United States. The ground tilted, the sun spun backwards, and I had difficulty remembering my own name when Morgan Kane finally lifted his lips from mine. Would I never learn my impulsiveness always comes back to bite me in the ass?
I coughed loudly, attempted to gather my wits, and looked around to gauge my sister’s reaction. Denise, et al, was nowhere to be seen. The whole crew had apparently hustled past our lip-lock and continued into the house completely unnoticed. At least, by me.
Kane’s wicked grin said he was well aware of the effect he’d had on me, and it was precisely the one he’d intended.
Wucking fonderful. 

Sharon Saracino is a paranormal and fantasy author who resides in the anthracite coal country of Pennsylvania with her long suffering husband, funny and talented son, and two insane dogs. She is the author of the Max Logan series and the Earthbound series with The Wild Rose Press. When she is not reading, writing, or enjoying photography and genealogy, she brews limoncello, dreams of living in Italy, and works as a Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse.

All roads lead to happily ever after, some just have a few unexpected turns!

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#Read the First #Excerpt from the Next #Highland Erotic Journey

Hot Highland Fling
In the first Erotic Journeys book, free lance writer, Ailsa Jackson is finished dating executives. She’s looking for hot sexual fantasies with a man who fits her needs... “All muscle, stamina, and no commitment.” The assignment in the UK sounds perfect when she's assigned to interview an American CEO who recently inherited lands and a title in Scotland. 

She tosses her inhibitions aside for the first Highlander she encounters--prepared to research all the old myths about brawny Highlanders and answer the age old, burning question: What does a Scotsman wear beneath his kilt? 

Colin Fitzgerald knows it's wrong to deceive Ailsa, but he can't risk her discovering his true identity before he seduces her. Unfortunately, he is everything Ailsa hates. Yet, if he can become the lover she adores, perhaps he can convince her they're perfect for each other. 

He has one night to prove he's no stuffed shirt and three weeks to become everything she desires in a lusty lover. His adventurous lass is imaginative and willing. But can lust turn to love so quickly? And will they be ready for more than a Hot Highland Fling when their time together draws to an end?

~~~~Now, coming in September, see what happens over the next summer to Ailsa's best friend, Dr. Naomi Walters, in a Sizzling Highland Spring when the good doctor house-sits for Ailsa and Colin at Claidhearnh Mor Castle. She may be an historian and a scholar, but she's full of humor and snark in spite of the circumstances. Naomi's there to get over the man who broke her heart and stole her research, while she ostensibly appraises the antiquities Colin discovered in his dungeon. The temptation to help excavate the dig on the Faerie Mound out behind the castle calls to her, especially when she encounters the Heathcliff of the Highlands, Daegus Stewart. She's ready to risk all to turn his dark, brooding manner into a sunny disposition, even if she has to play the aggressor to his reluctant, play by the rules morals.

When had the tables turned? 

Daegus may wear leather instead of a kilt, but clothes didn't distinguish a Highlander. He couldn't risk his friendships, his position, or his stand in the community for a romp in the heather no matter how intriguing the fair lass might be. Could he wait for the visiting scholar to make the first sexual move, since the dominant predator in him was impatient to touch the submissive, tiny blonde with the fae colored eyes Wanting her so dearly was apt to kill him. 


Daegus Stewart turned, stepped back from the parapet, and took the winding staircase, two steps at a time, down to the main hall behind the portico.
Enough. He’d waited long enough, watching the dark rental car maneuver the driveway as it approached the main building, and apprehension twisted his gut as Naomi Walters drew ever closer.
Why the hell had he agreed to do this? He should be in the driveway to greet her when she stepped from the car.
The truth? He hadn’t refused Colin’s request because he hoped Dr. Walters might find him as compelling as the fairie mound out back or the paper she planned to write about the relics they’d found in Colin’s dungeon.
If he ever exposed the truth about himself, would she stay or run…or would she angle that crooked, alluring smile his way and light his darkness? Truth was he didn’t want her to be swayed by his background, one way or the other.
For a damned change, he wanted a woman to want the very essence of his being. He was tired. No. He was more than tired. He was bored with his life. Horny, frustrated, and sick of the same old dating game. Indulging in this fantasy he formed of the good doctor was a whim, something he’d never succumbed to before.
The weeks of anticipation imagining her presence for the spring and summer had him hard as the stones out back. Thinking about being with her, night and day, while she shadowed him, learning the local history and myths of the Highlands had his body prepared for more intimate lessons. Fuck his conscience for reminding him to remain professional.
Soon he’d be playing host to a woman he found irresistibly desirable beyond all others. Would he bother with the preliminaries? Could he resist his urges as he always did, be the upstanding citizen, or would he be the man he wanted to be for a change? Release the magic he’d held at bay for so long?
When he thought about her, he didn’t want to hold back. An image of her hair draped over him while he drove up into her tight heat made him harder and even more edgy.
Anticipation zipped through him.
It wouldn’t be long now.
In truth, the extent of his past acquaintance with Dr. Walters had been the paper she’d written on ancient Scot relics found on his family’s homeland…oh, and the recent photograph he’d seen of her when Colin asked him to arrange a meeting with MacKenter so she could help with the faerie mound dig.
The affect her photo had on him had everything to do with his apprehension. But it hadn’t stopped him from agreeing. Had it been curiosity about his gut reaction? Maybe. But in reality, he’d have to admit, his first impression had been pure lust.
She looked far younger than her thirty years—young and innocent. A hard combination to come by these days—and an even harder one if she were to accept his depravities.
In the one video of her he’d seen in Mackenter’s class, he found her wide-eyed innocent stare into the camera irresistible, and the angle of her smile way too alluring. He wanted to blindfold her so she couldn’t look into his eyes and see him for what he really was.
Guilty at the prospect…he would have her nonetheless.
Perhaps it was her full mouth and plump lips. Something about her pixie looks contrasted with the sexual promise he sensed she craved. She was his fantasy come to life—an erotic one at that.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

#Writing the Right Beginning

Like everything in life, starting out right can make things easier. Okay, perhaps that sounds too general but in writing having an opening hook can make or break your book's success. In a day when you can pick up free ebooks off the internet like you can books on the bookshelves of libraries, a book may only get a cursory once over. Have a catchy title (make it legible) and a good cover. People judge the book by the back cover copy or now...by the tag line on the cover or blurb online. Even after that, the sale may not be closed. The next test is the opening few pages of your story. The amount of time a reader will devote to becoming engrossed in your story and commit to reading more gets shorter everyday because thousands of new books get added to the TBR (to be read) pile daily. 
So let's recap. What will it take should you actually snare a reader to the first page? 
Something significant should happen to someone who matters to the reader and then something else, then something else. How interesting those something's (conflicts or complications) are determine whether the reader reads on. Conventional tropes are fine but give them a unique twist up front in order to separate your story from every other in your genre. The first rule after "once upon a time" is don't allow the reader to get comfortable until they are completely hooked, immersed, locked in, and vested in the story.

Defeat the Darkness begins with a few paragraphs which set up the evil that pervades all three books in the current series. Here's what I'm talking about:
Egypt, sometime after the Thirteenth Dynasty
Until Baphomet, no one had ever penetrated Aya’s protective shields to discover what she was. The fallen angel, leader of the Underworld demons and right hand to the ruler of Hades, needed her for what she provided—goddess blood. Tainted though it was, her blood, the blood of a Titan, was the one thing he required to remain in this realm, and his was necessary for her to return to the Underworld where she was raised.

The thrust of the demon’s teeth into her breast reminded her of his dark power. She shivered with pleasure while one of the worlds’ fiercest demons drank her essence to maintain his corporeal image—the one he used to mask his true appearance while building his demon army on this mortal plane. It wouldn’t do for his quarry to realize what they were befriending before he had them completely under his control. He was here to acquire men’s souls for his master, and to that purpose he agreed to share some of his power with her—power she craved.

But then, this is a prologue, a background to the true opening of the first novel. ~~~What does this prologue do? It establishes the genre, the heat level, the author's writing style. Anything else?
Now here is the opening that should capture the reader's attention and hook them into reading the story. (Most people skip the prologue, but may go back and read it if they have questions once they get into the story.)

The afternoon air sizzled in the New Orleans summer heat. As the rain started, Shelby inhaled the steamy air from the open balcony and stared out, unfocused. The light rain hit the hot pavement on the empty street below while the fan inside the room blew warm air over her naked skin. There was still time to convince Kyle to stay or take her with him. She tied her hair into a loose knot on top of her head, determined not to give up this fight without another attempt at changing his mind.
“I have to admit, I love the view.” His deep voice sounded raspy from sex and sleep. It startled her nevertheless, even though she knew he’d been on the verge of waking when she’d slipped out of bed. Kyle’s voice revealed more than a hint of his upper crust Boston accent. It revealed his arousal. The timber carried across the room sending a trill of excitement through her, along with a spark of heat.
The expression on his face made her heart clench when she took a quick glance over her shoulder. With her arms crossed over her chest, she turned around to confront him. He lifted his head, glancing in her direction while he sprawled sexually spent in post coital bliss on the trashed bed. His eyes were hooded, barely opened. The expression he wore revealed how much he enjoyed casually studying her.
Her soul ached because the man who’d become as necessary to her as the air she breathed, was leaving for Guatemala the next morning. When the knot in her throat tightened, she sighed to prevent the distress from turning into a torrent of tears. Squaring her shoulders, she swallowed her sorrow.
“That bed looks like an orgy hit it,” she said. She hoped he didn’t hear the crack in her voice.
“The way my body feels, one did. Several times, if I recall correctly.” Kyle lifted his head again to look around and nodded. “Hmm, it is a mess. You can be wicked bad when you put your mind to it.”
She glanced away and stared back at the view outside, blinking several times before clearing her throat. “Yes, I can.”
“I’m warning you, darling, if you don’t cover up, some early morning passer-by may start throwing beads up at you.”
“Let them,” she said. “I need to accessorize.”
His direct gaze took in all of her and filled her with lust. “No,” he said and paused. His inspection touched every exposed inch of her flesh. “You don’t require any accessories.”
~~~ So what does this opening do? It sets the location/scene. It sets the mood--the heroine's mixed emotions. A conflict--the hero is leaving. The reader experiences the hero's admiration for the heroine from his dialogue. A small segment of their relationship and personalities is exposed to the reader in this short excerpt. The heat level is obvious immediately. Anything else? Would you like to read more?