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Karlie's Wild Ride by Eliza March M/F/M #Menage

Erotic romance readers here's an opportunity to read a full chapter of my newest release and decide if you want more...

Karlie's Wild Ride 

by Eliza March

Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois, Western, Cowboys
Published By: WP Sevilla
Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M

Who says you can’t go home again?

The two gorgeous men on her doorstep look like the answer to Karlie’s sexual frustration. She has a score to settle with one, and he’s brought a peace offering in the form of a hunky friend. She knows Jonathan’s darkest secrets and, at one time, desired him anyway. Now she won’t settle. She wants it all.

Two years is a long time to be alone struggling with a ranch and a broken heart. Karlie isn't prepared to have her first love show up on her doorstep with a financial offer she can't refuse and a physical promise she hasn't forgotten. The hunky sidekick Jonathan claims is his partner is charming enough to make Karlie forget why she should turn down their offer, especially when her body sorely wants to try on both men for size. But she needs the help around the ranch and answers to questions she's kept silent in her heart for too long. 

The one woman Jonathan never could forget may not be ready to commit to anyone, but he has other plans. For now, he's willing to help her with the ranch and share her with his best friend, but he's determined to win her back and prove she needs him in her life permanently. Too bad Brad's playing the role of the charmer so well, because Karlie is responding. In order to win back her trust and the love they shared, can Jonathan admit to his troubled past and the reason he left her once before? Or this time around will Brad's charisma win out?


The colorful, fairy wing tattoo peeking above the waistband of the low-rise jeans were a new but very interesting addition.
Jonathan Westfield remembered the curve of those hips and the way her pants hugged the delectable ass he used to drool over as a youth. Now the total package fascinated him in a way he hated to admit. Discovering her here like this piqued his interest first. But when the woman bent over, his body responded to her well-rounded derriere as it always had—fast and hard. He shoved a hand in his pocket to make room for his expanding cock as it swelled inside his jeans.
Tilting the brim of his hat up to wipe the sweat off his forehead, he took the time to enjoy a better view of her hips. They swayed to the beat of the music blaring from the radio while she unloaded the truck. Below her midriff top, the skin he ached to touch glistened gold. The sweat beading on his upper lip wasn’t only from the heat of the late afternoon sun. He ran his tongue over his lips, remembering the salty flavor of her skin and the tangy taste of more. The tattoo was merely a tempting appetizer for the delectable entrée.
What would she do when she saw him?
“Now that’s a great piece of ass,” Brad Burns hissed behind Jonathan, his voice dropping into a deeper baritone.
“Hot daaamn,” Jonathan drawled out his agreement, “can’t argue with fact.”
“I’ve gotta have me some of that.”
Brad’s comment sent a spear of emotion through Jonathan. Strange, it reminded him vaguely of jealousy. The concept was ridiculous and so irrational he refused to acknowledge it. Instead, he teased his partner. “Maybe she’ll ask you to join us.”
“Or maybe she’ll take pity on you and let you watch.” Brad pounded him on the back.
Jonathan made a good-natured grunt and considered the possibility of a ménage. He’d never minded sharing a woman or two with Brad in the past, and he didn’t have any ties to Karlie except for their old teenage crush. No sense getting all possessive at this point.
This time Jonathan ignored the pressure growing in his groin, and Brad adjusted his jeans for the second time since they got out of the truck. Withstanding his discomfort, both the emotional and physical pressure riding him as his cock pressed painfully against his zipper, would keep Jonathan focused on his immediate goal…getting into Karlie Whitman’s panties again.
She appeared slight and delicate, but Karlie was rounded and generous in all the right places. And strong… She hefted a large coil of wire out of the pickup, and Jonathan realized beneath that slender frame, the woman was fit. Something must have clued her to her audience. She stilled, glanced over her shoulder, and then gave both of them the once-over with a slow, sexy smile. Interest immediately captured her expression, but Jonathan realized she hadn’t recognized him, yet. Well, he could hardly blame her. He’d muscled up in the eight years since they’d last been together.
“Are you two gonna just stare all day, or do you think one of you gentlemen could give me a hand here?”
By the time Jonathan recovered from the heated look she gave him and the husky timbre of her voice, Brad had already jumped in front of him. “Oh, sorry.” He moved quickly to take the bundle from her and said, “We’d pleased to help.”
Jonathan had been too lost in her eyes to move, but managed a low growl. “Suck-up,” he mumbled beneath his breath. Then glancing into her truck bed, he saw his opportunity to redeem himself. He gathered up the rest of the supplies and asked, “Where do you want these?”
“Over by the shed will be just fine. Thanks.”
She brushed at her thighs, inhaled a deep breath, and took off her work gloves. After Brad dropped the wire inside the shed, she extended her hand to him…all business. “Karlie Whitman.”
He straightened, wiped his hands on his jeans, and returned her greeting with his hand outstretched. “We know.”
She tilted her head, sizing him up with a question on her face. “Do I know you?”
“Naw, the tall, lanky guy at the general store told us you had a couple of rooms to let.” He shook her hand and tipped his hat.
“Pleased to meet you. I’m Brad Burns, and my friend here is Jonathan Westfield.” Jonathan let Brad talk. “We have references.”
Jonathan joined him, but before he shook her hand, he pulled off his sunglasses. After his focused gaze moved from her eyes to her mouth, he considered how perfect it was for kissing and a half a dozen other activities, and then his eyes skimmed her body. He amended his first thought from how perfect her lips were to how perfect the whole woman was.
“Jonathan Westfield?” A frown wrinkled her brow as recognition settled in. “My Jonathan?”
He allowed her to appraise him, then he gave her his own slow once-over. “Nice to see you again, Ms. Whitman.” He held her hand in his a moment too long, but he couldn’t resist the contact. Ms. Whitman? He wondered why someone hadn’t snatched her up before now.
Finally, she tugged her hand out of his and color tinged her cheeks. He let her hand go, not realizing he’d still been holding it. Either the heat had gotten to him, too, or she had. He hoped she felt half of what he was feeling.
Ms. Whitman?” She snorted. “Karlie, will do.” She gave as good as she got and did the “head to toe and up again” evaluation right back. “I see you’ve grown into your height, and it’s good to see you haven’t killed yourself, yet.” Her hands went to her hips. “Still with the rodeo?”
“No, I went into business for myself a few years back. Glad to see you survived the big city and came home.”
“That’s a matter of opinion.” Karlie smiled a wry grin and the light in her eyed dimmed. “It’s good to be back, but,” she sighed, “this place can wear a body out.”
“You working this ranch alone?” He remembered the dude in town mentioned something about her boyfriend getting killed a few years back. Jonathan would have liked to dredge up feelings of remorse about the man, except he couldn’t get past the fact the guy’s death left this woman available for him. What kind of jerk did that make him?
“Yup, with a little help from the neighboring teens.” Her expression turned blank and she peered down the road. He followed her glance and then realized she was asking him something.
“What brings you two out here?”
Brad answered for Jonathan, “We’re with the movie crew from town, here to handle the set and the stunt arrangements.”
“Stuntmen?” she asked with an “I should-uv-known” lift of her chin. Jonathan didn’t miss how her eyes glazed over and her former friendly expression turned to one of distant interest. “I thought you were all staying at the Double-K.”
“The rest of the crew is.” Jonathan ran his fingers through his hair and a forearm across his forehead. Damn, it was hot out here, and she wasn’t making things any better. “Your place is closer.”
When he’d spoken, even he could hear the husky need infiltrate his few simple words. His voice sounded rough and aroused as he tried to appear politely civil. Both were areas of expertise where he usually fell short anyway.
“Closer to what?”
“The park. Brad and I need to set up the daily stunts and work them out ahead of time. We don’t have time to drive out there from the ranch every day.” He glanced at her two-story country home and tilted his head in its direction. “Your place is more convenient for our needs. We’ll pay twice the going rate.”
“That’s not necessary.” She cleared her throat and added, “The going rate will be fine.” Jonathan liked how she seemed rattled, but she recovered quickly enough. “Welcome. Great to have you. You’re the only guests, so you’ll have free reign.”
“Sounds perfect.” Brad grinned, applying his usual expert charm.
“Breakfast is early, five a.m., and then I usually work in my studio until noon.” She started toward the house then paused to look over her shoulder. “I hope you won’t mind being on your own in the morning.”
“Nah, no problem,” Brad said. “We’ll be heading out early, too.”
“Then it’s a deal,” she said, and the tension in Jonathon’s gut relaxed.
Before acknowledging Jonathan, she glanced at Brad and turned her smile on him. Jealousy tightened Jonathan’s jaw until she included him next, and then, with a hand on one hip and her head cocked to the side, her grin sent his libido into overdrive. For the first time since they’d set eyes on each other, today, Karlie relaxed and on a more casual attitude.
“Studio?” His curiosity fired up. He followed her gaze toward the building next to the house. A strange feeling gripped his heart. They’d made out for the first time behind that old building then things between them had escalated over the next few years. He didn’t want to go back down memory lane. “Out there? You still sculpting and painting?”
Karlie turned away from the old building and looked back just as Jonathan’s gaze fixed on hers. When their eyes met, she saw the memories churning behind the light in his eyes. All the old emotions were there, too—passion, heat, lust—all present and accounted for.
“Yes, I’m still an artist. When I inherited this place from my grandfather it gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams.”
She studied the place, seeing it from their perspective. The fence needed repairs, the shed needed painting, and the barn needed fixing up. Well, just about everything needed something…but to what purpose? She jerked her head toward the corral.
“This hasn’t been a working ranch in a very long time. I pay the bills by selling my art, not running horses.”
What emotions should a woman experience when her first lover strolled up unannounced after leaving her without a word eight years earlier? She should have been surprised, angry, hurt, vindictive. She could take time to feel all of those emotions, later. But the one she felt now was relief—relief that he was alive and standing here in front of her, sexy and dangerous as ever.
Instead, there was a surprised look on both men’s faces. Karlie explained, “Art, a ranch, and renting rooms, every now and again, aren’t mutually exclusive. When it comes to paying the bills, every little bit helps.”
 “The place has potential,” he said.
Karlie hadn’t missed Jonathan’s renewed interest in her, but when she watched him inspect the corral, the out buildings, his usual hard expression softened to one of longing. She wasn’t sure if he included her with the rest of the place, but when his gaze swept over her like warm honey, her insides did a little flip.
“You know much about ranching?” she asked, forcing her voice to stay steady.
“Some. I worked a ranch in Wyoming for a while after I left the rodeo circuit.”
“That’s right. Rodeos. Girls in every town just waiting to ride the dangerous cowboys?”
He chuckled and brushed off her sarcasm. “I don’t do dangerous anymore.”
She knew better, just from looking at him. “Sure you do,” she thought and bit her tongue then said, “Neither do I.”
Danger swirled in his eyes, oozed from his soul. She knew just how dangerous he still was the minute he gave her that crooked grin. The promising look said she’d find out exactly what he was capable of, and she was sure he meant more than his words let on.
Although Brad made it plain he found her desirable, Karlie suspected he’d yield to Jonathan’s alpha male position if it came down to choices. His assessment of her as a woman showed interest but seemed more casual than Jonathan’s intense fascination with her. Brad made her think of slow, sensual sex, while Jonathan made her want to strip down, climb his body, and ride him like a wild mustang. Both men appealed to her needs differently, Brad for the comfort and Jonathan for the wild, dangerous action, the tingling adrenaline rush.
Didn’t she just say she didn’t do dangerous? What the hell was wrong with her?
She should stay focused on Brad to keep the heated desire building in her central core for Jonathan from erupting. But Jonathan’s pale blue eyes kept drawing her in just as they once had. They still looked perfect set against his dark features and bronzed skin. Her attention shifted to his square jaw and broad shoulders. Delicious. And so were all points south. She slammed her eyes shut and lifted her head so when she opened them her focus would stay above his waist.
He’d always been tall, probably at least a foot taller than she, even without the boots. The man was built like she preferred her men, tall but not rangy. Every inch of Jonathan’s well-defined muscles looked lean, yet thick and hard. She weakened and allowed herself to imagine him naked while she ran her hands over his washboard abs.
Now that he’d grown up and fully developed, he’d be perfect to sculpt, even better to mold out of clay. Her gaze drifted back down.
His jeans hugged his narrow hips like a second skin, so it was hard not to notice the lighter worn area over the generous bulge. She licked her dry lips.
I wonder if he’d mind posing.
She swiped at the hair coming loose from her braid to hide her inspection of Jonathan’s more intimate areas. When he caught her looking, he made no attempt to conceal his erection. In fact, he stared her down, almost defying her to ignore the impressive swell in his pants. Heat flooded her face right before her internal thermometer peaked, and she finally gave in.
Lowering her eyes to the ground this time, she said, “Come on in. I’ll show you where you’ll be staying.”
Oh, man, she could really use a quick tumble in the sheets with a fine specimen like him, or Brad for that matter. In her opinion, he was conventionally better looking than Jonathan and in a less intimidating sort of way, however, it was the old edge she sensed in Jonathan that excited her. Damn, she thought she’d learned her lesson, years ago, and here she was aching for the perilous high she knew he’d provide.
Shaking off her interest, and making an effort to ignore him, she settled her attention on Brad. His blond hair and dark tan enhanced his movie star smile. Something about him seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite place him.
“You look—”
“I sure could go for something cold to drink.” Brad moved in to take the spot by her side and pushed a stray hair away from her face. She risked a quick glance at Jonathan and noted his pale eyes narrow and darken. The effect sent heated chills through her, and she lost her train of thought. When the heat in her cheeks intensified, Brad’s eyes widened. “You look like you could, too.”
“Use a cold drink.” Brad chuckled.
“Oh, yeah, right. I guess I could.”
Not quite as tall as Jonathan, but just as muscular and toned, Brad was the charmer. She looked from one great-looking guy to the other. Two years was a long time to be without a man.
And suddenly two appear. One for each year of abstinence. The concept made the lonely years seem worthwhile, but her insides boiled with the thought.
“I made fresh iced tea earlier, and if you’re hungry, there’s barbecue chicken in the fridge.”
“Mmm, sounds perfect,” Brad said and walked up the porch steps beside her.
Karlie glanced back and noticed the frown on Jonathan’s face turn into a storm cloud as he pulled up the rear. Perhaps it was because Brad’s husky voice implied his interest wasn’t solely in the chicken.
Sex. Maybe a ménage.
She’d heard Jonathan’s track record with keeping women wasn’t good. Nothing permanent. Unfortunately, she knew about him firsthand. Since neither man seemed like the sticking around kind, there wasn't much chance she’d have time to get attached. Besides, there was no way she’d even consider attaching herself to a man who ran sets and stunts for a production company. A man like him was too much like the last man in her life. She didn’t need someone always on the move, picking up women ready for an easy tumble at night and a quick adios in the light of day. Nope. No more.
Brad held the door and groaned when her body brushed his on the way in. “This is nice.”
She didn’t know if he meant the slide of their bodies against each other or the room, but the timbre of his voice reverberated through her. She found herself responding to both men when she thought she’d never want another after David died.
Could she consider sex with two men? The thought crossed her mind once or twice in the past, but suddenly her insides turned to molten lava, her stomach flipped, and hot liquid drenched her panties.
Okay, yes. She could consider it.
These two certainly showed potential. She’d be willing to relieve the sexual tension building inside her with either one or both of them. One thing she was sure about was that she might be willing to share her body with either of these men.
Maybe even both of them.
What the hell, her body was one thing she didn’t mind sharing, but she’d never again give her trust to a man who planned to move on or needed to live on the edge of danger. Not her heart or her life. No more waiting for the phone calls, no more sleepless nights worrying about whose bed he was in or if he’d find his way back to hers.

Sex had been David’s opiate of choice. Danger had been his true mistress, and finally, his executioner. Bull riding had only been death’s instrument.
Karlie wanted to count more to the next man she gave her heart to than the adrenaline jolt he craved from his job. 

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Sultry Santorini Sunsets - Gods of Atlantis
By: Eliza March
Categories: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 34,431
[Menage Amour: Erotic Menage a Quatre Fantasy Romance, M/F/M/M, sex toys]

Three thousand years ago, six warriors of Atlantis pledged themselves to the Goddess of Sensuality, exchanging emotions for heightened senses and immortality in order to protect what remained of their lost world. Three went in search of their lost emotions and became unredeemable. The others maintained their honor with help from their leader, and they all became the Gods of Atlantis.

Mira fulfilled her responsibilities, denying herself pleasure for years, but she's escaped. On Santorini, she takes three men as lovers who help her make-up for lost time. When emotions start infiltrating the men's souls in her presence, they discover she's the one woman capable of returning their emotions. Now they must convince her to share their love and lives for all eternity. Will she believe their fantastic tale and trust in their love
enough to make the final commitment? Will she accept immortality, their bond, and their love?

Professional Reviews

5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Wow, anyone who wants a huge dose of multiple alpha males needs to pick up Sultry Santorini Sunsets. Seriously, this book should come with a warning label. It’s uber hot and I’m surprised it didn’t melt my Kindle. I was definitely in need of a cold shower after reading it. I was whisked away by this story and eagerly await for another delightful tale by this author. Kudos, Ms. March for such a sizzling but emotional tale of redemption." -- Dakota, Dark Diva Reviews

5 CHERRIES: "This story was hot, Hot, HOT. Let me tell you, when reading this story, make sure you're sitting in front of a fan with a tall glass of ice water, because these four will leave you so hot and sweaty you will need a shower afterwards. No matter how you like your sexcapades you will find something for you in this story, because it pretty much covers everything you can imagine. If you like continuous wild kinky sex you must get this book immediately. So stop reading this review, and go buy it now." -- Peppermint, Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews

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#readers Only Positive Thoughts Today

The awesome co-hosts for the November 4 posting of the IWSG will be Stephen Tremp, Karen Walker, Denise Covey, and Tyrean Martinson! 

Visit their blogs and make certain to leave a positive comment.

My subject this week is about supporting your friends and the artists you love. The importance of supporting the arts begins and ends with the artist's psyche. Write reviews, share your opinion of their work, use word of mouth -- talk about what you like. Tell the artist what you think of their work. These days, when a cup of coffee costs more than a book or a song on iTunes, it's hard to justify your worth as an artist. Sometimes it's not the sales that matter as much as the ability to have a conversation with a reader who enjoys discussing your story. Keep in mind, authors are always happy to talk to someone who wants to talk about their books. Be a fan. Write  fan letter. Gush on FB. Make their day.

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#writing Installment 1 - Writing short? by Eliza March

In the next few months, I will be compiling ideas about writing short for a presentation I plan to give next year. Any and all ideas or opinions will be appreciated. 


A lot of mistakes are made in short writing. Why? Some writers think writing short is about taking a big story and leaving a lot of stuff out. They couldn't be more wrong. 

Writing short is taking a story before you write it and actually condensing the concept. You're going to pick out the essential things about an event that you want to write about, and choose the most important things about what happens in that short period of time using fewer characters, focusing on the main characters, and still writing a good story. You're going to use action verbs, descriptive nouns and make the story informative and interesting and satisfying.

At the moment, I'm writing three short books all at the same time. Well at different times throughout the day. I suppose it's better than writing the great American novel and trying to write something else at the same time. But the one good thing that came out of all of this was learning how to take the theme and condense it so I can write something shorter. 

 Would you like to learn what it takes to identify a story within a story? Today stories, movies and TV programming cater to those with the attention span of a gnat--or more correctly have spawned and nurtured the elements of a short attention span. Fifteen second commercials and two minute programming mean you must be able to develop more hooks within your commercial or story to keep the viewer or reader engaged. I recently was invited to do a presentation about "writing short" at a conference next year; so putting this idea together for a class that may help other authors intrigued me.

Consider your plot for any story. In most cases, you'll be telling the hero's journey. If it is an interesting story, every character's story contains goal, motivation and conflict, as does each scene. And in shorter books one thing you have to keep in mind is you don't have a lot of time to fool around. You have to get right to the point, yet keep the scene interesting and intriguing, all without making the story feel rushed. Action is necessary in every sentence, using active instead of passive sentences. You can't afford clutter from allowing the story from moving forward.

Your pace is going to be fast. You know all those extraneous adverbs and adjectives you like? Eliminate or limit them. Choosing the most effective verb, the most unique descriptive noun, or a choice sense to describe the essence of the moment becomes imperative.

You're also going to have to limit the number of characters you used to tell the story. All this doesn't mean you're going to short-sheet the reader. The most important thing to consider about short stories is to leave the reader satisfied. 

How do you accomplish this? Consider how we write an synopsis. Everybody wants a different size synopsis. So usually before I write the book, I have a good outline of what I think I'm going to have in the story. Then that long synopsis, which includes a lot of detail, can be condensed. I condense it to a shorter one if I have an agent or an editor who wants to see a shorter version. Sometimes the original can be anywhere from one page to ten pages, or more.

Now you can also do that with the book, if you don't mind slicing and dicing when the time comes, but I advise against it. Writing a long version means that you haven't thought out the plot very well. You can make a list and add everything you want in the list, and then go back and strike out all those elements that won't work, either because they aren't essential to hooking a reader and moving the main plot forward, or they complicate the plot and make writing it short impossible. Remove anything that hints of a subplot and all extraneous characters. Combine prototypes whenever possible; the sidekick with the mentor, the heroine with the sidekick, the antagonist with the get the idea.

Think of taglines and loglines. Not the same thing. Those are sometimes used in TV programs and the TV Guide used to have good loglines there so you knew what the TV program was going to be about but in a condensed version.

... next I'm talking about ... "All the different forms of writing short."