Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Treats for Comments

The Perfect Halloween Recipe 

for a weekend read:

My friends and I have been sweating over my hot cauldron, conjuring up a great recipe for our favorite dark reads…

This one contains a gallon of sex and a dash of scary, evil demons (very bad), several hot vampires (swoon), a handful of shifters (hunky), one sex fae (really…need I say more?), and a wanton succubus (wicked) … If it goes bump in the night, you’ll probably find it in this erotic tale.

Defeat The Darkness: Demons of the Bayou

(Hearts of Darkness) By author Eliza March

Available in Trade Paperback $10.34 or Kindle $3.99 or both Kindle Matchbook: If you buy a new print edition of this book (or purchased one in the past), you can buy the Kindle edition for only $0.99 (Save 75%). Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon.

Borrow this book for free on a Kindle device with Amazon Prime.

~~I'm used to being teased about being an avid vampire fan. I'm drawn to all things paranormal -- Buffy, Diaries, Underworld, or True. Some don't get my fascination with the undead or the supernatural. (Being around great looking, powerful men who stay in perfect shape forever doesn't hurt. Even if it is only in my imagination.) If you understand, then you'll love this series.
I've done (oops...written) a few shifters, but Defeat the Darkness was my first attempt at writing vampires. I realized there were a few more stories I had to tell, so I started them all. I think Kyle and Shelby's story is a good starting point. The reader gets to meet most of my ensemble cast of characters in this book, although new ones keep popping in to keep my interest going. Simone, the succubus, came out of nowhere. I thought she added one of the essential elements missing in this story -- a female friend for Shelby. And I love Garr (Wolfgar) -- he's becoming one of my favorites.

Max, Shelby, and Kyle will play a part in future books, especially now that they're acclimating to their new lives. Of course, if you bought this book, you know the next book is about Dylan's past. Conquer the Highland Beast is going to be Hearts of Darkness Book 1.5

Dylan, Cailin, and Jackson’s story in this series is Damn the Darkness Book 2.0 coming the end of December. So save your gift cards for this one.

We still have to meet Niccolai, and find out more about Jackson his hybrid son. Is the natural born element of their species destined to die off, or will Max and Victor find the solution to the vampire's infertility problem? And...what about Amyra?

Leave a comment with an email address on my BLOG and get a FREE ebook copy of Conquer the Highland Beast as soon as it’s published. Happy Halloween! ~~Eliza 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Eliza March talks about #Writer's Tools: Inspiration, Imagination, Perspiration...and #Dracula

Johnathan Rhys Meyers in Dracula
The series Vampire Diaries has kept me going for several years between Underworld movies. Now I get to look forward to Dracula the new NBC series with Jonathan Rhys Myers of Showtime's The Tudors fame.

Since I've been working on the vampire sequel to Defeat The Darkness (Dylan Macgregor's story) I've enjoyed other versions of my vampire world. There was Buffy and Angel, and I'm still a fan of True Blood. In my series, the past story about how Dylan was turned is already written and called CONQUER THE HIGHLAND BEAST. My dilemma is whether to incorporate it into his present day story, DAMN THE DARKNESS, the way Anne Rice told the Louis and Lestat story; Interview With A Vampire, or release it as a freebie before or later. I have one versions written incorporating it and one as a separate book.  Any ideas, suggestions or opinions? Help!

Another thing I'm doing is using SCRIVENER. After the learning curve...I love it. Yesterday I figured out how to lock the opening page so I can use it this way until I find another way that works better. *GRIN*

I also discovered by using Dragon Naturally Speaking, I can get a heck of a lot more writing done. I refuse to edit while I'm speaking, so the scenes move along quite quickly. I go back and edit afterwards before I begin the next scene. Thankfully the program gets more intuitive with each upgrade. Gotta love that. I can't tell the story for long before I go back and check for errors though. One sentence I went back to (and this isn't how you are supposed to use Dragon) was so far from what I intended, I could barely figure out what I'd said. It took longer than correcting it immediately would have. But I didn't want to stop my mental flow. It seems as if either my fingers are working against my creative flow or my tongue is.

I can also dictate into my phone and use it to download to the program, later. I can use my smart phone like a microphone if I don't have the one that came with the program. If I open my old files, it can read them and become acquainted with my writing style. Hey, this is great since I haven't spent the appropriate time training my Dragon. Know any shortcuts?

I probably shouldn't share this, but I've never taken typing...finger placement, speed, typing in the dark...out of the question for me. I'm pretty speedy in the light with both hands on the keyboard, but if I switch keyboards I'm lost. I even have a typing lesson program installed, all I have to do is use it. But I find once I sit down to the keyboard, I need to do productive work.  That means editing, writing, or promoting. How many of you couldn't type when you began writing?

Checking emails and doing the paperwork that goes along with all that is also time consuming and eats away at my creativity. Thank goodness I can fill in time with books..or TV--they're fuel that energizes my imagination. What do you watch?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reading, Writing, and Reviewing~~Oh my!

Who's guilty of downloading books and not reading them? (My hand is raised.) Good I didn't think I was alone. You've got to wonder why, considering you can read so much of the book on Amazon or get an inkling of whether it's something you'd like from the blurb or other peoples' reviews. How discriminating am I that I'm not even giving a book a chance through the first chapter anymore with the number of free reads out there? What about you? I can't begin to think why you would choose to read my books over some other well known author's. I'm just grateful you do.

Since WereCat Fever is available at I'm patiently waiting for the first reviews to come in. Soon it should be showing up at Amazon.

Speaking of reviews: I was just thinking that book reviewers have a tough job. I'm not the best review writer, so I appreciate the ones who do it well. I'm one of those readers who either likes a book or I don't, and I don't want to analyze why. I guess I do that enough in my day job as an editor. But there are the books I share with others and there are ones I buy and keep to read again. I give four or five star reviews to above average books I loved reading. I give three stars for an average read that was enjoyable, if not memorable. It still filled my time and kept my interest, and was entertainment. If it was a below three kind of read, I usually won't mention it. Sadly my expectations of my favorite authors is higher than a new to me author. I see evidence of this in other people's reviews online all the time.
What I don't have patience for are big NY publishers charging top dollar for paperbacks and ebooks without checking the formatting or the editing as closely as they should. Recently, I bought a NY Times best seller (in paperback) that was riddled with errors, missing words, and had a sentence that stopped mid thought and went nowhere. The story was good, enjoyable, entertaining, but the editing was unacceptable. Believe it or not, I'm not that picky--mistakes get through, but not this often. Authors depend on their editors and publishers to do a better job than that. Especially considering how much time it takes to get these books to production. Self published authors could never get by with that level of editing. The author would  have their books pulled at AMAZON and get crucified all over Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook for that sort of hot mess.

And if you like my book, recommend me. Don't forget there's nothing better than an enthusiastic word of mouth recommendation. And if you can manage it...write me a short review.
Thank you. I appreciate every one of my readers!

Monday, October 14, 2013

#Trends, #Fifty Shades, #ChristianGrey, and #IanSomerhalder: Who will get the part?

What's #trending this week? #Monday is hot. I have no idea why since it shows up regularly after Sunday every week. #SonsofAnarchy is easily understandable if you cross reference #CharlieHunnam and #FiftyShadesofGrey are making a splash because they have to recast the lead male role. Not there there wasn't enough hype when they first announced they were looking for the perfect #ChristianGrey. My personal choice from the beginning has been Ian Somerhalder, (The Vampire Diaries) and if you agree vote here. although with his busy schedule, I wonder if things would be any different.

How different is casting from writing the original description of the character? I imagine my next main character in the Hearts of Darkness series (vampire/berserker) Dylan Macgregor  in the beginning of the book, looking somewhat like Chris Hemsworth in this photo: Thor: The Dark World (Click to see the trailer)

In the first book in the series, Defeat the Darkness, I imagined him better groomed and, in the second half of the next book, Damn the Darkness, he will be. But in the beginning he is a hybrid son of a halfling mother and a berserker father. Stronger, faster, bigger than most men, he battles his way through the years until his soft side makes him risk everything to save a child. The dark immortal, Niccolai Xenos is waiting to turn him and give him another chance to achieve the light. So then, I had to imagine what Niccolai would be like...I'll tell you in the next blog.

Friday, October 11, 2013

The Series is growing but these are all stand alone ... so far!

The Series is growing but these are all stand alone ... so far!

WereCat Fever

Enchanted Mountain 3

By: Eliza March | Other books by Eliza March Notify me of Eliza March's new releases
Categories: Erotic RomanceContemporaryMenage a Trois/QuatreParanormalShape-shifter
Word Count: 43,028
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
 This title is offered at a 15% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, October 17th.
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Weeks after his engagement, Bryan Cauldwell disappeared. Worse yet, the last time Lacey Hampton saw him he was covered in blood after a blackout. What should she think later when her father is found killed, a victim of an animal attack? Hunter Harris searched for Bryan, his lost littermate, for years, finally rescuing him when he's severely wounded by WereCats. Hunter can help Bryan adjust to being a shifter if he'll let him. Unless the woman Bryan imprinted on accepts him, he's doomed to being chained during every full moon. After checking on Lacey, they discover Bryan infected her, and she's showing signs of changing. Although she's going to need help, she's spitting mad, and when Hunter tries to help, his cat imprints on her, too. Bryan must convince Lacey he's innocent of her father's murder, and Hunter must convince her he loves her in spite of the bond between them. Can she accept her shifter nature and devote her life to two men?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Goofed Off Today ... Don't Tell MY Boss

I'm in charge of my own time but sometimes I think I'm harder on myself than if I worked for someone else. I'm an editor, so those books take precedence over writing my own work. Yes...that's right. I even work on them when I'm dying to open one of my own files. :-)

Promotions for my books and my clients books come next. The responsibility weighs heavily upon my shoulders to be creative about how that's done.

So when I say I goofed off today, it means I didn't open my own WIP files ... at all. I was all set to work on them, notes in hand, coffee cup full, and computer on ... then nothing. It was one of those days when the coffee never kicked in and no sooner had I gotten up, I needed a nap.

I have this extra guest room I sneak off to when I feel like that. (My nap room) and the rest I get there always seems so much better than the sleep I get in my own bed.  Thinking about why... I've decided it's because it's a guilty pleasure. The temperature is always perfect, the covers soft and comfortable...uhmm heavenly! And my boss didn't go looking for me in there.

My next book, WERECAT FEVER is set to release October 10th. You can save 15% if you buy from between now and October 17th. I hope you enjoy it. It''s in the Enchanted Mountain series, but all the books are stand alone.