Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Young Again by Maureen Sevilla

I know if you hate poetry, you'll hate this ... but I love this poem. It's wild, represents freedom and carefree youth ... and it's nostalgic.

Young Again

By Maureen Sevilla

Between dusk and dawn, we meet
In flowered fields, in forests green
On snowy mountain tops

With butterflies by day and fireflies by night

At the seesaw by the swings
In a small wooden boat
On a speedy Red Flyer

The wind whips beneath arms flying
Capped milk bottles, cold metal crates
And the climbing tree waits --

With perfectly spaced branches

Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking Action Against Breast Cancer on ABC Action News by Linda Hurtado

      Im assuming Linda would want you all to know about this so Im passing this on.


      HI Ladies

      Starting Monday I will be kicking off a month long series called Taking Action Against Breast Cancer on ABC Action News at 5. October is breast cancer awareness month and as the health reporter I feel the need to remind women the importance of taking care of themselves. I also lost my mother to breast cancer. She never lived to meet my children. It still breaks my heart today. I hope you all will watch if you can. You can always catch my stories on

      There's a video story posted on the site tonight on my mother's journey.

      My other stories will start posting tomorrow. Including the story of a woman who had both healthy breasts, her uterus and both ovaries removed because she tested positive for the BCRA gene. Another woman had no insurance so she didn't get a mammogram for four years. By the time she felt the lump she had stage 2 breast cancer and no way to pay for a mastectomy. We followed her as she searched for a surgeon willing to save
      her life for free.

      Please share with me any ideas or other stories. As always I appreciate your feedback and your help by visiting the site.

      Hope everyone is well and if you haven't had your mammogram this year - go get one. For me. :-) If you can't afford one, email me off line and I'll share with you where you can get one, if you qualify, for free.

      Linda Hurtado

Friday, September 25, 2009

Thought For Today...

"You can complain because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses." Ziggy

Its kind of like love. . . Eliza J

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thought for the Day

Bad decisions often make good stories ...

Think about it. When I sort through all my bad decisions, Ill pick out one...

Oh, yes. I remember...I decided to rent an RV to see if it was a good way of taking a family vacation before we decided to buy one. Logical thinking. Sure. The transmission started breaking down 20  miles out of town. Did we turn around? No. We self diagnosed the problem and thought the RV had a governor to regulate the speed. Once we pooh-poohed that, we decided wed gotten bad gas. For the next week we proceeded to lose a gear every two days. Once we turned around, thank goodness we live in Florida which is south and downhill from Georgia (It really is downhill. You can coast from NC to GA to FL. We actually did it.)

After the trip, my solution to unreliable rentals was...buy an RV of our very own. Dont ask! I dont to this day know how I came up with that convoluted conclusion from the test run in the rental. Warped logic, I think.  Elizas family Griswold vacation  was only the first of many RV calamities. Remind me to tell you about Yellowstone or Miami or the second NC trip.

Now you confess. What bad decisions are you still telling stories about? Leave a comment.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm Being Interviewed . . .

Good Morning!
THE LION, THE LEOPARD AND THE WOLF is receiving excellent reader reviews so far. If you read the book please let me know how you enjoyed my Enchanted Mountain story.

I'm being interviewed about my books and writing methods. You can read the whole thing at Faith V. Smith's Blog anytime you want.

I'd love it if you would leave a comment and let me know how you enjoyed it.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

REVIEWS: reviewers vs readers

I was thinking and as some of you know that is always a little dangerous.

Suddenly I wondered why a reviewer's post with positive comments should matter more to me than those of a long-time reader. A long-time reader buys you no matter what...until the day you stop writing what she wants to read. SHe can be more critical. A reviewer may or may not also be that same loyal fan, but usually they're reading a wide variety of authors. It's their job, not necessarily their pleasure. I know. I know. It can be both. :-)

I am a reader. I'm thinking about Nora Roberts, not me today. One book disappoints. Even she has a bad day once in awhile. The book is on the NY Times best-seller list not because it's the best thing she ever wrote, not because it's better than some that aren't on that list, but because she has a history of writing for her readers and a branded name.

I'll trust a reader's review, and an author's name, more than the NY Times Reviewer or the list.

What do you think? Have I opened a can of worms? I told you it's dangerous for me to think.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Four is Better than One - I Write Menage Amour

In honor of the day and the fires in California,

how about some real life sexy heroes?

In my fantasy world as long as their boots are clean, they can stash them under my bed anytime.

I may not even complain about a little soot if they're fanning the flames...


Don't forget to vote in the poll. I'm looking high and low to find really good examples of your favorite choices.

This one's for you and you know who you are. I'm not going to name names....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm Twittering . . .

I've given in and joined Twitter. If I don't get any writing done . . . well I'll just have to tweet.

For those of you who care to follow, my ID is ElizaMWrites.

One more techie thing to conquer. I did find a great place on the web that I'm researching. Anyone know anything about SECOND LIFE? Looks like a virtual world where you can go and be anyone you want. I do that with my books, but this is 3-D.

My Publisher is News In San Diego

Lots of Love to go around? BIG LOVE in reverse is my kind of story. So read this and check their website.

Ménage Amour

Erotic publisher review: Siren Publishing: Ménage Amour imprint
September 3, 4:38 PM
San Diego Erotica and Romance Books Examiner

Acquanetta Ferguson

Siren Publishing has a very unique imprint of books, called
Ménage Amour,
that basically celebrates the love of many partners, either centered
on a woman (lucky girl!) with multiple male partners (m/f/m or m/m/f or
f/m/m/m, etc.) or on males loving each other (m/m/m or m/m/m/m, etc.)As
this is the only publisher of its kind (and I looked, so if there are
others forgive me) this makes them ahead of the game not only for
quality erotica, but for just being the first to give women what
they're craving for, as evidenced by (as of this review) the 103 titles
counting. The stories range from BDSM, sci-fi, fantasy, to contemporary, to an all cowboy ménage line! Only
having read a few of the stories so far, this small imprint is
definitely big on the idea of polyamorous relationships working and
really delivers some fantastic storylines from some great authors.
Check it out today!
http://www.examiner .com/x-5465- San-Diego- Erotica-and- Romance-Books- Examiner~ y2009m9d3- Erotic-publisher -review-Siren- Publishing- Ménage-Amour- imprint

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"The Lion, The Leopard and The Wolf" Is Available Today

Here's my heroine, Mackenzie, from The Lion, The Leopard and The Wolf in her shape-shifted form. Can you guess what kind of cat she is? Read the book, and you'll find out.

Noooo cheating. . . Tomorrow, I'll ask you to identify one of the heroes.

Oh, yes and by the way, if you've read it, would you please leave me a comment? I'd love to know how you enjoyed my little story.