Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thought for the Day

Bad decisions often make good stories ...

Think about it. When I sort through all my bad decisions, Ill pick out one...

Oh, yes. I remember...I decided to rent an RV to see if it was a good way of taking a family vacation before we decided to buy one. Logical thinking. Sure. The transmission started breaking down 20  miles out of town. Did we turn around? No. We self diagnosed the problem and thought the RV had a governor to regulate the speed. Once we pooh-poohed that, we decided wed gotten bad gas. For the next week we proceeded to lose a gear every two days. Once we turned around, thank goodness we live in Florida which is south and downhill from Georgia (It really is downhill. You can coast from NC to GA to FL. We actually did it.)

After the trip, my solution to unreliable rentals was...buy an RV of our very own. Dont ask! I dont to this day know how I came up with that convoluted conclusion from the test run in the rental. Warped logic, I think.  Elizas family Griswold vacation  was only the first of many RV calamities. Remind me to tell you about Yellowstone or Miami or the second NC trip.

Now you confess. What bad decisions are you still telling stories about? Leave a comment.


1 comment:

  1. LOL! Too many to count. One which included oh about 7 years of my life. Oy. Don't get me started.