Wednesday, September 16, 2009

REVIEWS: reviewers vs readers

I was thinking and as some of you know that is always a little dangerous.

Suddenly I wondered why a reviewer's post with positive comments should matter more to me than those of a long-time reader. A long-time reader buys you no matter what...until the day you stop writing what she wants to read. SHe can be more critical. A reviewer may or may not also be that same loyal fan, but usually they're reading a wide variety of authors. It's their job, not necessarily their pleasure. I know. I know. It can be both. :-)

I am a reader. I'm thinking about Nora Roberts, not me today. One book disappoints. Even she has a bad day once in awhile. The book is on the NY Times best-seller list not because it's the best thing she ever wrote, not because it's better than some that aren't on that list, but because she has a history of writing for her readers and a branded name.

I'll trust a reader's review, and an author's name, more than the NY Times Reviewer or the list.

What do you think? Have I opened a can of worms? I told you it's dangerous for me to think.
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