Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Moving beyond #BreastCancer with #NaNoWriMo

Yes, I even have a temporary cover for this book and no words. I haven't gotten beyond the synopsis and character development. So I joined NaNoWriMo to give me the kick in the butt I need to move on this year.

For those of you who may not know, indulge me. I discovered I had breast cancer in January. It hit me like nothing else ever has. I'm invincible. I'm a mother of five, I've run businesses, managed all sorts of projects, but I never thought I would be the someone in the group who got cancer--as if there's a type!. I wasn't as much scared as I was hysterical by not having any control. Through the year, I've focused on doing what I had to do to take the next step forward. The support for breast cancer patients is the best. Thank you everyone who ever supported breast cancer research. It seems so inadequate to say that when I've seen such massive benefits and changes happening. 

The surgery was almost too easy and so was the radiation. The outcome too good. I did end up having side effects from the medication I'm supposed to take for five years so we switched to another. Needless to say, I've been preoccupied. But I'm doing well, so it's no excuse. Because writing makes me happy and I should do something that makes me happy. Only I can't. 

I used to wake up with my characters acting out or up, preparing me for my day of writing. This year I woke up every day trying to remember what doctor or therapist I was going to see, what medication I had to take and what time. My characters hid behind medicinal smelling medical walls and I couldn't seem to be able to coax them out until the other day. I woke up thinking about one of my books and I was so happy I wanted to dance! A huge break through! Then nothing...

A friend of mine, a fellow author came over for a plotting session, changed all that. (Thank you, Donna) She forced me to think about all my WIP, and I have ten I'm embarrassed to admit. Some farther along than others, but one is now calling to me. I woke up thinking about the characters and what has to happen to them. I love it. But I know to keep moving forward I need discipline, commitment, focus. I took the plunge and made a ridiculous commitment to participate in NaNOWriMO. I just signed up. In the ninth hour before November starts, I set up my account. The synopsis and character sketches are done and I'm ready to write this book. I will be committed to fifty-thousand words this month and I have to get a head start because I am supposed to have cataract surgery on my right eye in three weeks. The race is on. Now that I've outed myself, I feel I'm answerable to you all if I don't perform. So don't let me down. Hold me accountable. 

Breast cancer month is over, but if you haven't scheduled your mammogram DO IT NOW. Mine saved my life and many others I know. It's nothing to be afraid of. Face it, fight it ... and in my favorite words...fuck it! Move on! I am. (I want a t-shirt with that guy and my logo in pink)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes I need a paperback...

Sometimes I need a paperback. What about you. Since I'm a reading junkie, I can't wait until the flight attendant gives me the okay to turn my electronic device back on to read something, especially if I was just at a hook before they ask us to turn off said devices! 

If you're like me, you have something to read in case of an emergency like being stuck waiting for the doctor or waiting in line. Waiting is less stressful if I'm doing something pleasant like reading. 

There are times when I just need a real book. (I know the green people are going to bark at me for wasting our precious trees, and I'm a supporter believe me. But I'm thinking these books I'm reading are recycled paper.)

I have a Kindle and an iPad and an iPhone. They don't stop my craving for the experience of holding the story between two covers. I love my electronic devices and probably read one of the first books ever converted. My phone is the device I read off the most because its always with me. The iPad is next because I'm usually working on some project on it when I feel like taking a break. I use my kindle at the beach or on the deck by the pool because...well, because I can read it in the sunshine and the battery lasts forever! I read a paperback book on the plane or in the airport. I take a couple with me or buy one at the airport. 

What if the electricity goes out? I have my favorites lined up on my shelf in case of a disaster. If the dystopian books I read come to pass, I'll have books to read by firelight. If you want a real book for backup some of mine are in print.

Here are a few of my books available in trade paperback from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.