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#amazonkindle Vaewolf:Damn the Darkness on Pre-Order Today Releases May 15th

Vaewolf: The beast invokes fear in the fearless and hope in the hopeless. [A dark adult romance. A paranormal-fantasy love triangle.] 

Jackson Xenos, the first born vampire in a millennia is a hybrid destined to lead the Loreans. He resents being the Werewolves’ miracle and the vampires’ hope, and certainly doesn’t want any part of an ancient prophecy. 

Jackson’s mentor, Dylan Macgregor, overcame the loss of his family and years of darkness, but until he almost lost his life mate to a bullet, he didn’t know what loss could be. Now the vow the Highland berserker made to Jackson’s father on a bloody battlefield three hundred years ago has come due, and suddenly he faces a greater challenge when Jackson imprints on his life mate. The promise he made might be more than he bargained for. 

Psychic FBI profiler, Caitlin Donovan’s life forever changed the day she died. Despite awakening to a world of supernatural beings she never knew existed, her new future with Dylan couldn’t look brighter, until something inside her responds to Jackson's wolf. Caitlin, to her horror, discovers the men who care for each other like brothers, may end up fighting to the death over her, because vampires don’t share. 

To fulfill the prophecy, Jackson must bind his mate, but neither man will risk completing the life bond to Caitlin without understanding the prophecy and until she’s bound to one of them, her psychic DNA calls to the demons, endangering everyone in the Parrish. 

The answers are in their blood, but what does her unique variety of DNA prove? Is Caitlin meant for one man or the other? The pain of remaining unbound is draining her life force, and the men who love her suffer her pain. To the sex fae in her, seduction seems a fair solution to their problem. A little faerie dust can’t hurt.

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PreOrder VAEWOLF: Damn The Darkness, April 30th

Caitlin fought back her frustration with both men, waiting for Jackson to admit he'd been in Dylan's thoughts.

"What did you glean from Dylan’s open mental pathways?" 

Once he told her, he added,  “Now do you want to hear my idea?”

"Why not?" She was out of ideas. “Only if it’s going to get Dylan to agree to the mate bond and bind me to him."

"Once he agrees, you know I'm in." Jackson grunted. “At least, it’s a step in the right direction.” He pulled the towel from around his waist, showing he was naked and aroused, as always. 

“If his feeling are anything like mine, he can’t stand the idea of not pleasing you. It’s part of the mate bond. We can’t deny you no matter what you ask. I got that tidbit from his mind while we were in the bar--" 

Jackson's serious expression rearranged into a grimace  "I probably shouldn’t have told you--”

“I promise I won’t take advantage.” 

He sat next to her, and Caitlin patted him on the knee. “Go on. Tell me your plan.”

“Anyway... I figure we’re going to have to play on that aspect of the relationship if we’re going to get him to consider the ménage bond.” Jackson's jaw tightened. He wasn't giving up on them. “Scoot over closer to him, so he gets your scent and we can get started.” 

When she did as he asked, she winced. The alcohol leached from his pores. 
"Ew! Speaking of scents..." Caitlin moved away to the far edge of the bed. "He smells ripe." 

Jackson stood next to Dylan and began undressing him from his boots up. “You want to help?”

“Help? Okay... What exactly are we doing?”

“We’re going to seduce him into agreeing to this, until he can’t deny it’s the right thing.”

Caitlin’s eyes went wide. “'We’re'?”

“Sort of. Not 'we' exactly. 'You'. You’re going to have the biggest role, but I’ll play along.”

When she got closer to Dylan, she pinched her nose . “Ugh. I love the man, but  he smells like a cross between swamp gas and a brewery. If you want me to take part in his seduction, you’re going to have to get back in the shower with him and clean him up.”

Jackson laughed. “Really? Not exactly what I was thinking.”

“I’ll turn on the water. Good luck with the naked man.” Caitlin gave him a don't-mess-with-me  look and went into the bathroom. 

“Thanks, but no thanks. Why don’t you join us?" Jackson hadn’t meant it as a question. It was a weighted alpha suggestion. But when he added, "You can finish him off with a little of what we shared before,” she decided his idea had merit.

“O-oh.” Caitlin admired Dylan’s ripped abs and suddenly couldn't wait to get her hands on him. “I don’t suppose you’re looking forward to soaping him up." 

“Not really. I was counting on you for that.” Jackson snarled while pulling off Dylan’s pants. "This is sacrifice enough."

She knew the answer before she asked. Trying to keep the enthusiasm out of her voice was not easy. "I guess I get the honors. 

Suddenly, Caitlin couldn’t wait to run her hands all over Dylan again. If only he were more aware. She sighed thinking she’d settle for the pleasure of just touching him again. Maybe he’d respond. 

Oh, yes. She smiled. He'd respond. Then all bets were off.

Jackson half walked, half carried the big naked vampire into the shower, supporting and holding Dylan until the water roused him enough to stand on his own. The man must have consumed an ungodly amount of liquor. 

"Scented body wash will help."

"Argh!" Jackson growled when he came face to face with Dylan. "Get the tooth brush and paste. Start with his mouth so his breath doesn’t asphyxiate me." 

After convincing Dylan to rinse his mouth with mouthwash without swallowing, she was ready to forget the plan. But while Jackson braced Dylan, Caitlin started at the top.

She washed his hair, and after a few minutes of running her hands over his shoulders, back, and chest, she started on his abs. Heat began to consume her, and then she smelled the bonding scent--Jackson's, hers, and Dylan's. Her hands moved right below his navel, and... 

Well, no worries. Dylan couldn't claim he was completely out of it. Caitlin grinned. The best part of the highlander was wide awake. 

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#amwriting Weekend Warrior Writers : Between Dusk and Dawn

I don't know how some of you do it. Working, kids, and trying to sneak your fictional world on paper or in files must be all time consuming.

The process of writing is very personal. I'm a morning day dreamer/writer. Once reality hits I tend to lean to the non-fiction. (Yes. Like this. LOL) The early morning works best for me while I'm ruminating over my last thoughts about my book and before anyone besides the cat begins to talk to me. I need this special time to sort through the ideas (if they come to me) from that twilight zone of imagination right before I wake. I love those special moments. Plot points jump out at me. Missing details rise to the surface. New characters drop by to introduce themselves and convince me they will play an important part in this story. In any case, I'm trying to discover a way of enhancing that time element. I'm thinking meditation. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone have another idea to draaw out 

So after looking this up on Wikipedia This is what I found about thought processes on the edge of sleep. If you are one of the lucky creative minds who wakes up with a symphony completed, or chemistry mystery solved, then consider yourself in the company of ... "BeethovenRichard WagnerWalter ScottSalvador DalíThomas EdisonNikola Tesla and Isaac Newton or the "fancies" as Edgar Allen Poe  referred to his experiences — who have all credited hypnagogia and related states with enhancing their creativity.[39]"
([39]Runco, Mark A. & Pritzker, Stephen R. (1999) Encyclopedia of Creativity: a-h, p. 63-4.)

Now: How do we encourage those moments of brilliance?

Coming on PreOrder April 30th
You can read through the suggestions. Perhaps they'll work for you, but I wasn't impressed with their suggestions. What I have found works best is going with the flow. For instance, as soon as my mind stumbles over an event or character I'm writing about, I refuse to get up. I focus on the character or event, and try to relax. I meditate on the subject, going with different scenarios, taking the ones I like and going forward with them. I then review what I just did, smoothing out the rough spots and reinforcing the scene in my memory, before I sit up and take notes. I hope it works for you.

 Read and excerpt from the previous book about Caitling and Dylan
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Not Phone Sex ... Something More

Conquer the Highland Beast

Excerpt: Falling in lust with Caitlin ...Continued

    Oh, the lass was a saucy wench beneath her intellect and conservative façade. Only a lucky bastard found a lusty life mate, and a beautiful one, at that. By the gods, Dylan thought he was already falling in love with her. How much more could his heart endure?
    “Where are you staying? I’ll walk you back and see you safely to your door.” 
He stood and took her arm, reached in his pocket, and threw some very large bills on the table. They would cover the check and then some.
    “And, will there be more?” She tapped her finger to her temple, as she leaned against him.
    “Ah, the images. A bit, perhaps. I want to savor the anticipation of the moments leading up to our ultimate pleasure. I won’t be able to take this slow, darlin’, but I will not be rushed, either.”
    Caitlin blushed. “S-some of those images…I’ve never…” She stared up into his eyes no doubt for reassurance.
    “Do no’ worry.” He lifted her chin between his thumb and forefinger, and kissed her lightly. “As you can see, I’m a patient man.” He kissed her again with much more fervor, and his heart swelled as he felt her lips lift into a smile against his.
    “Liar,” she whispered into his mouth and pressed her breasts against his chest.
    He pulled her hips to his and let her feel just how big a liar he was.
    “Mmm. Impressive liar, too.”
    “Lassie, do no’ tempt me further. We are in a public eating establishment.”
    Caitlin dropped from her toes and turned. Pulling him by the hand, she dragged him to the door and outside with laughter in her eyes. “Not for long, Macgregor.”
    Caitlin let herself into her room after he’d kissed her breathless. Not any amount of seduction on the way to the B & B could convince him to step across the threshold, as if he wanted a formal invitation.
    “I do.” There he was again inside her thoughts.
    “Coward! Why didn’t you say so when you were here?”
    Ignoring her question he asked, “Are you taking off your boots?”
    “Ah, yes. How did you know?”
    “Good guess. Leave them on. Now what?”
    “I just unzipped my skirt.” She heard him groan in her head. This was kind of fun.
    “Yes. Let it fall to your ankles and step out of it. What color panties are you wearing?”
    She did as he suggested. “I’m not wearing any—”
    “Liar. I would have known if you were bare beneath that skirt.”
    “Oh, do tell….you have x-ray vision, right? What are you doing?”
    “You know.”
    “Are you holding yourself—rubbing—”
    “Ach. I’m still not home. Take off the top. You aren’t wearing a bra. I enjoyed the way your nipples peaked through the material teasing Max and me. Now, pinch your nipples.”
    “Oh, my God. Why didn’t you warn me?”
     He laughed. “And ruin the view?”
    “Does this qualify as telephone sex even if we don’t use a phone? I thought both parties participated. I’m not getting to have any fun with you.”
    “Hey, I’m driving. You want to kill me?”
    “Hmm? Why is it I think of you as invincible?”
   “Sorry, I have a call. Have to go.”
    “Humph, did he just hang up on me?” 
    Caitlin picked up her clothes and walked to the bathroom, turned around a couple of times in the mirror, and thought, Damn, I do look hot wearing nothing but the boots.

    Dylan’s moan came through loud and clear. “You’re killing me here!”

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#reading #$0.99 A Woman's Sensual Coming of Age Story

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Erotic Journeys -- M/M/F/M

A Woman's Sensual Coming of Age Story

Emotionless warriors of Atlantis, pledged to sensuality, find redemption and salvation. 
Three thousand years ago, six warriors of Atlantis pledged themselves to the Goddess of Sensuality, exchanging emotions for heightened senses and immortality to protect what remained of their lost world. Three went in search of their lost emotions and became unredeemable, but the others maintained honor and, with help from their leader, became the Gods of Atlantis. 
Responsibility stands in the way of physical pleasure until Mira escapes to Santorini and takes three men as lovers, making up for lost time. When emotions infiltrate the men's souls, and they discover she's the one woman capable of fulfilling their destiny, can they convince her to share their love and lives for all eternity? Will she believe their fantastic tale and trust them enough to make the final commitment? Will she accept immortality, their bond, and everlasting love?