Monday, April 13, 2015

#amwriting Weekend Warrior Writers : Between Dusk and Dawn

I don't know how some of you do it. Working, kids, and trying to sneak your fictional world on paper or in files must be all time consuming.

The process of writing is very personal. I'm a morning day dreamer/writer. Once reality hits I tend to lean to the non-fiction. (Yes. Like this. LOL) The early morning works best for me while I'm ruminating over my last thoughts about my book and before anyone besides the cat begins to talk to me. I need this special time to sort through the ideas (if they come to me) from that twilight zone of imagination right before I wake. I love those special moments. Plot points jump out at me. Missing details rise to the surface. New characters drop by to introduce themselves and convince me they will play an important part in this story. In any case, I'm trying to discover a way of enhancing that time element. I'm thinking meditation. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone have another idea to draaw out 

So after looking this up on Wikipedia This is what I found about thought processes on the edge of sleep. If you are one of the lucky creative minds who wakes up with a symphony completed, or chemistry mystery solved, then consider yourself in the company of ... "BeethovenRichard WagnerWalter ScottSalvador DalíThomas EdisonNikola Tesla and Isaac Newton or the "fancies" as Edgar Allen Poe  referred to his experiences — who have all credited hypnagogia and related states with enhancing their creativity.[39]"
([39]Runco, Mark A. & Pritzker, Stephen R. (1999) Encyclopedia of Creativity: a-h, p. 63-4.)

Now: How do we encourage those moments of brilliance?

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You can read through the suggestions. Perhaps they'll work for you, but I wasn't impressed with their suggestions. What I have found works best is going with the flow. For instance, as soon as my mind stumbles over an event or character I'm writing about, I refuse to get up. I focus on the character or event, and try to relax. I meditate on the subject, going with different scenarios, taking the ones I like and going forward with them. I then review what I just did, smoothing out the rough spots and reinforcing the scene in my memory, before I sit up and take notes. I hope it works for you.

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