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Do you like #sexy #Paranormal Fantasy? The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic by Eliza March

Golden Quill Erotic Romance Finalist 2010

The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic
[Menage and More: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, BDSM, shape-shifters] Fate sealed Rourke and Dane's destiny thirty years ago. Now Celeste, a fae shifter, understands why she's irresistibly drawn to both the Werewolf and the Demon Dragon Shifter. Surely with her succubus nature, she'll be capable of seducing the two alpha men, but will she be able to convince them that sharing her to fulfill the Prophecy would be better than the alternative: chaos, destruction, or death? Why are the men's tastes--in everything from food to sex--changing? Maybe because one is the prince of the wolf pack, and the other is the leader of the Lore, a dreaded Demon Dragon shifter. They have one option--accept their destiny and complete the menage bond or die. ** A Siren Erotic Romance

NEW Excerpt:
There was that scent again. Stronger this time. Celeste took a deep breath, held it for a moment, and exhaled. The scent in the air made her insides quake, and her hand trembled as she brushed a stray curl off her face. The heavy pheromones in the air, the ones impacting her approaching heat, filled her, almost overwhelming her good sense. She should have anticipated her reaction, but their powerful impact was greater than she’d expected.

Only a week until Beltane and the full moon closest to the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice approached. Things would only become more intense.

The buds on the trees warned her. Time grew short, and her new responsibilities weighed more heavily on her each day. Cupping a hand above her brows, she squinted into the bright sun and looked over the landscape to the forest beyond. Nothing. No sinister vibrations emanating from the forest beings—yet.

So much was at stake. So many lives depended on her fulfilling her purpose. This Beltane, her first since reaching her majority, meant she could finally take a mate if she chose. Only in her case, the choice may already have been made for her, according to the Council and the prophecy.

The heavy scent of the male pheromones rode the air currents, winding around Celeste, stimulating her glamour and drawing out her inner radiance. Her secret came dangerously close to the surface, close to being exposed. With a deep breath, she tapped down her glamour.

She should have stayed and dealt with him last night. Instead, she’d run like a coward, fleeing the club even when he’d gone looking for her later. She’d known he was the one when she’d walked in the door and her body had responded so strongly to his scent. She’d been overwhelmed with need. Nothing had ever affected her like he had. Her breasts swelled, her nipples tingled, and her womb wept.

For her, the club would have been too public a place for their first meeting, especially if her control had weakened. Her inner nature might have seduced him on the dance floor and sent the desire spiraling outward to the others in the club. The power of her arousal could have turned the dance floor into an orgy, and the succubus within her was unconcerned about consequences. Her inner essence didn’t care that this would be her first time.

Get over it. First time or not, what difference would it make? It’s not like this was going to be a love-match. Why was she romanticizing this inevitable event?

Pleasurable male laughter rumbled up like distant thunder from the tennis courts below. With a sigh of resignation, she walked to the corner of her veranda for a better view and discretely watched the friendly competition while she thoughtfully considered her approach.

Where should she start? Their banter filtered through her thoughts. She wondered how the horrible tragedy of fate had brought them all together as her gaze drank in the one called Rourke—his rugged good looks, his broad shoulders, and the way his muscles rippled beneath his skin. Everything about him fascinated her. What would it be like to touch all that power?

A warm sensation passed through her body. Her insides quivered with need.

Oh, well, even if her mind hadn’t settled on her mission, apparently her body had made a decision last night. In the light of day, she could see more details to confirm how right it was. He was taller than the other, which, to her calculations, would make the one called Rourke about six and a half feet tall or more. His hair looked every bit as dark and long, if not longer. Both men were well tanned or had naturally dark-toned skin. She understood why they could pass for twins. From this distance, the only difference she could see in their coloring was limited to a few premature gray streaks running through Rourke’s temple hair. Distinguished. The sign of a born leader.

As similar as they looked, the Council and Celeste knew they weren’t twins or even brothers. She believed they weren’t aware of that fact yet. If there was a blood link between them at all, no one knew of it. Those fae who remained in the realm around these mountains knew most of the true facts regarding their beginnings. They’d been born within days of each other but not to the same mother. Nor had they been sired by the same father. Yet these two men’s fates had merged thirty years ago on Beltane eve, and so it seemed now with Celeste’s as well.

Explaining to Rourke Grayland who and what he was became her first task, and it was the one she dreaded the most. If the men didn’t know about their past or the responsibilities that loomed before them, how did one go about explaining it? How would she tell a man who had no idea the Lore existed that several days after his birth, his mother had shifted into her animal form in order to hunt and, as a result, was accidently shot by a hunter?

Did she start, “Oh, nice to meet you, Rourke. I’ve heard so much about you. By the way, did you know your mother was a wolf?”

Riiiiight. What seemed like the direct approach would have any sensible man laughing in her face, especially a man who’d spent his life living in the city, insulated against magic and his own kind.

Her hair rose around her like curling rivulets of pale yellow smoke on a breeze. Something would come to her.

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Caster's Unfriendly Ghost from Alicia Dean

Caster's Unfriendly Ghost
Author's Website: Alicia Dean

Buy Caster's Unfriendly Ghost here: Amazon Kindle  Nook or Wild Rose Press

 A year after her husband’s death, Emily Tillman is ready to start dating again, and hopefully, find what she’s always wanted—marriage and children. But the man who broke her heart five years ago is back. And he’s anything but the marrying kind. 

Confirmed bachelor Reese Caster is perfectly content with his life—and he’s finally over Emily, the one woman who almost made him commit. Now, his world is rocked when her dead husband shows up, demanding that Reese pursue Emily to keep her out of the clutches of her latest suitor—a jerk who is only after her money. 

Being around Emily again has made Reese reconsider his bachelor life style. But now that the threat of the other man is gone, the pesky ghost wants Reese to break things off. Can he and Emily find the love they were denied, or will the ghost of her dead husband destroy their chances? 

“Emily is the kind of woman you have to take things slowly with.”
“Sure, if this was real. But you have to step it up, turn on the charm. You need to show you care, that you know her, buy her things that she loves. Her favorite flowers are white roses, she loves dark chocolate, and her favorite wine is Merlot. You need to move in on her, hard.”
Caster gave a humorless laugh and shook his head. “Do you hear yourself? You were her husband, for God’s sake. Have some respect.”
Joey’s face flushed. “I do respect her. That’s why I don’t want this asshole putting one over on her. She deserves to find someone who will truly love her and give her the things I couldn’t.”
A note of pain in his voice almost made Caster feel sorry for him. But not as sorry as he felt for the family who lost a loved one less than half an hour ago. “Listen, I’ve performed back to back surgeries today, and had my night capped off by an emergency surgery that ended with a young girl’s death. So, you’ll understand why I’m not in the mood for this right now.”
“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about that. My concern is with Emily. And I need you to follow through with your end of the deal.”
“Deal, my ass. You blackmailed me into going along with this bullshit. Well, I’m out. I’ll finish the haunted forest thing, but no more of this romancing Emily crap. I can’t use her like that, I can’t break her heart again.”
“Break her heart? You sound pretty sure she’ll fall for you. My, my. Someone’s full of himself.”
Caster stood and stalked to the door. “Look, I don’t know if she will or not, I just know I can’t do this any longer. You can destroy everything I own, keep me up every night for the rest of my life, but I’m done.”
He put his hand on the door, but Joey’s voice stopped him. “I’ll tell her.”
Caster paused and turned to face him. “You’ll what?”
“Not only will I continue to screw with you, even on the job, but I’ll appear to Emily, tell her about our little scheme. What do you think she’ll think of you then?”
“You’re bluffing. You wouldn’t hurt her like that.”
Joey shook his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, they were suspiciously damp. “I don’t want to. But I’ll do anything to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life.”
Caster let out a resigned sigh and shook his head. “Nah, getting mixed up with the two of us was the biggest mistake of her life.”

Thanks Alicia for sharing this book with us today!  from The Wild Rose Press

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#free Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March - Exclusive Excerpt #smashwords

Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March FREE with SMASHWORDS USE CODE... ED86C to choose your ebook format before July 31, 2015. 

Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat the ancient demon and turn darkness into light?

While interning at Tulane, Max's new friend Kyle falls in love with his oldest friend, Shelby. When Kyle travels to the jungles of Guatemala to aid the earthquake victims and is bitten by a rogue jaguar, all their lives turn into the stuff of a bad "B" movie. Back in New Orleans, they're determined to fight the dark demon growing within Max and Kyle. But will the price be too high? Only Shelby can defeat their darkness.
Available formats: epub mobi pdf rtf lrf pdb txt html

Shelby sensed Kyle and his desire even though he wasn’t in the same room with her. The sexual tension between them had never been so intense. When he wasn’t inside her, she felt as if she were starving for him. With every minute that passed, her hunger for him grew, her body ached with need, and her skin itched for his touch.
She couldn’t wait for him any longer. The room was stifling and hot. She rose off the bed, not bothering with the sheet, and stretched. The sensation made her breasts tingle and increased the dampness between her legs. Her insides were burning up, tight and throbbing for attention.
Although she didn’t know where he was, her senses knew how to find him, and every one of them was on high alert, searching for him like a radar beacon. The pull of her body led her down the hall in his direction. She followed the sound of his voice and his delicious masculine scent through the hallway until her vision narrowed and everything turned to shades of black and white.
The closer she got to the sound of his voice, the higher the flames built within her, and crimson flooded her vision.
Kyle was still on the phone.
She paused listening to the deep resonating sound of his voice. It sent chills up her spine until his words cleared the sexual haze cluttering her mind.
“Sex fae,” Kyle said. “That’s right, Dylan. That’s what Victor said. He’s on his way back here now.”
He paused while Shelby assumed Dylan took over the conversation.
Sex fae? Her? She ran her hands up her body and caressed her skin. Mmm, whatever. It feels wonderful.
“I’m not going to be able to stay here through the full moon. She’s already affecting both of my beasts. Yes, I know. Victor warned me I could be dangerous under the circumstances. He’s convincing Max to come. I could kill her in either one of my states without knowing what I was doing. You know I won’t risk that.”
What was he talking about anyway? A sex fae? Had she heard him correctly? Or was the medicine he kept shoving down her throat causing more weird side effects.
Shelby leaned against the mirrored wall dismissing Kyle’s concern, and thinking of how the coolness felt so sensual against her heated flesh. At this point, running ice down her body and letting it melt between her legs would be enough to send her into a lengthy orgasm. Better yet, convincing Kyle to fill her and thrust inside her until that sexual itch was thoroughly scratched might satisfy the hunger…temporarily.
She must have groaned because she caught his reflection, turn, and look at hers in the mirror. She watched his eyes and saw what he saw. She was naked and flushed. Her breasts were swollen, high, and full with desire. Her nipples, tight little points poking through a few loose curls, were aimed straight at him.
His gaze dropped lower taking her all in. A strange glow emanated from her body. Her skin glistened, almost shimmering with a fine aura of golden particles that dusted the floor around her. She never felt so beautiful before—never looked so beautiful before. The sight of her own image astounded her.
She glanced up when a growl filled the space between them. For a moment, she saw a variety of desires cross over Kyle’s face. Lust. Love. Fear. Sorrow. Finally, resignation.
“I trust you, Kyle.” Of one thing she was certain, he would never hurt her, even unintentionally.
He shook his head and narrowed his eyes. They flashed with a reddish glow before he lowered his lids and his thick black lashes hid the color from her.
He turned away and spoke into the phone, “Yeah, Dylan, I’m still here, but I’m going to need some help before Victor and Max get back. Give us a minute to get decent.”
He walked toward her, unwrapped the towel around his waist, then covered her in it.
“What—?” she started to ask.
He dismissively shrugged a shoulder and steered her back to the bedroom without answering her. The low growl she’d heard coming from him earlier stopped. He tried to finish the conversation he was having with Dylan while embracing her.
“Once Max understands the circumstances, he’ll do what’s necessary to keep her safe and satisfied.”
“What’s Max going to understand?” she asked.
He mouthed to her, “I’ll fill you in later.”
“No, I’m not going to give her up.” Kyle kissed the top of her head. “But I need Victor to help me figure out how to use these damned wings and control this demon inside me before I test my resolve on Shelby.”
He’s not giving me up. Damned wings? What wings?
When she lifted her head and looked at Kyle, her knees buckled. His eyes were blood red, he was hard as steel, pumped with desire, and behind him she saw enormous, talon-tipped black wings. Shelby blinked several times trying to clear her vision, but nothing changed.
Astonishment replaced desire. The shock of seeing him like that cooled her ardor. Wow, fear can be a powerful emotion even for a sex fae.

“You think these are impressive? Wait ’til you see yours,” Kyle said and handed her, her clothes. “Put these on, quickly. Dylan is on his way.
Copyright Eliza March all rights reserved.

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Heavy Netting (The Lobster Cove Series) by Guest Author, Nicki Greenwood

When I heard about the Lobster Cove series I was truly excited. I've been on a "let's travel to Maine" kick I can't shrug off, then this is the next best thing.  An entire series that takes place in Lobster Cove,  a small imaginary town in Maine. So to start your trip into the series, please welcome Author, Nicki Greenwood who wrote one of the first of the books to be released. Although hers is a romantic suspense, there are all sorts of genres being written in Lobster Cove. Enjoy!~~Eliza

Author, Nicki Greenwood
Thanks for hosting me today, Eliza!  I’d like to share my experience writing for The Wild Rose Press’s new “Lobster Cove” series.  This was an exciting opportunity for me – a double whammy, because I’d never published a short story before, and never written for a publisher’s series. When Rhonda (Editor-in-Chief of The Wild Rose Press) approached my local RWA chapter with the news that they were beginning a new series, I jumped at the chance.

Writing for Lobster Cove

I think the most intriguing part of writing for this series was the way it interconnected with the stories of the other writers.  We built and populated an entire town, so fully that I think I could be set down in Lobster Cove and know my way around as if I visited every summer.  The collaboration was amazing, down to the uniform and menu at Maggie’s Diner, which features in my book, HEAVY NETTING, a short romantic suspense.

Writing a short story was a challenge in itself.  I had been used to writing full-length novels, and it was a real test to tell a fully-fledged story arc in a shorter form.  I’m thrilled with the result, and I hope you have just as much fun meeting Bran and Jenna as I had writing them.

Heavy Netting

Branson Cudahy is as southern as it gets, a cyber crime investigator from happily-landlocked Lexington, Kentucky.  He has been chasing a hacker for three years, and now the trail has led him to Lobster Cove, Maine ... which is a real problem for a guy with a shellfish allergy.

Jenna Sanborn waits tables to pay the bills, but she dreams of opening a quilt shop in the heart of town.  She’d never even think of leaving Lobster Cove, but the handsome newcomer is tempting beyond her wildest imaginings.

Bran and Jenna never expect the whirlwind romance that comes out of their meeting.  As hard as they fight to control their feelings, their hearts are fighting to push them over that dizzying lover’s leap.  Will love win out, or will the hacker—and their dreams—slip the net?


“All right, Jenna,” he said. “Tell you what. I’m gonna be there about four o’clock. If you want to meet me there and talk Lobster Cove, I’ll be all ears. If not, no pressure.”
She giggled. Giggled. Like a teenager going to her first concert with a cute boy. Mortified, and now convinced that her cheeks were as red as a stop sign, she backed away. “I’ll keep it in mind. See you later, Mister Cudahy.”
His grin sent a flutter through her midsection. “Bran.”
“Okay. Bran.” She waved goodbye, then hurried off down the street with her groceries and would-be-truant oranges.
As she walked, she sensed his gaze on her, and she beamed, flattered and flustered, and for once, feeling beautiful.

HEAVY NETTING  On sale now! 

Nicki, thanks for joining us today. 

See what’s next for Nicki...

Paranormal Romance FLASHPOINT available October 1st

AIR: Book Three in Nicki Greenwood's paranormal lite Elemental Series
Coming soon 

Excerpts, news, reviews, and book trailers at 
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Destiny Calling by Author Maureen Bonatch New Adult/College from TWRP


Destiny Calling

Barnes & Noble           

ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-667-5
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-666-8
Page Count: 310
Word Count: 80630
Rating: Sensual


The Enchantlings Volume 1

Hope only wants to find out if her ability to infuse euphoria or despair with her touch makes her the devil's spawn, or his exterminator. But when the woman who raised her is murdered by something not human, she loses the only  family she knew and discovers one she might wish she hadn’t.

Drawn back to the home town she vowed never to return to, her ability is seen as an asset to everyone but Hope, and she doesn't know who to trust. Her family wants her to help them overcome an enemy oppressing the human population, while the man of her dreams is courting her for the Underworld.

Time is running out, and Hope’s choice may be made for her, as she discovers she’s a pawn in a bigger game played by a merciless ruler who doesn't lose.
I strained to release my arm from Griffith’s vise-like grip while scanning the surrounding trees, trying to determine which was less of a threat, the beast of a man holding me, or those who might be waiting for me in the woods.
“You will come inside, now.” Griffith spoke slowly and deliberately as if I were a small child.
I batted at the hand Griffith placed on my head. “I’m not a puppy, quit petting me.”
“I will protect you.” Griffith’s warm breath caressed my ear. “If for no other reason, to find out what I’m giving up and why she wants you so badly.”
I inhaled his masculine scent, like musky earth. It washed over my face, and the tension in my jaw released. I stopped struggling. “Are you the devil?” My tongue was thick and heavy so the words came out slurred.
“Not even close.” His words soothed and comforted, like having a weighted blanket cocoon me. Each movement was an effort. It wasn’t the same as the thing in the woods. This was more like the feeling after a long massage or bubble bath.
“It’s not safe.” Griffith wrapped his arms around me, and I rested against his broad chest.
“It’s not safe.” I nodded. My muscles relaxed and my eyelids grew heavy.
“It’s cold. We’re going inside.” Griffith kept his arm supporting me as he steered me toward the house.
Author Maureen Bonatch
“We’re going inside,” I parroted and walked up the steps, leaning heavily on him.
Out of the corner of my eye, something was cautiously moving at the edge of the woods. Branches snapped as whatever was observing us crept closer.

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The Next New Excerpt from Defeat the Darkness #$0.99 #Kindle

 Defeat the Darkness excerpt -- All rights reserved, Copyright 2012, Eliza March

Dylan and Kyle are investigating a murder scene:

The closer Kyle got to the crime scene, the stronger all the scents grew, and the more he inhaled the filthy scent, the more irritated he became. The horrific vision blinded him to anything else.

Two corpses, drained of blood, were discarded on the floor like rag dolls. The red hair on the female drew Kyle’s attention first.

He couldn’t breathe. He tried to take several deep breaths to steady his queasy stomach, but her appearance made his heart stop and the condition of her body made him want to vomit.

“What did this?” he asked,

“I’m not sure. I was hoping you could tell me. Check out her wounds,” Dylan said, pointing at the female's body. “Looks like someone was very angry and went wild on her.”

Not a problem. Kyle couldn’t tear his attention from her. The skin across Kyle’s back buckled and blistered like a recent road burn. Pins and needles prickled along his spine, up his back, and across his shoulder blades. Control.

Blood spatter was everywhere, but something had thoroughly drained the female. The fact that the beast also mauled her sickened him. Inspecting the physical damage to the female, he noted the tears at her throat and the claw marks on her arms and legs. Her body was shredded like so much used paper.

“Where’s her heart?” Kyle asked. It was difficult to tell from all the gore, but an empty hole was where her heart should be. Something had torn the young woman’s heart from her chest. “You think whoever or whatever did this, took it for some kind of voodoo ritual or what?”

“No. It wasn’t voodoo. Look at this.” Dylan stepped aside to give Kyle a better view of the other victim. Kyle stepped closer, avoiding the puddles of blood and allowed the rage to rise inside him. The poor woman’s heart was in the guy’s hands, resting on his chest. A reminder. A threat. A promise?

“Notice anything else strange about this guy?” Dylan stood and waited for him to examine the male’s body.

“Yeah. He looks like me,” Kyle said before returning his attention to the other body. The guy covered in blood was about his own age with a similar build. "And Dylan...” he said and walked back to the other body. He knelt on one knee, his legs too weak to hold him, “She looks like my ex-fiancĂ©e.”

Until he’d realized the poor victim wasn’t Shelby, he hadn’t taken a breath.

“What? Kyle?” Dylan shook his shoulder to get his attention. “Are you saying this girl looks like your Shelby?”

“Yes.” Dylan turned and glanced at the male then back at the female. “Shit!”

Unlike the male victim, who’d been neatly killed, the young woman, who probably had once looked enough like Shelby to have been her sister, had been purposely mutilated. She stared up at Kyle with dull, lifeless eyes, her red hair spread around her like a burial shroud.

Kyle sniffed the air. “Amyra,” he whispered. The purpose of the young woman’s death was suddenly crystal clear. “She was here. I smell the demon. She’s what did this.”

“She can’t do this here and get away with it.” Dylan placed a call, and when he pocketed his phone, he said, “The bitch is sick.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll put more security on Shelby. We have plenty of manpower to keep her safe—”

Kyle started dialing her cell. “If it isn’t too late. This kill is at least a few days old.”

Dylan put his hand over Kyle’s and stilled him. “I’ve had a team watching Shelby since I spoke to Victor about the demon. Maybe that’s why she had to settle on murdering two strangers.”

Dylan was right. Kyle exhaled, unclenched his fists, and shook out his fingers. “What can we do to stop her?”

“Not we. You. Victor said only another with demon blood would be strong enough to defeat her.”

“Me? I’m on the verge of going into stasis, and I haven’t even thought about letting my demon rise. To tell you the truth, it scares me brainless. I can barely contain it as it is when I get angry. I’m as likely as she was to let it go wild on innocents.”

“Not likely. Let’s get out of here. The stench of blood is affecting you. Your eyes are turning red.”

Kyle glanced back at the bodies and tapped back the shudder of revulsion coursing through his body. He wanted to kill Amyra for doing this. He had to get away from the scent of blood before he lost all sense of himself.

“It shouldn’t be a surprise. You did say you sensed the demon within you—” Dylan said as he closed the door behind them.

“I’m not surprised—just disgusted.”

Kyle inhaled the city air, humidity, vehicle exhaust, and cooking odors masked the coppery smell of blood coming from the house. Dylan took out two cigars, clipped and lit them, then handed one to him.

“Go ahead. It’ll help.” Kyle took the cigar he offered. He usually didn’t smoke but the taste of the cigar overpowered the taste of death in his mouth.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be strong enough to defeat her.”

“We’ll band together and find another way until you emerge from stasis. By then, you’ll be prepared, and I should have more details from Victor.”

“No. Dylan. How can I—?”

“What? Go into stasis at a time like this?” Dylan frowned. “Cut the drama. You won’t have much choice when the moment strikes. You can’t afford to get caught alone with Amyra or in the sun when the time comes.”

He jabbed his finger in his chest so Kyle knew he was serious. “Let me explain what will happen. Without warning, you’ll drop into a deep coma-like trance. Then she would have complete control over you, and even if you managed to elude her, you’ll need the rich earth in the mausoleum and the concrete to provide the proper protection from the sun. While you’re in stasis, you could fry even from diffused light, let alone survive direct sun.”

“How can this end well? I can’t go into stasis while Amyra is running loose, threatening Shelby.”

“Trust me. I’ll protect your soul mate for you, and should the day come when I need to call on you for help, I know I’ll be able to depend on it.”
(No part of this may be reproduced or used without the written consent of the copyright holder. Eliza March 2012)
~~~~See how Dylan calls in the favor in Conquer the Highland Beast 

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Angel in Waiting from Sharon Saracino and The WIld Rose Press #excerpt

Published: 03/20/2015 

Angel in WaitingAngel in Waiting

by: Sharon Saracino

Other Titles by Sharon Saracino

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ISBN Digital: 978-1-62830-880-8
ISBN Print: 978-1-62830-879-2
Page Count: 242
Word Count: 63170
Rating: Spicy

The Earthbound Series, Volume 3

Earthbound angel Dimtri Radchenko has waited centuries to avenge his family and to find the one woman destined to complete him. After nursing her back to health following a demonic possession, he fears he may have finally found that woman in romance author, Elle Gates.

Elle is beautiful, smart, and successful, but she is also human. Having endured centuries of loss, Dimitri fears binding his heart and soul to a woman destined to age and die. But Elle has been living a lie. When she suddenly disappears, Dimitri is compelled to follow, and discovers that not only is Elle not who she seems to be, she isn’t who she thought she was.
Dimitri’s eyes flew open, his lungs struggling for breath, his chest burning. It took him a second to get his bearings and remember where he was. Always before he’d watched the nightmare in Elle’s mind in much the same way he would view a movie. This time he must have dozed off with his mind still linked to hers and somehow gotten sucked in.
He was an ancient warrior who’d seen more horrors than most people could imagine, yet the brief immersion into her nightmare had been beyond even his experience. How did she stand it night after night? Elle whimpered in her sleep, and he moved closer. Unable to stop himself, needing to offer her comfort, he reached out a hand to smooth the damp, tangled hair away from her face. His fingers brushed the petal softness of her cheek, and she turned to nuzzle his palm. Dimitri froze, and then slowly pulled back his hand. Elle followed the movement instinctively, rolling in his direction until her body came right up against him. She slung a bare leg over his and draped an arm across his stomach. The moment she touched him, the gray, swirling patterns indicative of restful sleep and normal dreams returned. His heart pounded in his ears, and his mouth went dry. Her nightmares had disappeared at his touch.
Dimitri lay as still as stone, struggling to ignore the warm, moist breath fanning his skin where Elle’s cheek rested against his side. His brain had been completely on board with his plan to disregard the bond drawing them together but, if the sudden tightness in his groin and the hot flush creeping over his skin were any indication, his body was ignoring his good intentions completely. He shifted slightly to ease his growing discomfort, and she burrowed even closer into his side. He risked a glance at her face and all of the logical reasons he’d been selling himself for walking away struck him as utterly selfish. For the first time in the many weeks he’d been with her, Elle’s expression bore no strain, no tension, and no fear. So many lives he’d been powerless to save, powerless to change. He couldn’t change her mortality, but what if he could offer her freedom from her demons? Did he still have the right to walk away just to avoid his own eventual heartache? Scarred, battle hardened, disillusioned, Dimitri Radchenko knew he was no bargain for any woman. He wondered if a woman like Elle Gates would consider him a fair exchange for peace.
“Dimitri?” Her voice was a sleepy whisper.
“It’s just a dream, baby. Go back to sleep.”
“M’kay,” she mumbled and plastered herself even more closely against his side.
Taking a deep breath, Dimitri carefully lowered his arm and rested his hand on her nearly naked hip. Gritting his teeth against the silky texture of her skin, he pulled her into him. She sighed softly, and his heart twisted, battling a war between contentment and consternation. Elle Gates was human, fragile, doomed, her limited lifetime a blip on the radar of his long existence. Nothing but pain awaited him. And hell, considering she was human, there were no guarantees the bond had any effect on her at all. This attraction could be all one sided. Still, in this time, at this moment, he couldn’t deny it. Holding her in his arms and thinking of her as his felt…right.
Mac’s wife had put her faith in Dimitri to keep her friend safe, and he fully intended to do so. Even if he couldn’t quite decide whether his determination to protect her stemmed from his promise to Kat or his own desire. It was irrelevant at the moment. Something had this woman spooked enough to run from a successful career, everything and everyone she knew and loved, without a word. As the first faint fingers of dawn stole through the gap in the drapes and inched across the room toward the bed, Dimitri reluctantly disentangled himself from Elle’s arms and gathered up his things. With a lingering look at her peaceful face, he faded from the room with plenty of questions but absolutely no answers.
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Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March #99cents [Read A New Adult Excerpt]

Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat the ancient demon and turn the darkness into light?

EXCERPT - Here's the set up: Shelby left Kyle in Guatemala after Amyra slipped a paralyzing drug into her wine, and she watched Amyra seduce Kyle all night. She and Max are having dinner when she gets back to New Orleans...

“When you’re ready, if you want, you can tell me your side of the story.” Max brought the wine to the table and refilled her glass before he sat down. “Kyle already told me his.”
“He what?” Shelby stopped eating and lost her train of thought. It was probably a good thing anyway. She didn’t need to be thinking about Max sexually.
“He called me after you left to confirm I got your messages. Wanted to make sure you were safe.”
Anger replaced her self-pity. “Asshole.” She slammed down her knife.
“That’s better.”
Shelby unclenched her fists and released the knife, smoothing her fingers over the smooth dark wood of the table. “Safer, anyway.” She laughed and shook her head at nothing.
Max never took his eyes from her. He had a way of appreciating her worst traits.
“So what did he tell you?” She took a bite of bread and picked at her salad while Max skimmed over Kyle’s story.
“Something about sleeping with some woman, and you being gone in the morning.”
She stared at her plate. Pick up the fork. Bring it to your mouth. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Shelby shuddered.
“Bad as all that?” he asked and touched her cheek. “Or worse?
“Spoken aloud, the words sound terrible.”
“The betrayal is terrible. The way you looked when I reached you made me want to beat the hell out of him and I’m not usually known for my violent streak. Want to tell me?”
The red wine covered the bottom of her glass and her plate was almost empty. She’d been able to eat but she wasn’t ready to talk.
“No.” She felt his fingers caressing her wrist and knew. “What I want...” She stared into space and said nothing.
“Shelby? What do you want?”
“It’s not fair to ask you this, Max.”
“Why don’t you let me decide what’s fair?” He stabbed at his salad but held-on to her hand.
“I need you to make love to me. Then maybe I’ll be able to talk.”
Max’s mouth slammed shut. His fork stopped in midair and he didn’t move.
Yes, he looks as stunned as I feel for asking.
“It is unfair of me, isn’t it? If you don’t want me, I’ll understand. It’s know we never had a problem in that department. You’ve always appealed to me. I’ve never lost my desire for you even though I loved…”
Kyle’s name would not take form on her tongue. She cleared her throat and left it unspoken as the moisture in her eyes blinded her.
Max was up and on his knees in front of her before she could blink. “Don’t,” he said and put a finger to her lips. “Don’t doubt that I want you.”
He pulled her out of the chair to stand and tilted her chin so she had to look at him when he spoke. “I’ll never stop wanting or loving you.”
“Don’t you care that I’m in love with someone else?” Not past tense? She hadn’t even thought in past tense. God help her.
He took her hands and placed them on his broad shoulders. “Not as long as I know you love me too, Shelby.”
Heat radiated off him as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against him. He wasn’t lying. He wanted her—his body did, but what about his heart?
He cupped her face in his hands and when he kissed her, it was gentle and comforting. At first, she kissed him back the same way. Then she reacted to her feelings. She took the kiss deeper and he followed her lead, finally taking a tiny nip at her lip.
He tilted his head to one side waiting for her to finish her question. She lowered her lashes, not daring to meet his gaze when she told him what she really wanted.
“What, Shelby? This is me. You can ask me anything.”
She blew out a breath. “I want you to take me hard. I want you to fuck the memories out of me so there is only you in my mind tonight.”
Max smacked her ass, curved his lips into the devilish grin she loved and hated at the same time. He couldn’t resist teasing her. “Any way you want it, sweetheart,” he said and purposely gave her the wink he’d heard had the power to melt women’s hearts. He’d used it for years from Atlanta to New Orleans, and even Shelby wasn’t immune. For tonight, he’d guarantee she’d only be able to focus on him making love to her.
She still looked unsure.
“From past experience, you know I can handle rough, and I bet you’ve heard through the hospital grapevine I’ve gotten even better over the years. Like fine aged whiskey.”
A mix of emotions washed over her face. Her eyes glinted in challenge then she burst out with a guffaw. “Fine aged whiskey? That line gets you laid?”
“It has.” The laugh was the reaction he was looking for. Best friends knew how to call each other out. They still had it.

“Okay, Shelby, enough laughing. No need to be mean.”

Caper Magic by Veronica Lynch "This attraction: Is it complete madness -- or sheer magic?"

Caper Magic

Page Count: 60
Rating: Sweet (G-PG)

P.I. Nick Forrester comes to Cape Brendan ostensibly to assist with Caper Madness, a month-long celebration of everything Halloween. In reality he is tracking a woman on the run. Within days he is confronted by Annunciata Doyle, a vivid reminder of a pain-filled past.

After retreating to Cape Brendan in defeat and humiliation, Nunie Doyle's only hope was to make the best of forced retirement. There, in this quaint tourist town on the shores of Lake Ontario, she earned the love and respect of new friends and neighbors—and put her talent for helping women to good use.

With the mutual goal of making Caper Madness the best ever, Nicke and Nunie fight tooth and nail on the personal level, each discovering a new side to the other, sides that make them consider making drastic changes for the rest of their lives.

This attraction: Is it complete madness -- or sheer magic?

Hank opened his mouth, then let out a holler just before a huge toothy grin stretched the corners of his gaunt cheeks. “Top o’ the marnin’ to ye, Missus!” he cackled to someone exiting the front door of the stone cottage next door.
Taking the concrete steps to the sidewalk in two lithe moves, a woman in a slinky dress the color of ripe tomatoes glanced their way and responded in a distinct Irish brogue. “And the ass end of the day to ye, Mistur Pierpont.”
Intrigued by the rich tone of her voice, Nick craned his neck and found one of the witches from yesterday’s parade—minus the droopy velvet hat—passing within steps of Hank’s porch. A bulging garment bag hung over one arm; she looked headed in the direction of the pier at the end of Vincentian Lane. Damned if right then a wind didn’t jump up off the lake and mold the filmy length of scarlet against each curve of her body. Long black hair—and there seemed to be a good ten pounds of it—flowed over her shoulders, caressing her body like a lover as she marched toward Dingle Pier. As his heart bumped into a trip hammer beat, Nick reminded himself to breathe.
“Ferget yer broom, Missus?” Hank called out to her retreating back.
“In the repair shop,” she replied over one shoulder, winging that glorious onyx hair away from lips painted to match her dress. “Gettin’ fitted with a couple of those fancy turbo boosters, it is.”

Review from Long and Short Reviews

By LAS Reviewer on June 2, 2015
He’s only going back to stay with his uncle while his sister goes on vacation. He never intended to run into someone he hated right next door…

Ms. Lynch writes a smooth flowing story with lyrical sentences. She has put an Irish brogue in this story and you can almost feel the burr on your tongue as you read the lines. The town she’s created sounds like a lot of fun. The people living there are “capers” and it’s quaint and small. What other town would have a Halloween celebration all month with lots of activities? Then there’s the dancing witches…

When Nick meets the woman who caused his cop partner to commit suicide there, he’s determined to ignore her. That can be hard to do when she lives next door and is attractive.

The love story is sweet, he finds out he had some wrong assumptions on that case he was angry about, and there’s child sex abuse involved. It’s a lot like life: each person has their own view and makes judgements based on what they know. The problem is they may not know everything. This story points that out in more than one way and it’s a good lesson for all.

This is a very good read even though it’s short. It’s thought-provoking and the problems fictionalized are present in today’s world. The message here seems to be do something about it, and that’s a good way to live. This one is a keeper for me. The ending is great.

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