Sunday, February 2, 2014

Designing a Book Cover: From concepts to completion

Making the cover for CONQUER THE HIGHLAND BEAST: The Vampire Dylan Macgregor [Hearts of Darkness Vol. 2]

 I'm not that great at doing book covers, but I have an image in mind and am somewhat creative. I'm the woman who goes to the store looking for a certain pair of shoes and comes home barefoot because they don't make them.

So from a mental vision, I search for items, backgrounds, and models that will suit. I often buy  more than I'll ever use and although I purchase the whole picture, I may only use a small portion of it for the cover. Take the background; very little of it is visible in the finished product. 

The kilt I needed for the Macgregor plaid to fill in the background. I thought it was an ingenious approach and a brilliant touch. The model is a very popular health and fitness model and although I love his face and chest, I couldn't resist using his back for the scene when the hero is killed--stabbed through the back. The sword is a Berserker sword. Once I saw it I knew it was perfect for what I had in mind.

 After creating the image part of the book cover, The most important part is the book title and author name. The font should be appropriate for the genre but easy to read. I think the background highlights help make this complicated font easier to read. Nevertheless, the final book cover was something I took from Amazon for the paperback version, using the border with the title and author name again. I like the way it turned out. What about you?

What's the book about?

Highland warrior, Dylan Macgregor learns revenge and retribution will not give him the peace he seeks. Every day since, he battles the darkness. Three-hundred years after being turned on a battlefield by an ancient born vampire, Dylan meets his life-mate, FBI profiler Special Agent Caitlin Donovan. When he discovers she’s been targeted for death by a demon overlord, can he find the assassins before they find her? The last of his light is at risk if he kills again, and then what will become of their love?