Saturday, September 17, 2016

#Books for signing arrived!

It's so much fun getting packages. Here are the books that arrived for the book signing. CreatSpace does a wonderful job with the printing. You can order them directly from CreateSpace or Amazon. Most other distributors carry them too.

Friday, September 16, 2016

I need some followers on my weblog page

My new website is up and running (No - it's not finished. It's getting better every day though. Be patient, please.) and it's attached to my Wordpress blog. Unfortunately most of my posts over the years are here, as are most of my followers, so if you like hearing from me and reading my posts now and then, why don't you subscribe when you click on the link Eliza March Weblog ?

There's an annoying pop up for newsletter sign up too. I forgot where it is, but if you find it let me know--maybe I can move it or maybe I did. Sign up for my newsletters - I promise to have great deals there for you in the future, and don't be afraid of being spammed...I haven't written one yet so I don't plan more than four a year and that may be a stretch.

I will be continuing my writing tips there, and for my readers there will be advance opportunities to win ARC's.

Thank you for connecting with me at all my locations.