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23 Episodes available in Season One - Hair of the WERE

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Summary of Hair of the WERE
I’m Delia, short for Adelaide—too old-fashioned sounding for a young business manager with aspirations, living in Boca, a town full of shifters, werewolves, witches, vampires, etc. just fitting in. Who knows what you'll bump into on a quiet afternoon or a dark stormy night? The mythical workings of a town where most of the inhabitants may not be human is unspoken.
Me, as far as I know, I’m human, and for some unknown reason landed the prestigious job as manager of Luna de la Mar, the internationally top rated salon and spa owned by the weird and wealthy de Wolfe family.
Madame de Wolfe’s grandson is totally hot for me, but way out of my league. Frankie claims I make too big a deal out of my principles. But I want to keep the management job and I don't mix business with pleasure. He makes me wish I did. Truly, the biggest obstacle with him may be his charm. The way Frankie attracts women, he could be the alpha werewolf of a local pack. I’m not ready to compete with a bunch of females in heat fighting for his attention. At this point the job is more important than sex. (Did I say that?)
Then there’s Ric. I'm totally infatuated with the Coast Guard Commander who looks like Thor. My girl parts are ready to make friends with his boy parts, but Uncle Sam—his, not mine—keeps interrupting our plans. Unfortunately, the federal government is impossible to compete with. I'm supposed to be focused on my career if only my sexual urges would cooperate.
Boca's dirty little secret may turn my once normal life into Sookie Stackhouse meets Stephanie Plum in an episode of Lord of the Rings.

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