Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Writing - Wrestling Your Muse Back To Work .

Ten Things to do when your muse abandons you:
  1. RELAX - Don't worry about it - worrying makes it worse
  2. Read something - it will help free up your mind
  3. Write crap - it's like exercise, just a warm up, then you can throw it away and move on
  4. Go over your old notes - sometimes an old idea will spark a new one
  5. Listen to Country western music - OMG there's always a story idea there
  6. Go for a walk - let your creative juices flow
  7. Don't answer the phone - reality distractions move you farther away from your muse
  8. Listen to your favorite music with headphones - helps with that distraction thing I mentioned
  9. Read poetry - another exercise, play with words
  10. Watch a movie - I think it takes the pressure of creating off me and turns me into a critic - LOL
So I bet there are some of you out there with much better ideas. How about a few responses to help an author out? I found the answer to my muse escaping -- I went out and dragged her back to work. Let's see if we can drum up a few more solutions to help some of my other author friends.