Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Addition + Subtraction = A Polished Manuscript #iamwriting #Iamediting #Iamreading

I'm reading a book I've waited for (from this particular author) for some time. I'm loving it, and I'm reading it slowly, savoring it, because I know how unhappy I'm going to be when I reach the words THE END. There are a few authors or series I feel this way about. Some series get me hooked really hard, others I can take or leave. But the authors whose voices I like reading, don't need a series to hook me. I enjoy the rhythm of their sentences,  their choice of words, the emotion they pull from me, and pacing. As a result, they force me back for more, time and time again.

I find when I'm writing, I have to fight back the urge to dwell in my thesaurus. For some writers (ugh, like me), it's like a hot tub on a cold night or an eight course meal for the starving. I could immerse myself in the words and wallow in them when what I really need to do is move the plot forward. Today, for me, it's back to basics: goals for each scene and each character; motivation, again for each scene and character; and then...conflict (internal and external) to keep the scenes and characters interesting, the plot moving forward, and the readers interested. And no more than three, (Am I listening? Three!) descriptive words in a row. (And not in every sentence. Am I listening?)

That being said, this is why I'm self editing before I send my manuscript off to my long suffering beta reader. No need to bore the hell out of her with my endless parenthetical phrases and lengthy descriptive adjectives. I should say thank you to her for saving my readers from a two hundred thousand word book that goes on and on and on about nothing. LOL

I'm off to write and cut. ( I know some of you are thinking I should start cutting with this blog-sorry) Addition + Subtraction = A Polished Manuscript....(Eventually) Hang in there with me and keep writing and reading.

Working on Damn the Darkness (book 3 - Hearts  of Darkness)

Friday, May 23, 2014

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Defeat the Darkness Memorial Weekend Sale $.99


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Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat the ancient demon and turn darkness into light?
When Kyle is bitten by a rogue jaguar, his life turns into a bad "B" movie.  
While interning at Tulane, Max's new friend Kyle falls in love with his oldest friend, Shelby. When Kyle travels to the jungles of Guatemala to aid the earthquake victims and is bitten by a rogue jaguar, all their lives turn into the stuff of nightmares. Back in New Orleans, they're determined to fight the dark demon growing within Max and Kyle. But will the price be too high? Only Shelby can defeat their darkness.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stripping Down to the Bare Essentials as a Hybrid Author

I don't want complicated when I'm writing, and self publishing reinforces why simple is better.  After a quick trip to Dallas to visit my family, I can tell you I'm playing catch-up again. Why I can't manage to use a different computer while I'm out of town is beyond me. I need a jump drive to work from and that's all there is to it. The "cloud" and all the other "save your storage deals" make me nervous. 

Out of all of them I like Dropbox the best. Just recently I began working with Google Drive and all the apps. Once they're fully integrated  without glitches, I may like it best, but for now I'm nervous about where things go and how I can find them again. I thought I saved everything to Google, but when I got to Dallas the file I needed to work with was not the most recent. When I returned and ran a search it was here on this computer with all the track changes I was looking for. Complete relief, but so much time wasted!

I know! User error. I get it. But the learning curve is time consuming, and the clock ticks off the beats of my heart with the seconds I don't have to lose for the learning curve in the middle of deadlines. Learning will have to wait for when I'm sitting around looking for something to cure my boredom. Then,  hopefully I'll remember what I wanted to do. Next time I travel, the jump drive will go with me until I figure out how to copy my files to "BOX" Google's version of "Dropbox".

As a result of my total incompetence, Damn the Darkness,  in edits, is coming along very slowly, and Witch of Air and Fire, although a minor project, keeps calling me to complete it and send it to Amazon. Sometimes it's easier to handle the simple and reduce the number of projects than it is to work through the big ones and have the rest nagging at you. You can see where I'm leaning. Right -- get down to the bare essentials by clearing my plate of the smaller items.

After writing the "book", self publishing and republishing are almost the same amount of work. Certainly the effort that goes into promotions is similar after the release. And all authors these days recognize the need to expose their books. So in the interest of promoting my newest books by exposing them, let's have them do a sensual strip for you and bare what's beneath the covers.

Damn the Darkness

The Bayou demons are building forces, and it seems that Caitlin is their target. But why? 

As her metamorphosis quickly  approaches  with unusual side effects, Dylan is worried the first blood exchange may have endangered her.  Perhaps it also explains why Jackson, the Vaewolf who is the prophecy's answer to the vampire infertility problem, imprinted on her. 
Dylan is determined to find the answer because giving up the woman he loves to Jackson can't be what destiny intended, and killing the man he cares for as a brother isn't the answer,  either. The wolf in Jackson may permit him to share Caitlin, but the men's vampire blood won't. 
Caitlin's needs are calling out to both men. Without them  to satisfy her, the pain is worse than the  fires of hell,. And  in her weakened state, she is a prime target for the demons who keep attacking.  The alpha men may have to put their instincts aside, or someone will die.

Witch of Air and Fire 

The Fates have a way of playing silly games with Immortals.

Cian is the Chosen—the only being capable of initiating the unfolding of the events foretold in the Prophecy. However, he must claim a female mate first. After waiting centuries for his partner to be born, she would have to be his equal—as powerful as he—physically capable of handling the daemon possessing him, capable of freeing him from the immortal Droughan.

However, the Fates gave him Candace, a young, inexperienced witch who looks more like an ethereal fairy than the first-level witch entrusted with an ancient power. She is a virgin, and Cian and his best friend Regan have to initiate her through the Trinity Ceremony.

Will the two alpha males be able to share Candace, thereby sexually enhancing her to make her physically capable of handling the daemon that possesses Cian?

"Imagine a soul-mate reaching deep into your dreams, someone who waited centuries for you. That's Cian, the ultimate lover and consummate hero on so many levels. Candace, the spunky virgin witch with powers to fulfill an ancient prophecy, was nothing the wizards expected and everything Cian and Regan needed. Would two alpha males share sex to keep the woman they needed safe and the world from destruction? I raise questions and the characters answer them." ~ Eliza

Friday, May 9, 2014

Self publishing? What are you doing about the book cover? Design it yourself !

#1 Photoshopped images
 Here are the steps I took to make my most recent cover -- from purchased images edited with Photoshop the way I wanted them, to the added and arranged text information, to the final was fun. The cover image I created is now ready to be inserted into Amazon's Cover Creator on CreateSpace.

It takes some practice to get the first step down. But you can move stuff around, increase or decrease size and transparency, or vary the colors to your personal taste. If you like doing this sort of thing, it can be rewarding and satisfying.

Witch of Air and Fire will be a re-release of a book I am receiving my rights back to this year. The original cover was very nice, so I wanted to make certain the new edition cover was as effective in telling the story. 

#2 Added Text
I'm also doing some minor rewriting of the story. Originally, the story was somewhat different before it was contracted and underwent changes that amped up the heat level but kind of changed the direction. From the beginning, I had a special intent that got lost in the editing. I plan to return to that first plot line and also give the reader an alternative ending.  I have added a BONUS epilogue to satisfy those readers who wanted more. Look for the 2nd Edition of Witch of Air and Fire coming to Amazon in late June. ~~ Eliza
#3 Inserted into Amazon  CreateSpace Cover maker

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Release from WIld Rose Press Author Diana Rubino

A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE is a fun-filled blend of the vampire world and luxury cruises.
Romance writer Mona Rossi can’t control her slipping book sales. She needs some new ideas, and fast! Her love Fausto Silvius works as a doctor aboard the Romanza, a luxury cruise ship. How about running a Motion on the Ocean writer's cruise? What better way to combine a career boost with a romantic Mediterranean voyage? 
But Fausto discovers hunters on board. They chase him and his fellow vamps, putting him in grave danger as they threaten to eradicate him with ancient daggers and other deadly weapons. He longs to bring Mona into his world, but how can he persuade her to join him as a vampire with these fringe lunatics on the hunt? In the prime of her human life she’s not sticking her neck out for a shot at eternity. She’s hard to convince. Then there’s the slight age difference as he’s pushing five hundred. 
Can he turn her and convince the hunters to join them?
Board the Romanza with some gorgeous vampires, fanatic hunters, and intrusive paparazzi for a fun-filled cruise of the Mediterranean. 
Published by The Wild Rose Press, A BLOODY GOOD CRUISE is available for Kindle on Amazon and The Wild Rose Press website. Worldwide release is June 13th from
Paperback Link:
Please visit my new author Facebook page: 

Bloody Good Cruise by Diana Rubino is available now from The Wild Rose Press

Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 310
Word Count: 79977
978-1-62830-316-2 Paperback
978-1-62830-317-9 Digital
Mona forced a dose of cheer through her jangly nerves. Vampire hunters wouldn't attack Fausto and his friends on this ship. Security was tight. "Well, you're here, so does that mean you've been going out, and aren't confined to your house any more?"
Fausto shrugged. "Almost. I couldn't wallow in self-pity forever. And I knew seeing you would make it worthwhile."
She smiled and gave him a genuine Italian cheek pinch. "I'll cheer you up, faccia bella, you can count on that. You must feel safe." She gestured at the tacky duds. "I mean, relatively speaking."
"Don't let this scare you, but--" He glanced around over the rims of his shades. Uh-oh. Whenever he said, "Don't let this scare you," it sent ripples up her spine. "I got an ominous message at the doctor's office earlier."
"What?" She swallowed a lump. "What kind of ominous message?"
He looked away, shaking his head. "Nothing to get alarmed about. The hunters just want me to know they're here. After the initial jolt wore off, I said, 'Okay, I'm being stalked again.' But I'm used to it. It doesn't make me constantly look over my shoulder like in the old days. My family's murder gave me a reality check. If they want me, they'll get me. I can't let it interfere with my work, or what little leisure time I have here. And you shouldn't either." He gazed at her adoringly and cupped her cheek, warming her entire body. "But you're still scared. All the blood's drained out of your face, and not in a good way." 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Indie Authors, Hybrid Authors: A little something for you

You know novel editing is not finite in many instances. Not all edits are black and white, right and wrong. Some rules are flexible. Some language and punctuation determine the author's intent. An editor who gets you can make all the difference in the world in how the editing process goes. But in  the end the author should realize many publishing houses have  "house styles".

Even in novel writing, some rules do apply. Some are completely inflexible. Go with the flow. Abide by the rules you must and use the ones that fit best when you have that flexibility. When in doubt refer to several sources... What they don't agree? Precisely my point.

Punctuate for ease of reading. Reword the damn sentence if it stops you or sounds confusing. Shorter sentences might help you avoid misplaced modifiers. It's important that the adjective or adverb is actually describing the intended word.

If you are self publishing, hire an editor. Please. I've been reading plenty of good books lately that were poorly edited. A few made me want to cry. Not because of punctuation or grammar, but because of missed opportunities. The books had so much damn potential, potential a good editor could have coaxed out of the author. But alone, the author couldn't see what was too much and what was missing. Sad. I'm feeling good. Yes the cold and sinuses are improving but better than that is how much I've been getting accomplished. I'm ready to assign days to jobs. When I run out of days, I'll just have to say "no".

May - Editing:
The next thing I edit will be my own book Damn the Darkness. .. tomorrow (Then I'll send it for edits) You can not edit your own work.

2014 Cover Design:
May - Witch of Air and Fire (re-release) June - Damn the Darkness (New Release) July -  The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf (re-release).

2014 - To Do List of Writing Projects:
Oct - Witch's Tattoo
Nov -  Embrace the Heat
Dec - Incoming Tides