Saturday, May 3, 2014

Indie Authors, Hybrid Authors: A little something for you

You know novel editing is not finite in many instances. Not all edits are black and white, right and wrong. Some rules are flexible. Some language and punctuation determine the author's intent. An editor who gets you can make all the difference in the world in how the editing process goes. But in  the end the author should realize many publishing houses have  "house styles".

Even in novel writing, some rules do apply. Some are completely inflexible. Go with the flow. Abide by the rules you must and use the ones that fit best when you have that flexibility. When in doubt refer to several sources... What they don't agree? Precisely my point.

Punctuate for ease of reading. Reword the damn sentence if it stops you or sounds confusing. Shorter sentences might help you avoid misplaced modifiers. It's important that the adjective or adverb is actually describing the intended word.

If you are self publishing, hire an editor. Please. I've been reading plenty of good books lately that were poorly edited. A few made me want to cry. Not because of punctuation or grammar, but because of missed opportunities. The books had so much damn potential, potential a good editor could have coaxed out of the author. But alone, the author couldn't see what was too much and what was missing. Sad. I'm feeling good. Yes the cold and sinuses are improving but better than that is how much I've been getting accomplished. I'm ready to assign days to jobs. When I run out of days, I'll just have to say "no".

May - Editing:
The next thing I edit will be my own book Damn the Darkness. .. tomorrow (Then I'll send it for edits) You can not edit your own work.

2014 Cover Design:
May - Witch of Air and Fire (re-release) June - Damn the Darkness (New Release) July -  The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf (re-release).

2014 - To Do List of Writing Projects:
Oct - Witch's Tattoo
Nov -  Embrace the Heat
Dec - Incoming Tides

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