Friday, May 9, 2014

Self publishing? What are you doing about the book cover? Design it yourself !

#1 Photoshopped images
 Here are the steps I took to make my most recent cover -- from purchased images edited with Photoshop the way I wanted them, to the added and arranged text information, to the final was fun. The cover image I created is now ready to be inserted into Amazon's Cover Creator on CreateSpace.

It takes some practice to get the first step down. But you can move stuff around, increase or decrease size and transparency, or vary the colors to your personal taste. If you like doing this sort of thing, it can be rewarding and satisfying.

Witch of Air and Fire will be a re-release of a book I am receiving my rights back to this year. The original cover was very nice, so I wanted to make certain the new edition cover was as effective in telling the story. 

#2 Added Text
I'm also doing some minor rewriting of the story. Originally, the story was somewhat different before it was contracted and underwent changes that amped up the heat level but kind of changed the direction. From the beginning, I had a special intent that got lost in the editing. I plan to return to that first plot line and also give the reader an alternative ending.  I have added a BONUS epilogue to satisfy those readers who wanted more. Look for the 2nd Edition of Witch of Air and Fire coming to Amazon in late June. ~~ Eliza
#3 Inserted into Amazon  CreateSpace Cover maker

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