Monday, October 14, 2013

#Trends, #Fifty Shades, #ChristianGrey, and #IanSomerhalder: Who will get the part?

What's #trending this week? #Monday is hot. I have no idea why since it shows up regularly after Sunday every week. #SonsofAnarchy is easily understandable if you cross reference #CharlieHunnam and #FiftyShadesofGrey are making a splash because they have to recast the lead male role. Not there there wasn't enough hype when they first announced they were looking for the perfect #ChristianGrey. My personal choice from the beginning has been Ian Somerhalder, (The Vampire Diaries) and if you agree vote here. although with his busy schedule, I wonder if things would be any different.

How different is casting from writing the original description of the character? I imagine my next main character in the Hearts of Darkness series (vampire/berserker) Dylan Macgregor  in the beginning of the book, looking somewhat like Chris Hemsworth in this photo: Thor: The Dark World (Click to see the trailer)

In the first book in the series, Defeat the Darkness, I imagined him better groomed and, in the second half of the next book, Damn the Darkness, he will be. But in the beginning he is a hybrid son of a halfling mother and a berserker father. Stronger, faster, bigger than most men, he battles his way through the years until his soft side makes him risk everything to save a child. The dark immortal, Niccolai Xenos is waiting to turn him and give him another chance to achieve the light. So then, I had to imagine what Niccolai would be like...I'll tell you in the next blog.


  1. From my perspective not just as an author, but also as an ex-actress and employed in the film industry, I find the 2 media very different because in casting you have to consider the chemistry of the pair, which, as I understand it was quite good between Charlie and what's her name (I've forgotten). With film, too, it's also their Q rating, their shooting schedule, and things like whether or not E&O insurance on the actor is going to be hard to get. So while we might have the perfect actor in mind, many factors may be the monkey wrench in bringing them to film. Personally I'm still rooting for Joseph Gordon Levitt, whose acting chops are major.

    1. I really appreciate your perspective on the subject. Thanks for sharing, Lise

  2. I imagine it's harder to cast for a movie, because your best choices can turn down the part, but casting for our books - we can use whoever we want! Which is great for an author. But I also think that once you've cast in a movie, the audience only sees that actor. The person we cast in our minds for a character is probably completely different than others will see them. Which is also a great thing about a book. The reader is never unhappy with the casting choice.

  3. I assume when you have complete control as you said,, Sharron, in writing and reading we can choose the best characters for our parts.


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