Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Goofed Off Today ... Don't Tell MY Boss

I'm in charge of my own time but sometimes I think I'm harder on myself than if I worked for someone else. I'm an editor, so those books take precedence over writing my own work. Yes...that's right. I even work on them when I'm dying to open one of my own files. :-)

Promotions for my books and my clients books come next. The responsibility weighs heavily upon my shoulders to be creative about how that's done.

So when I say I goofed off today, it means I didn't open my own WIP files ... at all. I was all set to work on them, notes in hand, coffee cup full, and computer on ... then nothing. It was one of those days when the coffee never kicked in and no sooner had I gotten up, I needed a nap.

I have this extra guest room I sneak off to when I feel like that. (My nap room) and the rest I get there always seems so much better than the sleep I get in my own bed.  Thinking about why... I've decided it's because it's a guilty pleasure. The temperature is always perfect, the covers soft and comfortable...uhmm heavenly! And my boss didn't go looking for me in there.

My next book, WERECAT FEVER is set to release October 10th. You can save 15% if you buy from between now and October 17th. I hope you enjoy it. It''s in the Enchanted Mountain series, but all the books are stand alone.

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