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Meet Jackson from Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

A chance to refresh your memory... Dylan and Caitlin meet.

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SPOILER ALERT: Now an excerpt where Jackson...and Caitlin try to work through their dilemma in Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

Meet Jackson from Vaewolf: Damn the Darkness

I want to feed you, Jackson. No more going off to hunt and take blood from—”
“You jealous, cher?" He leaned in the shadows with that maddening sneer.
Caitlin shrugged. “Just concerned.”
"I'm not feeding from anyone." The expression on  his face softened when he looked at her. "The idea repulses me. Dylan left me a small supply. My wolf is satisfied with the boar I hunt in the bayou and the cook staff makes a damn good shrimp jambalaya.” He grinned unexpectedly and she almost smiled back, but couldn't.
“I want you to make love to me while you feed. No exchange. No bond. Just sex and my blood.” Caitlin was tired of fighting her feelings.
Cher, you know I shouldn't feed from you until we have sex. Until I get that out of my system, you're not safe around me. Anyway, I don't know if I'll be able to keep from binding you if I feed directly from you.” Jackson visibly trembled with the effort to hold back. “We agreed—”
“We agreed we wouldn't betray Dylan by binding. He knew we'd be incapable of physically denying everything else. Isn't that why he left?”
“Yes, but feeding and sex?" He glanced aside. "I don't think I can handle both." 
“I've fed from your throat, and you handled that.”
“Barely," he spit out. "The wrist was hard enough--I thought I'd lose it before you finished. Then when you fed from my neck the beast inside me wanted to devour you. Trust me, cher, having my mate suck at my throat had me hard and my wolf desperate. Let's take one step at a time. I don't know about taking your blood and sex. 
Since his damn self-control was the only thing preventing them from being together, his admission sent a thrill of satisfaction through her. Her need for both her mates pounded at her incessantly, and without Dylan the pain was like being beaten with hammers. She wasn't sexually satisfied feeding as she had been. Who was satisfying Jackson's needs? 
“How do you...uh…handle...the frustration?” Jealousy crept into her thoughts.
 “I don't." He grunted. "I go to the bayou and wrestle gators.”
“What?” Incredulous, she asked, “You wrestle gators while you're in human form?”
“See, that's the mistake almost everyone makescher. I'm never human.” His snarl proved that truth when his fangs protruded beyond his lips. “I'm as much, if not more, vampire than you, plus shape shifter and werewolf. Pfsst, the gator was just a little fun.”
“Fun?” Caitlin didn't hold back her giggle. She shook her head and took his hand. “Come on, I have to get my mind off 'me', if you know what I mean? Work might help. I feel like a sitting duck.
"Where are we going?" Jackson didn't move.
"Hunting.  Go with me to the bayou near where we found the demons. I want to see if I can pick up any residual vibes."
He was already shaking his head before he gripped both her wrists, lifted them above her head, and slammed her against the wall. "No, cher," he snarled as his body trapped her and his warm breath brushed feathered over her neck right below her ear. "While I live, you are not going to put yourself in harm's way."
"No?" Caitlin lifted her head from the wall. "Stop me."
He touched his for head to hers. She turned aside exposing her throat. The scent of fear swirled around them. His not hers. She knew he'd never harm her, but apparently he didn't.
Jackson's fangs, which had almost completely receded, slid back into place. He stared at her pulse before he looked up, and Caitlin saw worry in his eyes. With his mind locking her out, she couldn't do anything to reassure him except press herself closer against him and wait. 
He needn't have worried. When the first taste of blood hit him Jackson lowered his guards.  The inevitable happened. Their minds entwined like tendrils of smoke, and he poured all his frustration and lust into his thoughts, overtaking her senses. 
All Caitlin could do was grin, knowing she'd won this battle. "There'll be no need for gator wrestling tonight."
"Oh, cher, I could be a danger to you."
"Really? Have you met my inner fae? No? Now she's someone your wolf should worry about."
Caitlin sent the vision of her wings and hair and all that erotic faerie dust...
Jackson withdrew his fangs, licked the puncture wounds at her throat as a growl sounded, deep and low in his chest. "You test my control at every juncture, cher." 
Before she could argue, he traced away.
"You've got that right, cher." Then Caitlin heard laughter in her head and saw an image of a gator. 
He couldn't fight this forever. The wolf wouldn't let him. Besides, he had to feed her.
"Next time," she warned him. 
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