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An #ADULT Excerpt - #Sex Fae - Defeat the Darkness by Eliza March

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Thank you for coming back to follow my WIP. This week I went back and made some changes in the previous chapters, because due to a plot twist and a character change in this week's scene the details had to be inserted. I had a tough time reorganizing everything after what you will discover happens to my heroine in this scene. We're about to see the plot unfold... Enjoy!
Disclaimer - Warning: It's unedited. This is the first book  in the Hearts in Darkness Trilogy, which,  believe it or not, is almost completed. The two other books are close to completion as well. Read about all the characters at the link below.
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Kyle kept his mouth shut and suppressed the guilt. All along, he’d suspected he was the one who infected Shelby with the jaguar virus. The flashbacks from that night progressively grew more vivid. Over time, details he hadn’t remembered came to him through his sense of smell and taste. What Victor was going to discover after compiling all their test results was that she was infected with his jaguar DNA.
That night in Guatemala, after Amyra left the tent, Kyle was too weak to fight his jaguar. He overpowered him and tried to claim Shelby. By the time he was able to fight back the cat, he’d already inflicted a small puncture wound on her neck. He licked the spot to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Too weak to do more than stumble back to his bed, he passed out. She was gone when he woke in the morning. He remembered nothing but the shame from the previous night, and now he knew she suppressed the nightmares of his attack that haunted her dreams.
So far, the virus hadn’t killed her. Now his biggest fear was that it would drive her insane as so many of the jungle tales warned. The shifter gene he inherited from an ancient ancestor saved his life. Otherwise, the attack would have killed him or caused him to go mad.
What were the chances she had a werewolf in her family tree, too?
After Shelby went back to bed, he asked Dylan, “If the jaguar bit her and she ran a fever with all the symptoms, why hasn’t she shifted?”
“She can’t shift because it’s not in her nature, and she hasn’t gone through stasis to blend her DNA.”
“Will she go mad or die as the villagers claim?”
“No. Stop worrying, Kyle. If it hasn’t affected her before now, she’ll live. The only explanation for her survival is that she must have acceptable DNA. She’s not a shifter, but she’s definitely something. We just don’t know what.”
Kyle exhaled heavily. “What now?”
“I’m going back to my wing. Call me if you need me. I have the wolves out looking for any sign of Amyra.”
“Is she going to be all right?”
“Victor says the draught you’re giving her will suppress all her pain. She won’t shift as you did, but whatever powers she inherited should begin manifesting soon. Keep your eyes open for clues.”
“I will.” Kyle walked Dylan out. “Thanks for everything. I don’t know what I would have done—” Kyle’s voice cracked under the emotional strain.
“You don’t need to say anything. Along with my mental abilities, my mother gifted me with a bit of her empathic side. I know what you’re feeling. You need to put the blame at Amyra’s feet, not take it on as your own, boy.”
“It’s not easy not to blame myself for what’s happened to her.”
“Go take care of your woman. I sense her soul needs you, too.” With those parting words, Dylan vanished.
Shelby needed water.
Itchy. If only someone would please scratch the itch across her back.
Burning. Her skin was on fire. But what she needed were Kyle’s hands all over her and his mouth kissing and suckling.
Hunger. She was starving. She wanted to taste every inch of him and ride him until the ache between her thighs subsided.
Sex. He could feed this hunger, fill her empty heart, and soothe her aching body.
Her needs were insatiable, and she didn’t understand what was happening to her, but at least the joint pains and nausea dissipated.
“Kyle, where are you?” Shelby’s voice sounded needy and whiskey smooth when she called to him.
“Right here.” He turned on the shower for her.
He’d just finished having another round of marathon sex with her and although they’d both been satisfied, she was ready again. He could smell the clean scent of her arousal calling to him.
Strange thing was his body couldn’t stop responding to her need. If she was ready, so was he.
“Do you want me as much as I want you?” she asked.
The simple question hit him with an erotic slam to his libido. “More,” he said. As if he needed to add to his already heightened awareness of her. Part was caused by an intricate mental link they’d developed in recent hours. The other part was something he suspected was from that secret genetic code of hers.
He wasn’t sure what she was, but whatever it was, was damned sexy. He’d never met a woman more sensual than her anyway. In retrospect, he saw how the potential for this new being was there all along. The sexuality had never been exactly dormant. This new erotic element of her nature was just another layer to discover about Shelby.
No, if he had to describe how he envisioned that layer, he would describe it as molten lava bubbling beneath the surface of an inactive volcano, waiting for the right moment to escape.
“Kyle, I need you to scrub my back. I think I have a rash.” Shelby tried to see her back in the mirror, but Kyle steered her into the shower. She didn’t need to see this yet.
“It’s not a rash.” It was wings. Fascinating. “Come. I’ll wash you all over.” He soaped up his hands and began the full body wash, complete with massage.
“Oh, that’s perrrfect.” She moaned and had Kyle’s cock bobbing up as if he hadn’t just had the woman three times.
The ripple under the skin along her spine reminded him of his own. They probably wouldn’t surface until she went through stasis. He was curious to see what hers would be like.
“The twitch in my back is so irritating,” she complained, then sighed. “I guess I should be happy the pains are gone.”
“Don’t worry. The irritation should let up soon.”
He handed her the jungle potion Victor concocted. “Drink this, baby,” he said, then carried her back to bed.
He climbed in beside her, cocooning her with his body. He skimmed his hand down her silken skin and marveled at how lucky he was that she didn’t blame him for all this.
His phone rang, interrupting him before his hand reached the point of no return. When he looked at the screen and saw it was Victor, he slid from the bed and stood. “I need to take this,” he told Shelby. “Can I get you anything while I’m up?”
He punched the button before she responded and said, “Kyle here,” into the phone. Victor’s words on the other end of the line left him speechless.
“Water would be nice,” she said.
This was a conversation he needed to take into the other room. “I’ll be back in a minute,” he said, glancing at her over his shoulder.
“Come right back,” Shelby said to his retreating back. Her words had that husky tone her voice got when she was aroused, only now it shot blood straight to his groin. Again. 
As soon as he was out of hearing range, he spit his words into the phone in a low whisper, “She’s a what?”
Victor repeated exactly what he’d just said, and Kyle still didn’t know any more than he had a minute ago.
“What the hell is a sex fae, Victor?”
The Spaniard tried to explain. “A sex fae ingests the essence of an orgasm for sustenance. They need sex to survive. They consume sexual energy the way vampires consume blood. Shelby needs sex to live, and at the moment, thanks to the jaguar virus, she is also experiencing symptoms similar to a female cat in estrus.”
“Heat? She’s in heat?” Kyle grabbed a bottled water from the fridge and turned back to the den.
“Kyyyyle, where’s my water?” Shelby’s normally husky tone sounded even more ragged than usual. The pitch alone made him hard as stone.
He ran his hand over his face and groaned. “Listen Victor, I have to go.”
“Are you up to the task of…caring for her?”
“Don’t you worry about whether I can handle my former fiancĂ©e. We never had problems in that department before.”
“This is different.” Victor ignored Kyle’s sarcasm. “Max is returning with me later. The council reviewed the situation and gave Dylan permission to have the discussion with him. And, I will try to explain to Shelby what she will face in the coming few weeks.” Victor cleared his voice and Kyle knew he chose his next words carefully. “Her sexual appetites will confuse and distress her. She was never a sex fae before.”
“I was never a shifter or a vampire. For that matter, I’ve never been a hell’s spawn before, either. You of all people should understand the driving sexual nature of my demon. The jaguar’s no slouch in the sex department, but the demon’s sexual prowess is formidable. One reason I’ve kept it suppressed is I’m not willing to risk Shelby’s life for sex.”
“You need to be careful. Her demand on you will call to your beasts. It is important you know she will be voracious until she goes through stasis.”
“That wasn’t so different from when she was human.” Kyle chuckled lightly.
“Later she will regain some control. Until then, Max will stay with you, too.”
“What the hell—?” The growl rumbled through his body. “No. No Max.” He’d seen the way they looked at each other. He wasn’t opening that door again.
 “Somewhere along the way she also bonded to him. Dylan sensed it the same way he saw she was your soul mate. If this is true, she will need Max to survive—at least until she completes stasis. There is an advantage to him being a human. He won’t kill her in the process if she gets too demanding.”
Shelby’s need drove him to distraction. “Kyle, please. I need to come,” she cried out.
The jaguar roared and the demon attempted to unfurl his taloned wings. Kyle needed time to think with a clear head, away from the damned beasts inside him clamoring for release. He had to get a grip.
“You understand this is for her own safety?” Victor asked. “Kyle, are you all right?” he repeated when Kyle didn’t answer.
“I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you when you get here.” Kyle clicked off, tossed the phone carelessly across the room, and strode back to the bedroom. His blood boiled for her, and he was so damn hard he thought he was going to explode.
He needed her as badly as she needed him.
Fuck it all. I’ll share her with Max to keep her safe if I have too, but I don’t have to like it.
Continued tomorrow.......
...All rights reserved. No part of this may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the author. Copyright 2012, Eliza March

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