Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#Read the First #Excerpt from the Next #Highland Erotic Journey

Hot Highland Fling
In the first Erotic Journeys book, free lance writer, Ailsa Jackson is finished dating executives. She’s looking for hot sexual fantasies with a man who fits her needs... “All muscle, stamina, and no commitment.” The assignment in the UK sounds perfect when she's assigned to interview an American CEO who recently inherited lands and a title in Scotland. 

She tosses her inhibitions aside for the first Highlander she encounters--prepared to research all the old myths about brawny Highlanders and answer the age old, burning question: What does a Scotsman wear beneath his kilt? 

Colin Fitzgerald knows it's wrong to deceive Ailsa, but he can't risk her discovering his true identity before he seduces her. Unfortunately, he is everything Ailsa hates. Yet, if he can become the lover she adores, perhaps he can convince her they're perfect for each other. 

He has one night to prove he's no stuffed shirt and three weeks to become everything she desires in a lusty lover. His adventurous lass is imaginative and willing. But can lust turn to love so quickly? And will they be ready for more than a Hot Highland Fling when their time together draws to an end?

~~~~Now, coming in September, see what happens over the next summer to Ailsa's best friend, Dr. Naomi Walters, in a Sizzling Highland Spring when the good doctor house-sits for Ailsa and Colin at Claidhearnh Mor Castle. She may be an historian and a scholar, but she's full of humor and snark in spite of the circumstances. Naomi's there to get over the man who broke her heart and stole her research, while she ostensibly appraises the antiquities Colin discovered in his dungeon. The temptation to help excavate the dig on the Faerie Mound out behind the castle calls to her, especially when she encounters the Heathcliff of the Highlands, Daegus Stewart. She's ready to risk all to turn his dark, brooding manner into a sunny disposition, even if she has to play the aggressor to his reluctant, play by the rules morals.

When had the tables turned? 

Daegus may wear leather instead of a kilt, but clothes didn't distinguish a Highlander. He couldn't risk his friendships, his position, or his stand in the community for a romp in the heather no matter how intriguing the fair lass might be. Could he wait for the visiting scholar to make the first sexual move, since the dominant predator in him was impatient to touch the submissive, tiny blonde with the fae colored eyes Wanting her so dearly was apt to kill him. 


Daegus Stewart turned, stepped back from the parapet, and took the winding staircase, two steps at a time, down to the main hall behind the portico.
Enough. He’d waited long enough, watching the dark rental car maneuver the driveway as it approached the main building, and apprehension twisted his gut as Naomi Walters drew ever closer.
Why the hell had he agreed to do this? He should be in the driveway to greet her when she stepped from the car.
The truth? He hadn’t refused Colin’s request because he hoped Dr. Walters might find him as compelling as the fairie mound out back or the paper she planned to write about the relics they’d found in Colin’s dungeon.
If he ever exposed the truth about himself, would she stay or run…or would she angle that crooked, alluring smile his way and light his darkness? Truth was he didn’t want her to be swayed by his background, one way or the other.
For a damned change, he wanted a woman to want the very essence of his being. He was tired. No. He was more than tired. He was bored with his life. Horny, frustrated, and sick of the same old dating game. Indulging in this fantasy he formed of the good doctor was a whim, something he’d never succumbed to before.
The weeks of anticipation imagining her presence for the spring and summer had him hard as the stones out back. Thinking about being with her, night and day, while she shadowed him, learning the local history and myths of the Highlands had his body prepared for more intimate lessons. Fuck his conscience for reminding him to remain professional.
Soon he’d be playing host to a woman he found irresistibly desirable beyond all others. Would he bother with the preliminaries? Could he resist his urges as he always did, be the upstanding citizen, or would he be the man he wanted to be for a change? Release the magic he’d held at bay for so long?
When he thought about her, he didn’t want to hold back. An image of her hair draped over him while he drove up into her tight heat made him harder and even more edgy.
Anticipation zipped through him.
It wouldn’t be long now.
In truth, the extent of his past acquaintance with Dr. Walters had been the paper she’d written on ancient Scot relics found on his family’s homeland…oh, and the recent photograph he’d seen of her when Colin asked him to arrange a meeting with MacKenter so she could help with the faerie mound dig.
The affect her photo had on him had everything to do with his apprehension. But it hadn’t stopped him from agreeing. Had it been curiosity about his gut reaction? Maybe. But in reality, he’d have to admit, his first impression had been pure lust.
She looked far younger than her thirty years—young and innocent. A hard combination to come by these days—and an even harder one if she were to accept his depravities.
In the one video of her he’d seen in Mackenter’s class, he found her wide-eyed innocent stare into the camera irresistible, and the angle of her smile way too alluring. He wanted to blindfold her so she couldn’t look into his eyes and see him for what he really was.
Guilty at the prospect…he would have her nonetheless.
Perhaps it was her full mouth and plump lips. Something about her pixie looks contrasted with the sexual promise he sensed she craved. She was his fantasy come to life—an erotic one at that.


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    1. Thank you, Tina. It means so much to have somebody comment on something that's a work in progress.

  2. I remember how funny the original was. This seems a little darker...edgier. I love it. This highlander intrigues me. I'm going to go back and re-read Hot Highland Fling and reacquaint myself!

  3. Thank you, Carrie Ann. The heroine in this one is also a little funny, so I hope you find this one just as entertaining. Snark and dark...she thinks of the hero as the "Heathcliffe of the Highlands--the literary character, not the cat." Just thought you'd like an example. LOL

  4. Thank you, Carrie Ann. The heroine in this one is also a little funny, so I hope you find this one just as entertaining. Snark and dark...she thinks of the hero as the "Heathcliffe of the Highlands--the literary character, not the cat." Just thought you'd like an example. LOL