Monday, June 29, 2015

THRILLER: Storm Surge by Sharron Riddle

      Storm Surge 

When international private investigator, Jack Orten hires on to protect a businesswoman and her daughter from a serial killer threatening their lives, he discovers the killer is one of a number of  genetically engineered assassins implanted into American society.

As a CAT 5 hurricane rages ashore in the Tampa Bay area, Jack struggles to keep his feelings for Julie in check and her young daughter safe while battling nature and an unstoppable monster. Trusting it all to family or love may not be enough to save them.
Suspense Thriller
Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 280

The smell of fish from last night’s supper hung in the air, and something else that reminded Julia of sulfur from spent firecrackers.
Lights from the cable box glowed beneath the dark TV. The refrigerator hummed in the kitchen. Everything appeared normal, except obviously something was terribly wrong.
“Ryan? Zach?” Her footsteps echoed on the tiled foyer. She pressed the switch for the hall light, stifling a scream when the brightness blazed, then laughed at herself.
Still grinning, she saw him lying on his side by Ryan’s door. The dog, Chompers. Blood matted his coat, his tongue hanging from his slack mouth.
The hallway seemed too narrow, Susie’s open doorway stretching further away. No, no, no, she mumbled, fingers jabbing the phone, feet stumbling along the hall.
Cloying smells of sweet copper and other more sinister things lingered in the still air.
“911, what’s your emergency?” a voice asked. She stood in the threshold, fumbling with the flashlight app, beaming the light around the room.
Blood splattered and sprayed the walls. The voice continued on the phone’s speaker, like an insect buzzing in her hand.
Reading the bright red words on the wall, her pulse thundered. Amy waited alone in the car, in the dark.

The killer might still be here. Shouting the address to the operator, Julia raced from the house—terrified by the killer who had written those words above Susie’s butchered body.
“The whore and her kid die next.”

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