Friday, September 5, 2014

Reviewer, "...a never ending sexfest..." Author, "Is that a bad thing?"

This blog is NOT about reviewing. It's about when an author weaves sex into the plot ... what does the reader get out of the story?

The description about one of my books caught my eye in a review recently. I'm not criticizing, just mulling over the statement. Because something similar to this concept has been used to describe my books both positively and negatively. I don't object because the books are basically that--but it bothers me when the tone is hypocritical. Who picks up a book described as erotic romance, M/M/F, sexual journey, etc. and doesn't expect the story to revolve around S.E.X? I wouldn't want to disappoint. (GRIN) So writing a negative review based on the book involving too much sex (Oh, really is there such a thing?) is to my way of thinking, like a public confession or self-flagellation to absolve oneself of any enjoyment derived from reading the book. 

It's not unusual for readers to discover that my erotic romances are usually focused on sex ... i.e. why it's called an "erotic romance" and not something else. but I also write paranormal, suspense, and contemporary romance with an erotic twist. That means some stories are not about the S.E.X. but the reader will find hot, steamy, and explicit sex scenes in those books. I don't close the door on romance. Some are more detailed than others because the need for detail enhances the characterization or the story line. In some plots, it's difficult (maybe even impossible) to separate the sex scenes from the basic plot. What happens between the characters is integral to who they are and what happens in the story.

When my Halloween Novella is released Witch's Tattoo from the Wild Rose Press in October, you will see how I do sexy, hot, sensual without erotic overtones. This short story is about the relationship between two people, how they find each other and themselves, overcome their doubts despite the consequences. Their attraction is a conflict they fight. So ... here is something a little different from Eliza March.
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  1. Some people don't seem to understand what genre labels mean and then they give negative reviews because the book wasn't what they expected. Duh!

  2. Thanks, Susan. But, well in all fairness, I myself was confused by the difference between erotic romance and erotica (go ahead throw in the term porn and I freak out.). Besides, authors like me don't follow strict guidelines that fit perfectly into a I guess that could also confuse a reader. But if it offends, why not stop reading? Why write a review at all? Oh you want to warn others? Then this is the time to say... "Sorry I couldn't finish this book; it was way more erotic than I expected and not to my personal taste."

    Anyone who needs to use this review in the future, feel free. LOL

  3. I often see negative reviews based on "this wasn't what I was expecting".
    When I read a book blurb, it is usually pretty clear what the book is about and the heat level involved, and while I also was a little confused in beginning as to the difference between Erotic and Erotica; both words make it very obvious that these genres are NOT young adult and there is going to be SEX!
    My personal opinion about negative reviews based on genre……it’s a cope out!!
    Especially when most of the time, these readers have either gotten the book free or at a significantly reduced price. So acting all indignant is unbecoming simply because they didn’t like what they got; if readers open their eyes and READ the book description, they would save everyone the pain of their review!!
    I personally don’t leave reviews for anything I rate below 3 stars. I would rather allow someone the opportunity to decide for themselves if the book is their taste.
    And in all honesty, this is one of the main reasons I don’t base my purchases on reviews. They can be unreliable and bias; particularly when there has been a group of readers on Amazon in the past, with the sole purpose of ridiculing certain genres.

    1. I completely agree. I myself don't enjoy reviewing since to me reading is such a personal thing and I understand my likes and someone else's may not agree. If I love something, I will tell you why and recommend it.
      So truly, my intent wasn't to knock reviews...I love them for a variety of reasons (including the lower rated ones which come with a reasonable explanation) One: because the reader who reviews becomes my final critique partner. I believe every book I write should be better than the last, therefore I'm constantly taking suggestions to heart--if I think they are relevant. I understand some characters may not appeal as much as others or you may be in the mood for a pirate and I give you a vampire. (Ha! who's going to complain about that?) Nevertheless my craft should move in a positive direction, always improving. I have to admit, although I'm surprised how much I love my own stories sometimes and how good they are, I am a work in progress.


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