Friday, September 19, 2014

Are you rewriting? I put too much sex in my book...

I don't know what constitutes too much sex, but I know it when I see it. Damn the Darkness is a menage romance but the heroine has to convince both men the menage relationship will work. She's working real hard to seduce the one and persuade the other. I know, guys, you're saying, "Duh, what's the problem? As long as I'm getting my fair share, I'm not complaining." So put yourself in the hero's position. She belonged to him first. Then because of a mistake he made, he discovers she was destined to belong to his half brother. The half brother doesn't want to destroy their relationship, but he is meant to fulfill a prophecy and she will play a big part in it.

In the process of writing the sex scenes I have to keep in mind I'm dealing with developing their emotional attachment to each other. So dealing with three complicated characters in an ongoing series has twisted me inside out. Too many emotional scenes, and blood taking scenes (which are also sensual) and not enough danger. So I'm thinking of kidnapping the heroine and doing horrible things to her, cutting some of the sex, and seeing if I can put Humpty Dumpty together again when I'm finished.

Who is struggling through a rewrite of their book and how are you managing?

I am  getting closer to THE END so now might be a good time to start the series if you haven't read the first two books.


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