A holiday Christmas Rom-Com like you've never experienced...

Mayhem, Magic, and Mistletoe 

Delia here...Welcome to my world of mayhem. This installment of the ongoing series about the Luna de la Mar Salon and Spa's annual employee holiday party on the corporate yacht, Magical Waves is crazy wild. 

Murder and mayhem run rampant when there's an attempted mistletoe poisoning during dinner and a deadly stabbing before dessert.

Kris, the happy little evergreen, gets a job on board as the Christmas tree. After the salad switch he reported Perry, the maĆ®tre d', had been kissing the cook in the kitchen under the mistletoe when someone dropped the mistletoe berries in Delia's salad. The only witness, the Norwegian pine, is height challenged and claims he couldn't see anything above the suspect's knees.

All would have been fine if that someone hadn't turned up dead, wearing Delia's dress. The body, found stabbed with the ice-carving knife, wasn't on the guest list.

Delia knows who she is. None other than her great nemesis. But was Delia the one actually being targeted?