Have you tried Amazon Kindle VELLA Reads?


The first FREE episode is out today, November 1st and the next comes out tomorrow then number three will be available on Wednesday. Get 200 FREE tokens from Amazon. The fourth episode will be out this week. So far this serialized book has a Highland Yuletide romance theme with a bit of mystery. 

Come meet the Stewart sisters from Boston on their adventure to find their soul mates. A broken heart gives Gillian Stewart writer's block until her sister shares her reoccurring nightmare about a cursed ancient highlander. When Kennedy, a museum curator, sees her dream man's double bid on a portrait she is researching, a trip to Scotland seems to be the answer to her questions. Will a freak snow storm, no GPS, and a B&B mix-up stop the Stewart sisters? Not if there's a chance that two kilted highlanders will rescue them. A mistletoe kiss, a renewed promise, and a yuletide wedding may be what it takes to end the Druid's ancient curse.

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