Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Provoking Thought For Today

"We can escape the prison of our own beliefs and enter the Palace of Possibilities when we allow ourselves to be astonished by everything." Gary Craig

Well, I loved this thought. I think it's why I had so many children. Don't tell them -- but the thing I loved the most was watching each child discover.

"Astonishment" -- I love the word and the concept. Think about the first time a butterfly lighted on you and you dared not breathe. Have you ever seen a double circular rainbow?
I have!

Enter the Palace of Possibilities -- Graeme, my hero in "Gemini - The Power of The Light" is confronting that problem right now.

Think about your possibilites and if you want to share an astonishing moment, I'm breathless with expectation.

1 comment:

  1. When my first son was born I was astonished that he was actually a whole human being. I remember the first time I held him, how he smelled and how he felt. It was amazing!!