Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Rants - E-book Writers

Many of you may not be ready to read books electronically, either on your computer or laptop, but the digital age is approaching fast with Sony E-Readers and Amazon Kindles, pocketbook size notebook computers and Internet connections available anywhere and everywhere. What does this mean? A greener environment. We can face our backyard trees and hug them without feeling guilty when we sit beneath the shade of their leaves with one of their appendages or family members in our laps as we read hot sexy romance.

Horrible analogy!

In any case, after years of being called the hack writers of bodice rippers, romance novelists are gaining some respect only to frown, sneer and poke their noses in the air over e-published romance novelists -- those of us who can face our neighborhood trees and hold our heads in the air!

What is THAT about?

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