Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wednesday Rants on Tuesday Nights - ebook Pirates

Pirates, romantic souls, dashing lads, the heroes of the bodice ripper and an image I always held dear. I dreamed of sailing the high seas, basking on Caribean islands and avoiding the ghost ships. Today's pirates are stealing my book - teeny little thing that it is, my first born compilation of published words. And ... they've ruined my image of by-gone days when I thought of pirates in terms of adventure and intrigue - Errol Flynn and Johnny Depp.

Each day I struggle desperately to promote "Witch of Air and Fire" and each night I notice the pirate sites steal more copies. Please, it's only $3.99 and I need the sales numbers to qualify for PAN membership. Could you at least go out on GoodReads and give it a good review? Maybe some sweet soul will buy one.

Have we turned into a country of the morally corrupt? When attorneys teach classes on ethics or even that we have to take classes on ethics to get out of college is a sham. You do realize that many don't pass the class and even more cheat to get through it. ~~ Eliza

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  1. Someone took pity and actually bought a copy last night. Thank you to whomever. ~~Eliza