Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Rants ... Political Romance

More rediculous than fantasy is a married Governor who thinks he can stay married to his wife and yet excuses his infidelity to the fact his mistress is his 'soul mate'.

He's so unheroic to embarrass his wife and children like that.

He doesn't think he needs to resign either, because he's operating on all pistons. All his marbles are intact and I want someone like him in a position of power.

What's with men and women who can't say good-bye to whom they're with before they go looking for someone else? They have to realize something is missing in the current relationship before...BING - BANG - BAM ! Soul-mate! A special connection hits them - POW!

Wife? What wife? What kids? What promises?

Some Wednesdays I worry about finding something to rant about - last week was non-stop rants. I'm embarrassed to say, I couldn't keep up with the stupidity.

I'll try to take notes in future.

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