Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I'm reading...

Janet Evanovich's Foul Play
I have to admit, the woman is over the top - brilliant! Janet is the Erma Bombeck of Romance writing. I'm utterly and thoroughly amazed by her thought process and her ability to characterize humor the way she does.

If you haven't read anything by her, I feel sorry for you. You're missing a great laugh. Really, if you need a pick me up or an unreality check, her Plum series is a hoot! They get better and better.

In my heart I'm as funny as she is only I can't quite get it out. Of course she falls short when it comes to my specialty - steamy sex scenes. I'll hand it to her - she's still good for a dumpster full of sexual tension.

Yesterday, I heard some guy telling someone how he wasn't as funny on the outside as he felt he was on the inside -- I can so identify!
~~~ Eliza

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