Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

Wednesday Rants:

Let me preface this with a disclaimer and ask you to keep an open mind. Disregard your opinions one way or the other about the woman in subject. This isn't about whether you do or do not like the woman who is our Secretary of State, but the circumstance from which I believed she triumphed. JMHO

I watched the incident when the reporter asked Hilary Clinton what Bill Clinton thought about an issue which was clearly a situation the Secretary of State should be answering. I actually loved Hilary's reaction... At first she appeared stunned, next she looked around as if the entire incident could be a joke (Was she on Punked or Candid Camera?), and then she stood up and attempted to clarify the insulting question (still disbelieving), finally Hillary stated she would not "CHANNEL" her husband's views on the subject.

"Channel" ... I'm going to use that word often from now on.

See as a writer, stuff like a single word wisely chosen excites the hell out of me. LOL LOL LOL

Hmm, I'm too easily entertained lately.


  1. Hi Eliza,

    Saw your post on the Romance Junkies Readers loop. I love your website. Now, in general, I don't care for our current Sec. of State, but that was a great response. And just think, she came up with that snappy retort without a teleprompter! Yes, I grew up reading Mad Magazine's "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions."


  2. ...and I heard she was suffering from jet lag at the time too. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by ~~ Eliza

  3. Hi Eliza,
    What great repartee! It's not easy to come up with smart, off the cuff responses, and this one sounds like a classic. Thanks for the story!


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