Friday, August 7, 2009

If You Hate Poetry - Don't Read This . . .

My friend wrote this sometime ago and today when I read it a paranormal element of reoccurring lives and loves struck me to the core. My romantic soul couldnt resist sharing with you today ~~ Eliza

The Promise

By Maureen Sevilla

She looks to the morning sun
Feeling warmth there
Another lifetime abating

Time is relative

A life where shell possess

What should be hers by right
In another place, past sight

Hope is infinite

When tear laden eyes

Parting from youth yet alive
Turn hopeful thoughts aside

Pain is fluid

Aging souls, hope and patience

Her heart keeps beat with time
Constant signs align

Life is rich

Speaking empty words aloud
While deep within
the truth
Hides a secret mirth

Love waits

Full of hope grace faith
An eternity of endless promise.