Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eliza March talks about writing characters...

I build characters... My characters tell the story.
Authors are often aked how they come up with their ideas. I dread that question. The answer makes feel like a charlatan. I'd really like to think I write my stories, but if I'm honest with myself, I know how much my characters actually influence the path the story takes. Sure I come up with a concept, but over and over again, my characters do as they please, taking the plot to levels I never envisioned.

Lately I've been trying to garner a bit more control. Yet even as I write the story's synopsis, I can already feel the characters twisting the tale to fit their goals. Well, I guess you just can't fight human nature, and once an author creates a three dimensional character, there's no stopping them. The best characters get into their roles and play them out just as if they were real people... and I love them best. Whether it's a villian or a hero, the more an author develops the character's quirks, gets into the character's psyche, the closer a character comes to reality, and then the reader identifies more with that character. You can love them or hate them, but darn it I want the reader to feel something for those people I write about.


  1. I can totally relate! Sometimes I am more lost in my characters heads than my own!

    Great post!

  2. Thanks, Julianna. And isn't being lost in their heads so much more fun than being lost in yours? LOL