Monday, July 5, 2010

Eliza March, Romance Writer has a new look

Eliza March writes sizzling hot romance.
So, how do you like the renovations to my BLOG? Look for the tabs similar to the ones on my website, right up there at the top, under the header. See how you can click on them to move to a different page with detailed information about my books. I'm planning to post articles, links, and excerpts in the future. Maybe I'll create another slide show or two. Stay tuned . . . Eliza

ANY WAY WEST, coming soon from

I had a contest a while back about unusual places where you've made love . . .  I'm always open to fresh ideas. LOL


  1. This is where you write a comment. I think it's different than before.

  2. I love it! Can you help me make mine better?

  3. I love it. You've covered everything and brought the main points to the front. I need help on changing up my website. Can you help me?

  4. I'm hardly the expert but I can always try. :)
    Thanks, Eliza