Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy July 4th - What Did Our Forefathers Fight For? Gasland the Movie

WARNING - I'm on my 'high horse' - beware.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore, opting for books so I can read whatever - whenever, no commercials or news to stop the flow. The exception I make in TV is True Blood and The Tudors and an occasional movie. I spend most of my time nowadays wishing I could eliminate bad news from my mind, yet somehow I can't seem to avoid finding out about all the horrific things which continue to escalate day after day. They intrude into my mind without me seeking the information out, they invade my emotions as I try to block them from my heart. There is no way to escape.

Last night I purposefully watched this Sundown movie, Gasland ( by Josh Fox. ( yeah, yeah I was looking for trouble and I knew it before it even started.) I wasn't really surprised by the movie, the attitude of the corporations or the bureaucrats. I've seen such as this before. Perhaps I'm jaded. After years of watching the rape of our environment, what's one more insult? I don't know why I'm so incensed. Maybe it's the scope that bothered me, maybe the hopelessness. After watching oil spew into the Gulf of Mexico for over six weeks, all I can envision is a tar pit between Florida and Mexico. Depending on which way the wind blows, will the surrounding lands be habitable? Who knows? 

I feel like mourning for the earth. All the beauty, all the pure clean air and water, all the innocent animals. We keep poisoning our home, our water, our air. We scorch, plunder, pollute, violate, and devastate. When will we stop, look, and realize the value isn't in dollars, but in living?

Okay I'll get off that high horse now. My cowboy menage should be out soon. It must be left over from that.

If you've seen the movie and want to vent, have at it. If you haven't, well... the website is pretty informative.

Happy Fourth of July - Eliza M.


  1. I am mourning the earth, and this gulf spill makes me sick every day. I can't watch that movie - it will make me want to start shooting the greedy bureaucrats, and they are like the oil spewing into the water - not enough bullets. I feel very violated and helpless. I know, I have some violent tendencies. But I only really kill people in books - this is my disclaimer. Take care. Go watch Eric and Sookie, you'll feel better. Sigh....

  2. I'm going to disappear into fantasyland with two alpha males who can shift at will into awesome creatures. While they're men, I'm going to seduce them and fight the rogues Weres. That should work off some frustration.