Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Falling In Love With Your Hero

Today I was running through my manuscript, agonizing over which word I really meant to use. This or that? Checking my punctuation, was it passable? My grammar, was it correct? And then . . . somewhere in the middle of final edits, I fell head over heels in love with the hero.

I don't know about you but I always hate to pick favorites while I'm writing, especially a menage. When I'm finished with the book, I don't want anyone to think I played favorites. In this book, all through the creative process, I really thought I liked Dane best. He's the hero's adopted brother. What I found out today is I actually love them equally. There's no way I'd want to make a decision to stay with one or the other. It's impossible to choose. 

The hero started out almost irredeemable, a real alpha ass. Hey, he slaps the woman he's sleeping with in the first chapter. So what if she likes it, so what if she's an attorney,  so what if she didn't use her safe word. What kind of hero slaps a woman?

But then I discovered the truths. And then he kept doing little things that threw me. An arched brow, a pained look, a worried look, a protective gesture, a light touch, a brush of his lips, a crooked grin, a broad smile, tolerance, patience.

I'm not sure I could tell you the exact page when I realized I was in love. Maybe it was when he tried to scowl because the heroine kept tugging at her too short skirt. 

Or when he discovered the heroine was a virgin succubus, trying to seduce him. He still tries to make her first real time a good  time.

No, I think, it was how he warned her she'd never forget her first lover, just because he was the first, but then set about making sure she didn't ever forget him because he was the best.

Then again maybe it was how he forgave his brother for breaking their one cardinal rule. He slept with the one woman the hero wanted, the heroine. And through it all she loved both brothers.

Well, that I understood so well. I created them and who wouldn't want both, if it didn't destroy their relationship?

Rourke was physically disarming and really great looking so sleeping with him wouldn't be a problem even if he was a little dark. But he was a dragon-shifter and going to need a female of equal power. Enter my heroine, a virgin Fae succubus. Thank goodness she knew what was going on because it gives her an upper hand in the story.

What he really needed was me. I'd straighten him out. I'd make him want me until he burned for me.  He was nothing like I expected. I couldn't help it. I softened. I let him in, and we were trapped together in this lust thing.

So I did what I had to do. I sent them off to the publisher. These two men are just two more in a long list of heroes I'm in love with. So many men so little time.

The book is The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic - Enchanted Mountain 2


  1. It makes sense to fall in love with your characters. Often, we as writers create what we wish we were or what the world was like. I've never fallen in love with any of my characters. My relationship with them is more like a mother/god relationship. They are my minions/children and they are forced to do my bidding, lol. If I want to give my hero a STD he better shut up and deal with it! If I want the heroine to die in a car accident...oops! Too bad, she's dead, lol. They are my puppets...not romantic items. But then, I'm sadistic like that.

  2. I fall in love with all my heroes too. And I think I fall in love the most with the ones that seem irredeemable at first, lol. Great post, Eliza!

  3. I also fall in love with my heros. And I cry when I hurt them or kill them. Sometimes. I do relish in torturing my bad guys, but I love my hot guys. Thanks for another great post!

  4. I've been offline all day, but Vegetarian Cannibal, I did sneak on and see your post. You made my day. Thanks!

    Hey, Helen, I fall in love with your heroes too. LOL

    Ditto - Sharron, I did a little torturing to this guy and then had to make him feel better. :-)

    Thanks for leaving comments, everyone.

  5. Isn't that why we write? To fall in love again every day?

  6. Catherine, actually I write because I have these characters acting out in my head. ;-) You're right, usually I enjoy that breathless sensation of a new romance, but in this case Rourke touched my heart in a special way. I can't explain it, but then some things are best left a mystery.