Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Writing: Making a Point and Honest Reviews

All I Want And More from Cecile gave me the idea to write this blog today, that and on Sunday, our writing group met. Along with many other topics, one was about hitting the reader over the head with information. I've recently come to the conclusion that there's a fine line between information bashing and holding back critical points.

Several well known authors have the tendency to repeat a point ad nauseum, and I've become annoyed with their books as a result. Since then, I'm reluctant to bash my reader over the head with information because I was so, so guilty of doing just that when I first started writing. In an effort to avoid it, I think I forgot that to make a point, sometimes it takes repeating that point three times in three different ways to make it stick.

So authors, take that important information and make sure you mention it three times in your book so the reader doesn't miss it...

What does that have to do with honest reviews? Well, over the past two years, I use the reviews about my books to help me define my writing weaknesses and strengths. In my most recent review, Cecile Smutty Hussy was a big help to me with her honest review. I like the fact that she tells me exactly what she liked and what made her uncomfortable without turning into a critique partner. She gives the reader's point of view accurately. I also appreciated that she prefaced her concerns with qualifiers.

Sometimes these things are exactly what the author already knows and sometimes they aren't. A well thought out review not only helps readers determine if they'll enjoy a book, but it can also help an author discover whether or not they're getting their point across.

See Cecile's review here:

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  1. Oh Eliza, you are too sweet! Thank you for doing this article. I would like to think that I do a review as if I was talking to you about the book... whether it would be the author or another reader... I want people to understand my point of the story. Thank you! Hugs!!