Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Editor's Hot Buttons and Suggestions to Improve Your Writing

In my other life I'm an editor. Don't critique my blog work or the stuff I do on FB. I'm off duty then. But here is an article I posted on my editor blog. You may find something to help you.
Working with your editor...

I can't make you believe how important a good editor is unless you've experienced bad editing. I'm reading several free self published books on Amazon and suddenly that point has been made crystal to everyone. I can deal with poor formatting and even a repeated word or two in a good story. What bothers me is when a story has great potential but it's marred with character flaws or plot holes. Critique partners can help or a good content editor.

I'm not a punctuation purest or even a grammatical fanatic. I love Nora Roberts so head hopping, when done well, isn't going to put me off. That being said, what does bother me is... Click HERE for the rest of the article.

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