Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eliza March Writes Related Books: Plotting Them Together or Separately

This isn't the first time I've discussed writing two or more books at a time, but it'a the first time I'm truly in the midst of finishing one and having the next two sequels on their way to completion as well. I've been through a rough year writing, bouncing from one story to another. The reason I didn't stick with one and finish it was because the inter-relationships between these stories didn't divulge themselves until recently. One morning, all of a sudden my characters from one story showed up in this WIP and everything began to make sense. Things started to come together, and I wanted to shout out with joy. The moment when you realize things are going to work out like this is an "ah ha" moment. And although I never recognize it until it happens, it's almost as if I subconsciously had a plan. I just wish I knew it ahead of time. If I was sure it would come together with each book when I get to that point, I'd relax and let things work themselves out. I wish I could have confidence the story will unwind the way it is meant to and the characters will weave the plot for me while I become their conduit.

Unfortunately, things are not that easy. I still wake up thinking through each scene, as the characters move in and out of the stories. Every once in a while, I see the potential link between certain characters or plots and tie them together. I'm always surprised, because it's not like each story isn't pre-plotted. I have a detailed synopsis for them and usually research their backgrounds and names. In these synopsis, I have a simple plan for linking them together, but once I'm into the stories, I usually find opportunities to introduce some twist that ties them up. It's my favorite part of writing...well besides having those affairs with my hot heroes. GRIN.

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