Friday, June 28, 2013

Covers serve a bigger purpose these days.

While I write a book, I like to have an idea visually of the cover and what applies. These are two mock ups of book covers I did for my latest book when I thought I would self-publish it. I still may if the publisher doesn't offer a contract for it. But these need plenty of work.

The final decision to submit WereCat Fever to my publisher came because this book fit in more with my Enchanted Mountain paranormal/fantasy series. It is paranormal, it is a menage (although these two men are real brothers so they don't become involved with each other), it takes place near Arctic, CO the home of Enchanted Mountain and Fantasy Lodge from the two previous books in the series: The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf and The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic, and there is a happily ever after between the three main characters. At the end of the book...oops I guess I shouldn't print any spoilers, but you'll discover there's more going on around Wilding's Plain, CO than we first believed.

I actually purchased these photos for my books from Bigstock but did the mock ups with the wrong download. Ugh! It's why I should leave covers to the cover artists.

Covers serve a bigger purpose than most readers are aware of. Look at the web pages filled with covers. What do you pick out first? What jumps out at you? (My honest answer is - I enlarge the ones that I can't make heads or tails of, saying "What the hell is that?" LOL When I first realized I needed glasses I did that a lot. Now when I start doing that again I know it's time for an eye exam.) I'm also drawn to anything with contrasting colors. My pet peeve is not being able to make out the title or author name.

So I'm on the hunt for another three covers for the Hearts in Darkness series, because I am going to self-publish them. I have a basic concept but it's not set in stone yet! All that being said, and not to demean the importance of a cover, I usually check out the best sellers for an answer. BLEEEEEP! No correlation between good covers and best sellers. There might be something to be said for the concept of having a title and author name that's easy to read on a cell phone screen, though. There might be something to be said for having a well-known name, a well-known publisher, good distribution, and good editing. And there's always something to be said for a great story. Promotion, exposure, social networking can't hurt your sales, but out of all these options, I believe good writing makes great sales.

I'm holding off posting the next chapter of Defeat the Darkness until I see what Blogger plans to do with these adult blogs. I'm a little annoyed about being threatened with a take down. I'm thinking of moving my content to my web page and keeping this page as a writing blog. What do you think of the erosion of rights?

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